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The Power Of The Dark Side

Am I dangerous?

There was a cafe owner who told his customers (when they asked him if he knew KF Chan):

“You need to be careful with this guy”


It was so hilarious when I heard the stories… Oh ya, I actually heard this story from more than 1 person.

Wait a minute… maybe I am dangerous after all.

Ok. Let you people in on a secret. Anakin was killed by Obi Wan. It was me in that dark suit.

I am your father.

There is no escape…. Join me and I will complete your training… You do not know the Power of the Dark Side… Don’t make me destroy you…


Buy a cup and do some good

Fellow coffee lovers

Go over to and get yourselves a few cups of excellent VIRTUAL COFFEE and help our fellow coffee people in New Zealand sufferings from earthquake.

Funds managed by Carl Sara (4 times NZ Barista Champion) where 100% of the money will go to the people in need.

I just had my god-shot espresso there.

And I urge us all, for every cup of coffee you spend in a cafe, follow-up with a Virtual cup here. Or sacrifice your cup at the cafe and get a virtual cup instead.

SUGGESTIONS for CAFE OWNERS: Every 20 cups of coffee you sell, go buy one Virtual Cup man.

My Commitment: In this whole month of March, every 10kg of Coffee beans I sell, I will buy a Virtual Coffee.

Post your Virtual Coffee order in the comment section.

Update 10th March 2011:
My second cup of Virtual Coffee.

Hmmm.. seems like when it comes to doing good at the cost of a cup of coffee, very few people are interested.

Where would I go for good coffee?

I was asked many times “Which cafe serves good coffee?”
The problem is that sometimes when I say certain place is good, I’m being accused of being paid to say good things about them. So, instead of saying “Which cafe is good?”, I will tell you where I actually PAY to have my coffee, repeatedly (in Malaysia).

Not in any orders of quality, but rather…. chronologically.

The only place I know that serves drinkable illy.

Coffee Ritual
The place I go for Syphon-brewed Highlander’s singles origin coffee.

Cafe Departure Lounge
Serves coffee from Five Senses, one of my favourite roaster from Australia.

Whisk Espresso Bar
One of the coziest place to be. Small and homely.

Artisan Roast Cafe
Interesting place for Single Origin Espresso. Most refreshing cafe.

Real and Wholesome
Same beans as Artisan Roast. You can also buy your Aeropress there. I think they have the most expensive espresso machine in Malaysia.

‘F’ by Buffalo Kitchens
Serves coffee from Gabee, Taipei. Cappuccino was excellent.

Toast Cafe
I always complained having to drive far for good coffee. And If you are in Klang, driving down all the way to KL just for good coffee may not be the solution. Well, good coffee had come to Klang.

My Espresso Cafe
I have my coffee here more often 😀

(more will be added when merited)

* Kinda depressing actually looking at such a small list.

Tonino Lamborghini

Someone told me, “Till the 9th March, mention the name “Tonino Lamborghini” at O’Gourmet and receive a free cup of robust, creamy and full bodied coffee!”

Lamborghini man.

Appeared in the Star too:

Excerpts: “I won’t say that our coffee is superior to other brands. But as the brand carries the luxury symbol of Lamborghini, we guarantee that the product is of the highest quality,” Tonino assures

Location: Bangsar Shopping Complex

Open a can of pre-ground, spooned into portafilter (after washing the portafilter and did not dry it), tamped.

Use a kiddie cup… hahaha… it was so pathetically funny man.
And when brewing, did not lock filter properly in grouphead, water was leaking all over.
And then serve to me “Tonino Lamborghin” espresso in a kiddie cup. Almost ROTFLMAO.

Lesson One: Just because someone is VERY GOOD at something, it does not mean they were good at others.

Lesson Two: Makers of great cars may know nothing about coffee.

Lesson Three: Just because you make expensive cars, it doesn’t mean you are NOT CHEAP.