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Vibiemme Domobar Super Double Boiler with PID

Some call the VBM Domobar Super Double Boiler, the Ultimate Professional Home Machine, and it is not without merits. Based on extraction capability alone, it has shown over and over to produce better tasting espresso compare to many commercial grade machines.

Check out the full details here.


Vibiemme Domobar Junior Double Boiler

(editor’s note: The Domobar Junior Double Boiler has been replace with the Junior HX) 

Espresso aficionado need to look no further. The Ultimate Espresso Machine that is design to make top notch espresso is here.

It is a classy machine, mirror-polished stainless steel looks good on any counter top or kitchen. A small footprint that weight only 18kg, it’s almost unbelievable what this machine can do.

Using a lever (this is no push-button machine), extracting god-shots is a thing of norm. Adjustable brew pressure and temperature enable you to maximized the potential in any coffee blends.

Based on taste alone, this baby can out performed many big commercial espresso machines in the market.

Check out the full specifications HERE.

212 thoughts on “Coffee Machines

  1. kfchan Post author

    Ok, what’s the best you can get with RM2.5K….

    1. Gaggia Evolution = RM1.2K
    2. Grinta Grinder = RM1.1K

    Eh…. only RM2.3K and you have extra RM200 to get an aluminium tamper + a small milk pitcher.

    Just a note: Gaggia Evolution can make great espresso but after you brew (which give you 2 shots), you need to wait a minute or two before you can remove the portafilter to make a second extraction. Evo does not have a 3-way soleniod valve… therefore if you remove the portafilter immediately, the pressure built up will spray the coffee ground everywhere, known as the “sneeze”.

    Alternative: I have a friend who wants to sell his Rancilio Silvia for around the same price as the Evo. I would say the Silvia is like a Myvi and the Evo is like the OLD model of Kancil.

    Let me know if you are interested.

  2. kfchan Post author

    Dear Eugene,

    According to Hilsy, ETC in the curve just close shop. That means most likely Gaggia no longer available. Go for the second hand Silvia is the best bet.

  3. kfchan Post author

    Dear Eugene,

    Silvia should retail around RM2600 but only if you get them in Singapore.
    To bring in, unfortunately incurred tax… heavy tax… 25% duty + 10% sales tax. Crazy.. totally not worth it. More expensive then Oscar already.

    Oscar is a better machine then Silvia.

  4. Irving

    KF, It was just a thought. I did tell myself that my next upgrade will be an E61 machine. Nevertheless, 8 months old Silvia with PID, and the constant care I took of it…. I will take no less than RM2400.

    No doubt, the Silvia, being a single boiler machine, has its limitations when it comes to making multiple cups. It’s still the benchmark machine of its class, its finicky nature demands the best of the barista’s skills.

    I have yet to achieve the skill level to consistently pull “god shots” from my Silvia. But it is this very challenge that makes the Silvia so interresting in the first place.

    After reading Mark Prince’s review on the Oscar. I’d love to compare the steam power side-by-side with the Silvia when I get the chance.

    By the way, do you know you can PID the Oscar too?

  5. DonMon

    ETC went bust already? I am about to give ETC a visit in the next 2 weeks to see what machine I could cart home. Fat chance now.

    Do you by any chance know of any shops that carry good espresso machines?


  6. kfchan Post author

    Too bad ETC close shop. All the knowledgeable sales staff cabut already. Sure die lah. Anyway, there is currently no one to my knowledge sales proper home espresso machine.

    Do consider the Oscar. Get it through me. The price is good and I make a couple of bucks to finance my coffee comsumptions 🙂

    There are also second-hand Silvia and Gaggia Baby if you are interested.


  7. isseykun

    hi, id like to know which places in malay can i go and look for good quality espresso machines? i came to malay for studies and im in need of a coffee machine. so far im french pressing my starbucks and illy coffee. im living near 1utama, PJU

  8. henry

    Hello KF,

    Need your recommendation for coffee and espresso machines that I plan to open a cafe that selling 100-200 cups per days.

    So many different brand make me headache to choose.



    Hello Henry,
    Goodmorning,we need some tips or advice for purchase coffee machine, we are in planing stage of design and equipment list, we are in mids, to open a coffer bean cafe, we are looking for secondhand machine or new pls advice


  10. kfchan Post author

    Yes, I’ve been there already and another time with Wee Chuan.
    But apart from the deco changes, the coffee machines and grinder remain as expensive. No changes in the product line.

  11. Putra

    Hi kfchan,

    ETC at the Curve has closed shop but they have outlet inside Robinsons The Garden is it? Because I saw 3-4 Gaggia model at Robinsons too.

  12. kfchan Post author

    Dear Putra,

    Are you sure the ETC at the curve closed? Previously, they just closed for renovation. 2 weeks ago they were still open.

  13. DonMon

    Nah… went to ETC last Saturday. Business as usual.

    Lots of Gaggias on display. The prices remain elusive as ever.

  14. Jo

    Hi Chan,

    May i know is there stil got any second hand machine available? Because too expensive to get a new one 🙂

  15. Elaine

    Hi KF Chan,

    I need your advise for purchase of coffee machine.I planing to open
    a kopitiam in JB so when can i get the coffee machine and contact person.

  16. Dee

    Hi KFchan,

    I’m interested with the Oscar. But due to budget constrain, i am thinking of getting the Oscar espresso machine first, without the grinder. How much will that costs me?

  17. Fudge

    I’m opening a small cafe/sandwich shop, and i was wondering what machine would be suitable for me to buy, to offer various milk based coffees. I’m looking for a cappucino espresso machine, which is very easy to use, since a lot of training is required for the traditional coffee machines… can u recommend some brands and models for me that are available in malaysia? capacity need not exceed 50/60 cups a day.
    Thanks in advance!!!!

  18. kfchan Post author

    Hi there,

    2 Options:

    Convenience and Easy Option

    – Super Auto Espresso Machine like Saeco.
    – Very easy to use. Just push a buttons or two.
    – But Not easy to clean. Fail to do proper cleaning and maintenance, breakdown is frequent.
    – The best it can give you is an average cup of coffee if you have fresh roasted beans.
    – Use stale coffee or poor maintenance = lousy cup of coffee.

    Moderate difficulty & commitment required option
    – Semi-auto espresso Machine (like the Oscar)
    – Easy to operate, not easy to be GOOD
    – Need proper training to make a good cup of coffee
    – Properly trained operator can make very good coffee with fresh beans
    – Easy to maintain and RARELY breaks down

    For 60 cups a day, the Oscar is more than enough and can make very good coffee if you are willing to learn. If you are not willing to learn, you will not be able to make good coffee regardless of what machine you use.

    But if you are not interest to learn nor have your staff trained, then you are asking at the wrong place 🙂

    But if you are interest to offer GOOD coffee, willing to be trained and committed to ensure quality, then I can give offer proper consultation.

  19. fudge

    Thanks so much for your advice! Definitely willing to learn and teach my people, but how does one do that?? Buy the machine and read the instructions?
    How much for the oscar? Budget restraints are there so please don’t give this coffee novice a heartattack! :p
    Can delivery be made to malaka?

    Thanks again!
    – Fudge

  20. Wee Chuan


    Recommended to get an Oscar coz it is definitely better than those super autos.

    And get a good grinder to pair with it. If budget constraints, get a second hand one.

    Most cafes are now starting to get Oscar when the business just started & they only make less than 50 cups per day.

    On training & preparation, it is just a little more details than operating super auto. But that’s what you should aim for if you are going into the F&B industry.

    You customers dictate your success!

  21. Boon Boon

    Hi KFchan,

    My Silvia was just broken and do you know where can I get it repair in Malaysia?

  22. Boon Boon

    Last time when I use the heater unable to heat and heater’s light always on. I suspect the heater was broken.

  23. Irving

    Hi Boon, It could either be the heating element or the overheating protection thermostat. I’ve sent you an email.

  24. kfchan Post author

    If you are in Malaysia, there will be one year warranty on parts. And even if after the first year, major spare parts is available. This is after all Nuova Simonelli, the company that supplied the official machine for the 2009 World Barista Championship.

    I wouldn’t worry about parts.

  25. Boon Boon

    Thanks Irwing and kfchan for your helpful suggestion. I reset the overheat thermostat and my coffee machine able to function again. Now I can continue enjoy my latte in my house =)

  26. Wee Chuan

    See, that’s why Silvia is so reliable…quality always surpasses the aesthetics only….and will work superbly with the barista that takes a little bit more time understanding and taking care of their well-trusted coffee partner.

  27. Yow

    Dear KFCHAN, quite interested in the Oscar machine mentioned. could you please let me know the price for the machine via email? thanks in advance.

  28. joe Affandi

    Hi Bro
    may i know which outlets ( KL, JB) used this Oscar machine, just want to find out the capability of this pieces.

  29. zulhilmi

    hello kfchan

    i’m thinking of buying delonghi ec300m espresso machine.can you give me any opinion/advice?

    thank you!

  30. Kents

    HI KF Chan,

    Hi there, how are you?I hope everythings the best!I’m try to sort out the budget for grinder+espresso machine+blender to be use in a cafe and i’m in tight budget!Any suggestion?And does the trainning you provide includes making ice blended coffee as well?If it’s possible can i know what is the fees for the trainning and detail please?Thank you very much!


  31. Chong Shen

    Heya all, I’m currently contemplating a PID on my Silvia. Irving, you did yours right? Can I rely on you for any advice later on?


  32. Wan Jazmi

    My God!ETC has closed shop?..I’ve planned to pick Gaggia Evo,it is just enough for my own consumption. Currently driving low budget Delonghi(2nd machine already)….There Miss Yun, the sale manager has gone too i suppose…

  33. liposenze

    i want to buy secondhand/recond coffee machine…….like Gaggia Evolution or Rancilio Silvia …….

  34. Edwin

    I’m planning to get a silvia as well.. Don’t mind if it’s used (good condition). Anyone plans to sell/upgrade?

  35. Vincent Leong

    Dear KF,

    May I know nowadays where can I get a Gaggia Baby or Gaggia Evolution in KL/Penang?

    May I know what’s the price then?My budget is just RM 1xxx.

    Many thanks.

  36. Chern Hong

    Hi, i wish to have one machine and i am interesting to make coffee. if i buy the machine, do you have any manual for us to make a cup of coffee?

  37. Chiam

    Do you think the Gaggia Brera is a good machine (fully automatic)? I love strong coffee, can you recommend some brands and also tell me where I can purchase them in the Klang Valley?


  38. ian

    Hy there, Im ian from Sabah, Im juz curious but at the same time ‘INTERESTED’ with this cute n powerfull Coffee Machine!! Do send(email) to Me Your quotation for the items that u’ve Recommended, any related with Coffee Machine.. THANX!! ^_^

  39. kohee

    dear kfchan,

    in europe, im used to like coffee very much. its easy to get many variety of coffee /espresso machine and the coffee beans as well.. how can i get beans of illy or segafredo or lavazza in malaysia? or do you have any recommendation regarding the coffee beans.

  40. kfchan Post author

    Dear Kohee,

    illy, Segafredo and lavazza is not difficult to find.

    illy = Go to Espressamente in Pavilion KL, 3rd Floor.
    Segafredo = Go to Segafredo in Pavilion KL, 2nd Floor
    Lavazza = I can get for you but only in 1kg pack.

  41. teckyeen

    Hi KF Chan,

    I had planned to operate a cigar with wine combination concept lounge and I intend to put in coffee machine ( apprx. 30 – 50 cups a day). Can I get some suggestion from you and would appreciate you could feed in the price range too?


  42. sue

    other than etc the curve,where can i find others coffee machine outlet?
    i am about to open a small cafe, which low baget in buying coffee machine,can u give me some advise ? it will be better if i can get the second hand coffee machine.otherwise,i saw u said about buying 2 diffrent machine,where can i get that?
    can u send me ur contact number to my mail box and i’ll call u in tomoro and see wad u got~
    thankz ~~

  43. zul

    i ada 10k….boleh ker i dpt comercial espresso machine dgn grinder dengan budget 2….hope u can reply my email soon

  44. Andrew


    Love the blog.

    How’s the Nuova Simonelli Musica compare to the Domobar Junior?

    Might get the Musica in near future, still studying. The price difference is not significant. The Domobar is my dream machine for a while.

    Musica is a HX machine, so temperature wise probably more stable?

    Have you played with Musica?

  45. Mandy

    Hi KFChan,

    Do you know where i can find a good conditioned 2nd hand Traditional 1group or 2 group expresso machine in KL ? What brand of machine would you suggest for a small business type of cafe? Is a 2nd hand machine a good idea for initial startup for a business or shall I get a new one ? Budget is tight.
    Thanks for your suggestion…

  46. Mandy

    Hi Kohee,

    I have the similar taste of coffee like you ie Illy, Lavazza …BUT until recently I have come across a new blend of highland coffee. If you are interested in tasting this coffee (dark roast is my favorite, with no “after taste bite”, very very good aroma) can contact me at my email and we can discuss further.

  47. iz jasuki

    I’m looking for suppliers who will provide me a coffee machine when i order coffee from them. If u have any friends please contact me, currently i have but they always bring me broken machine. Please email me..
    p/s…If there’s any good deal for second hand coffee machine……

  48. zety

    Hye KF,

    Need your recommendation for coffee and espresso machines and also the price of the machine. my boss plan to open a cafe that selling 200-300 cups per days.

    So many different brand make me headache to choose and my boss also push me to search for the coffee machine. i’m so stress now


  49. Ann

    Hi Chan:

    You’ve already answered my query on which machine I should get when I’m on a tight budget and am just starting out: I have a recycling store in Petaling Jaya (Ara Damansara) of items imported from Japan; the ambience is good cuz all our items are high quality as well as cleaned and nicely displayed, but there’s so much stuff it does take hours to browse. So in the interest of making lemonade out of lemons, thought we’d sell good coffee and home-made cake.

    Appreciate if you can email me any suggestions you may have on the machine, accessories and price. I’m also interested in finding out if there are companies here who’ll offer a free coffee machine with purchase of coffee. I know this is what hotels do, but then I don’t have the same volume.

    Also, to maintain our quality recycling concept (as well as our budget), all items need to be second-hand and in good condition. We would need not just the machine but cups etc as well.

    Many thanks

  50. Pinko

    Hi Ann, read your comment and we are interested to have a loook at your recycled Japanese items at your Ara Dsara outlet. You do sell them ya ?
    Pls give me your shop address…THANKS.

  51. Ann

    Hi Pinko:

    Yes, it is a retail as well as a wholesale establishment. We have typical japanese items like kimonos and yukatas (plus some things I can’t figure out the function of), as well as men’s, ladies, unisex and children’s clothes.
    Address is:
    33 A, Block L, Taipan 2
    Jalan PJU 1a/1
    Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya

    There’s a map in the blog (not updated like this one):

    When you come, perhaps you can also give us some advice on the type of coffee and coffee machine we should get.

  52. Joe

    Hi Chan

    Need some advice on purchasing of a good machine for cafe serving 50 to 200 cups of coffee a day and tend not to spend too much on it. Apart from that I need a coffee bean grinder and also a reliable and good supplier on coffee beans. Is there somewhere I can get some training on how to brew coffee too?

  53. Sally

    Hi KF,

    I had chatted with a friend of mine and we decided to operate a coffee house in our hometown down here in Kedah. But we had limited knowledge on coffee and coffee making. I would like to get your guide on machine and also ways to make a good coffee.

    Besides, I would like to know how can we get your guide on this. I will be willing to meet you up in KL.

    Looking forward for your earliest reply.

  54. MR.Tan

    請問,您只有售賣Vibiemme Domobar Junior Double Boiler/Expobar Office Control




  55. SM Chua

    Can u send me the quotation for the Coffee machine? Please send to my email. Thanks. I’m in Sabah, quot for me the currier service cost too.. Thanks.

  56. aida

    i’m going to open a small cafe serving between 25 to 50 cups milk-based coffee per day.The problem is, i do not know how to make a good coffee.Do you have any idea where i can find brewing coffee classes in kota bharu.I also would love to know if there’s any suppliers who will provide me a coffee machine when i order coffee from them.I ‘m in a very thight budget.If there’s none of them,a second hand machine will do..


  57. Yinkiat

    We are having a Earth Day Carnival on coming 20th to 24th April @ Sunway Giza Mall, we will set a small cafe in the Carnival and we are look for coffee machine on rental our buy a used unit, any recommendation?

  58. hakano

    In the midst of Hartamas is a hidden little cafe, the uniqueness is its setting. Its in a plant nursery, near to Plaza Damas. The concept and ambience is unique. Among plants and recycled items and furniture and all hands on made by the 2 lady owners. Beliving in Nature and Art and green environment is not enough. The love for good premium 100% Columbian coffee (roaster in Sydney) together with nature and art is such a relaxed ambience. A must try. And a must see place.
    website to check

    Good coffee and quaint unique totally natural surrounding.

  59. Lee

    Dear kfchan,

    I am interested to buy a fine espresso machine for home use. The Expobar you posted RM5700 is out of my budget. Could you recommend any good quality but cheaper?
    Please advise.


  60. Doris


    We are going to open a cafe serving between 25 to 50 cups milk-based coffee per day. We do not know how to make a good coffee and would like to get your guide on machine and also ways to make a good coffee. We also would love to know if there’s any suppliers who will provide me a coffee machine when i order coffee from them.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thanks in million.


  61. Ling

    Hi…KF Chan,

    I have a Domobar coffee maker , but the machine having a problem, can i know where can i send the machine for repair?

  62. letch

    Hi ,

    we have a little cafe set in a plant nursery. We have very good 100% columbian beans, single origin , whole beans. After a few months of setting up the place (no air con, recycle furniture and lots of creative ideas ) we are now looking for a person to work with us. Can you help us find a person who is a nature lover, plant lover and of course coffee lover..?
    No need qualifications, just plain simple love for coffee and nature will do.

    If anyone interested, pls cntact us at 012 3139831 . ask for Tuts.

    thanks you so much.

  63. vincent

    hi kf chan iactually i m looking for cappuccino machine you hv any to recommend??home use,im in jb

  64. alinahew

    Hi KFChan, I’m in the middle of setting up a small cafe & would like to seek your advice on coffee machines. Capacity to be around 60-80 cups a day. Can you please email me & perhaps i can meet up with you & discuss over coffee. Cheers 🙂

  65. Lim Kim Joo

    hi Chan,

    i am staying in Penang, i have problem to find a shop that is selling coffee machine and have the machine with them, they only have one or two machine in the shop, when i ask for more machine to see, they onlly show me on catelog or emai me some picture of the machine. do you have retail shop in Penang? or anybody you can recommend for me?

  66. G. Roberti

    To cut to the chase, this produces a very good MEDIUM roast style cup of coffee…period. Some folks tend to compare all coffees to one another no matter what the bean is and how it’s roasted. I do roast my own green beans (home roaster) when I brew a pot of coffee every morning and use the K-Cups when only a single cup is needed. If you don’t like that ‘in your face’ dark roast, dense, heavy style of coffee in the morning (or any time for that matter) this is definitely the coffee for you. It’s not bitter, a bit floral, with a true pure coffee taste. Does it match Dunkin Donuts style coffee in taste? I’d say YES to that when using the middle cup size setting on the Keurig brewer….which I use for folks that take milk in their cup, I use the larger cup setting because I drink my coffee black and like that taste profile. The new packaging is OK (you get 2 extra K-Cups for the $$) as long as you have the room in your kitchen to store the larger single box….as opposed to storing the two 24 cartridge boxes.

    NOTE: The description of this coffee uses the words “Medium Extra Bold” in it’s packaging as opposed to the two 24 boxes version which lead me to think there was now two DIFFERENT varieties of this Donut Shop coffee….so I ordered both (wanted 98/100 anyway) but it turns out that both were the same. Amazon should correct that description and take out ‘Extra Bold’ so they match each other.

  67. M-Village Sdn Bhd

    We are looking for an easy to prepare coffee machine to make espresso, latte & cappuccino for office lounge, daily served less than 5 cups. We want something automatic/half-auto/touch, easy maintainance & cleaning machine. Our budget is around 3k-4k, any recommendation? Appreciate you may reply me at, thanks!!

  68. Lim Kim Joo

    HI Chan

    My old coffee machine always gave me problem, I decide to change a new machine, my budget is +-10k, is better go for semi auto or fully auto? Appreciate you will reply me at

  69. lim

    Hi KF Chan,

    I need your advise for purchase of coffee machine.I planing to open
    a kopitiam in JB so when can i get the coffee machine and contact person

  70. Kent Yee

    Hi KF Chan,
    What budget and brand is needed for semi auto or fully auto espresso for my new Koisk in Kuala Lumpur? Also please do comment about Kopi Luwat to us. Your reply is much appreciated. My email at Kent <

  71. PF

    hi kf,

    so sorry to say, i do not own any espresso machine.
    I only having a humble stove top coffe maker at home.
    May i know how shall i produce good coffe with that ?
    There are times the taste are not consistant.
    Any recomendation of coffe bean? at the moment i am using Lavazza.

  72. Mskhizuan

    Hai kf…I am going to take over a cafe from a Korean lady…in Sabah act….fully equipped..I need a coffee maker…maybe a 2nd hand coffee maker machine?where can I buy this kind of machine?tq…..

  73. azlan

    hi kf…..need to get an expresso or a good coffee machine for my cafe for under 5k? can u help???thanks in advance

  74. ryoji

    hi kf, im planning to setup a cafe, any recommendation of espresso machine n grinder?
    A single group machine will do. Thank

  75. #5

    Hi, I would like to know the price of a coffee machine which can produce about 50-80 cups of coffee for espresso, latte and cappuccino etc. What do you recommend and pls advise delivery if i am in KL.

  76. David

    Good day KF,

    I’m a barista staying in Melbourne for a few years. Deciding to move bck to Malaysia for good, i’m trying to work out whether it’s best to get a machine back home or import one from here. Would be great if you could provide me a few different choices and packages so i can make up my stressful mind. That will be excellent!

    Have a great day!


  77. Carol

    Im from Sandakan Sabah ~
    I wondering if where can i purchase coffee machines around Sabah places ?
    Since , our company running budget hotel ~
    We wondering want to open a small cafe in our hotel ~
    But , we couldn’t sure how to start & where to buy ~
    Can anyone suggest ?
    Thank you ~

  78. Celine

    I am Celine from Penang, actively looking for a coffee machines with few types of drink such as mocha, espresso, white coffee and chocolate. I would like to purchase this coffee machine for our office for 30 staffs. Please recommend and suggest if you have any idea.

    Thank you.

  79. cenarius

    Hi KF

    may i know what is the main different of domobar and rocket giotto?
    and which 1 do you prefer for a small cafe business?


  80. leong

    Would you please let me know where i can buy the coffee machine Saeco Royal ?
    How much ? Are this is good machine ?

  81. shasha

    Hi Im interested to purchase 2nd hand espresso machine, grinder with all the accessories needed to practice barista skills.

  82. Siti Ghazali

    Hi, Im interested to purchase coffee machine for my office, my friend introduce me Nespresso but currently they are unable supply the machine. Do you know where I can get similar to that or other brand maybe.



  83. Brian

    hi buddy,

    it’s really an eye opening about coffee and machines, reading from top – bottom.
    great job and advice given to fellow coffee kaki’s.
    well, i’m in the midst of setting up a gelato cum cheese cake parlour in johor. planning to add in expresso too. need some advice on this matter, if i’m not wrong, should be able to sell 20-30 cups initially.


  84. Sam

    Dear kf,

    My cafe in Muar , now having renovation, i am look for coffee machine which easy use and make 80 cup per day, prefer in traditional taste. Thank you!

  85. Jasmin

    Hi, I need some recommendation in purchasing a simple coffee machine for a small office of 15 persons.

    Thank you .


  86. Kelly Gee

    Hi KFChan,

    Good afternoon! I’m planning to open a cafe, appreciate if you can advise me ;

    i. i’m planning to get a coffee machine and my budget pretty tight around rm 1-2k, would you be able to recommend me which machine and where to get it..

    ii. may i know when is the next intake for baritas course,please

    Thanks and cheers

  87. Caris

    Hi KF,

    Am looking into Nuova Simonelli Musica and Saeco Xelsis. Could you advise me which one is better? Many thanks!

  88. sy ong

    Saeco royal professional machine, machine correct STATUS is 100. But my home one, machine STATUS is 96. It’s would effect quality on brewing coffee.PLEASE HELP SOLVE THIS PROBLEM!!! Thanks.

  89. Doireen k

    Hi my husband is a coffee craze nut, he is currently eyeing the Delonghi Prima Donna, where can I get one for him that has the best price? Anyway, is it a good machine? Btw I am from Penang but dun mind buying from KL or other states as I am ok to travel.

  90. fung

    Hi, I’m planning to open a small bakery cafe. can you recommend me which coffee machine is more suitable for small business? Do you provide any training if I buy machine from you? since i have not much knowledge about coffee.

  91. JieQi

    hi, I am struggling between Gaggia and Silvia for home use only.. 🙂
    Gaggia is giving me a free course~~ but Silvia can only buy online right?
    Hope you can advice me a little! 🙂
    Thanks a bunch!

  92. Tengku Lana


    I see that you’re the g0-to expert on coffee and its machines. I am planning to open a cofee/dessert kiosk in a mall. Could you please suggest a good machine for 50-60 cups of coffee that can make americano, machiatto, cappuciano, latte, etc. I’m not a coffee drinker but my business partner is. Our maximum budget is 7k.

    Could you please recommend a good machine that makes great coffee but with non-fussy maintenance?

    Thank you!!

  93. Yuki Hee

    Hi KF,
    Me and my husband is going to open a small boutique cafe, sitting capacity around 30 pax only. Need to get a coffee machine that can serve all kind of coffee drinks. Can u recommend us where to get and how to get the coffee machine and bean supplier? Budget limited and practical needed.

  94. terrance goh

    I m from penang, Can u direct cal me? 0124840321,
    I am a coffee seller in penang, i need coffee machine for cappucino type bz my customer request it.

  95. yvonne

    hello ! can u give me coffee machine quotation !tx
    i wan open cafe !which one better use in cafe ?

  96. Yuin

    Hi KF, 🙂
    Any recommend for a good coffee machine & grinder with budget in RM 4K? (if can also include tamper or others equipment as well will be better)

  97. Edison

    Hi, i’m interested in getting a 2 group commercial semi-auto espresso machine? any recommendations and place to get it? really need help on this thank you so much!

  98. lee

    Do you know where i can find a good conditioned 2nd hand Traditional 1group or 2 group expresso machine in KL ? What brand of machine would you suggest for a small business type of cafe? tight budget.
    thank you

  99. Anne

    Hai there,
    I am about to open a cafe in Penang. We found the place already. May i know where should i get the best coffee machine with 2 grouphead. Second-hand will be good also. Any recommendation ?


  100. kel

    Hi KF,

    Any recommended coffee machine that can cope with 100-150 cups per day? It’s for my office and ideally a brand which spare parts & maintenance service are readily available. Seller/dealers contacts is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


  101. WM

    Hi KF,

    can help us with advise on how can we rent a coffee machine for a cafe biz.
    Thank You.


  102. Syd Kelly

    We are expanding our business and we will be including a coffee shop alongside our retail business in London which will be on a very busy High Street and am thinking to buy the Gaggia Deco. Someone told me it is suppose to the best on the market. It sure looks great. If I am making about 200 coffees a day – or more, will this machine be the best for me?
    Thank you in advance for your time.
    Kind regards,

  103. Melissa

    Hi , if my budget is only RM 1k, can I get a espresso machine for home use? Or any second hand? I love my coffee with latte art, and would love to have a machine at home to pratice on the skill.

  104. YC

    Hi KF,

    I would like to purchase Simonelli Oscar, it’s for a bakery shop, also want to find out you can demo how to use the machine. The bakery shop is in Johor Bahru. Thank you.

  105. Teng Teng

    Hi KF,
    We are starting up a cafe/ restaurant and serving Lavazza coffee in a small town. Expected coffee cups output less than 50 cups a day. Do you think it would be wise to buy a 2nd hand 2 group ECM unit (3 years old) or instead, buy a brand new 1 group one with a grinder (eg. Promac) + savings?
    Appreciate your advice.
    Thank you!

  106. ann

    Hi KF

    Need your recommendation for coffee and espresso machines that I plan to open a cafe that selling 50-100 cups per days.

    Thank you so much.

  107. ann

    Dear KF

    Need ur recommendation for coffee and espresso machines that i plan to open a small cafe that selling about 30 -80 cups per days. I do not know how to make a good coffee, do u provide any training ? or any second hand coffee machine?

  108. linna1437

    hi, im looking for a coffee machine about Rm1k+-
    for a Small Company… and juz need less then 10 cups / day…
    Can you pls recommend to me which machine and how much… tq

  109. Isabella

    Dear KF,

    I’m planning to open a coffee booth which target for quick grab/take away medium-medium high range coffee. Prob a machine that can handle 100-200 cups a day with min operation that can serve espresso, cuppocino, ice blended as its bit hard to maintain a good Batista nowadays. Hope to hear from you soon.

  110. David Lim


    Could you privide me a proper quitation as i intend and ready to setup a coffee house in Klang Valley and also others city.
    I’m doing a very special coffee concept for that.

  111. Joe

    Dear KF,
    appreciate if you can advise me and my friends because we plan to open a coffee kiosk which target for student and staff in my college for take away/serving. Which taste that you think student could accept. and we wish to buy a machine which is Convenience and Easy to use.. Pls recommend us the machine the coffee to be use for the business. Where can we get the supplie and maintainance. Our Budget for the coffee is around 1~2k…

    can u send me ur contact number to my mail box and i’ll call u in tomoro and see wad u got~
    thankz ~~

  112. firdaus

    hi kfchan,

    can you please suggest me where to repair my home espresso gaggia cubika plus? unfortunately it doesnt power up when i pressed i/o button. i bought when i was in the UK so not sure about gaggia parts in Malaysia. any suggestions ? cheers

  113. Kelvin Heng

    Hi kf,
    I plan to open a small cafe (around 8 tables). Can u provide some suggestions that which espresso machine, coffee grinder, water filter (and everything else needed to make a fine coffee) is more suitable for me? Budget is around 10k

  114. By

    Hi KF,
    I love coffee and would like to know do you know any place or any coffee lover selling second hand rancilio Silvia or any other espresso machine and grinder that is affordable (budget less than rm2k) and well maintained? I am planning to use at home to practice making good coffee. Thanks.

  115. Jenna

    Hi, anyone interested in buying a De Longhi coffee machine (auto)? Excellent condition and still under warranty for 2 yrs. I need to sell it because im migrating. Thx

  116. Angeline

    Hi. Any reviews or comments on Casadio Dieci S2 or A1? Looking to get a semi-automatic machine. Budget around 10-12k. Any recommendations?

  117. Tang Wyman

    Hi KF/Everyone,

    I am looking for a 2nd hand silvia/oscar. Is there anyone that wants to sell?

    Or if new how much would i be able to get it at the best price?

    Will appreciate an email to: if anyone wants to sell their machine to me 🙂


  118. Leonard

    Mr KF, I desperate for the Nuova Simonelli Oscar Espresso Machine but dunno where do I buy it locally aside from online retailer. How is the warranty like btw?

  119. zaza

    Hi..i hv a coffee machine of the brand delonghi; model perfecta esam 2012 if im not mistaken.
    Its in good condition and i’d like to let it go for rm1000. Purchase price was rm3800.

    Its good for personal/office even small cafes. Could make espresso and capucinno. Mail me if you’re interested at

  120. Jeffery Meah

    Dear KF,

    We are setting up a new cafe now,looking for second hand coffee machine and coffee bean supplier, pls advise.
    Thank you.


  121. Dave

    Hi KF,

    i’m a coffee nut, but quite new to expresso machines. just went to a food fair in SG and saw this Saeco xelsis stainless steel beauty. am looking to place it at my office full of coffee nuts like myself. Will try to get the green light from boss for budget but do you know if this is a good buy, and if its heavy duty enough for an office of around 40 people? (ie.. a small cafe maybe)

    it has to be one touch otherwise unfortunately otherwise no one would be working… lol.

    any feedback is greatly appreciated. 🙂

  122. Chong

    Hi, kf,

    Do you know where i can find a good conditioned 2nd hand 1group or 2 group expresso machine in KL ? What brand of machine would you suggest for a small business type of cafe? Is a 2nd hand machine a good idea for initial startup for a business or shall I get a new one ? Budget is tight.
    Thanks for your suggestion…

  123. Bai

    I have a coffe machine @ grinder for sale.
    8 monthe old tip top condition,
    Pls call for info

  124. Adam ang

    Hi KF, any home use semi auto espresso machine you recommend? Budget around 1k. Just for home use

  125. Wyman Tang

    Bai, your phone number is not complete. Please provide your complete number. Would like to call u.

  126. Rayner Tan

    Personally, As a proffessional coffee expert

    The E61 Brew group is a bonus for it has thermal reliability. But it’s thermally inert it takes long time to heat up but also it’s the same for cooling down.

  127. Ard


    I would like to open a small cafe of handling 50-100cups of coffee.. Such as espresso, latte, cappucino.. My budget is around 2-3k.. Can u advice me? Open up soon.. Thanks

  128. KF Chan Post author

    For a cafe serving, let’s say just 75 cups of coffee per day, your gross profit on coffee is about RM 100,000. How is it reasonable if you plan to make a gross profit of 100k, with a budget of just 3k? You seriously need to re-evaluate your budget.

  129. Nabilah

    Hi KF,

    I’m planning to open up a small cafe roughly 50cups per day. Just coffee and cakes. I have experienced with few coffee machines including la marzocco linea since I’m barista in renowed coffee chain. I would love to hear some of the suitable machine for this type of business. But still, I’m in the midst of deciding to challenge myself whether to quit my job or otherwise. Is it clever to own a coffee shop in klang area (not klang valley) because this industry is blooming within this year.

  130. Ruddy

    I need some advice or recommend for coffee machine and grinder, roughly for 100-200 cups a day.

  131. sam

    Hi, i’m interested in buying a espresso manual coffee machine for home use, eyeing on Breville Barista Express or Ascasso…Any comment on both products and other recommended brand? Tq.

  132. ruddyentri

    Hi, I am interesting with the coffee shop industry, but I’ve never had experience about coffee business..I need your advise and recommendation of what I need to open a coffee shop..especially what kind of coffee machine do I need at least fo 100-150 cups…and the prices…


    Sent from my iPad


  133. Kevin

    Hey KF, I’m planning to get La Marzocco espresso machine … however, I could not find any after sales service in penang…… could u let me know if u know anyone? Thanks a lot! …

  134. lee

    Hi, in need of a mobile machine for an event. Approximately 80cups a day. Something like lavazza capsule but understand that it is recommended for only 20cups a day. Can you pls gv some highlights. TIA

  135. NashaAzali

    Hi, hello. I’m wondering what would you recommend for a small shop that wants to open a small cafe? I’m dazed and confused with the many machines that are out in the market. Would you gladly email me on where to even start?

  136. LSL

    Hi Mr KF, would like to know more about espresso machines and wanting to get one for my upcoming cafe in casa Tropicana. Would u please email me. Tq

  137. SSChong

    If you like to add in Ascaso range for home,office and commercial, to contact me.
    DKC Resources.SB

  138. Jim

    Does anyone know where to get a rancilio silvia repaired in KL? It’s started pouring too quickly. No crema 😦

  139. Danny

    Hi I am represent Ricmas Malaysia, who interest on Jura coffee machine (Switzerland) & WMF commercial coffee machines can looking for me. And I also carry ILLYCAFE bean. Any enquiry please email to me. Thank You.

  140. Shamala B

    Hi, how much is lavazza 1 kg? How do i order? Or more details on the highland coffee beans if i want to try? TQ.

  141. Andy LCS

    Hi, I have a Casadio Dieci. The pouring does not stop unless button is pressed again. Anyone knows of any service centre or support group that can assist. Will highly appreciate it.
    Thank you.

  142. Adlan Zil-Ikram

    Hi Chan

    I’m planning on starting a coffee truck business,starting early next year..I have a very little experience in the coffee industry,like 8-9 months only.Therefore,I need your advices and consultation on choosing the right equipments and my business plans..can I have your e-mail address to talk further about this?

  143. Pingback: Cafe Latte Machines | mesotheliomalawyertexas

  144. zaty

    Need your recommendation for coffee and espresso machines that I plan to open a cafe that selling 100-200 cups per days.
    So many different brand make me headache to choose…help me please..


    Hi Chan…

    What can i get for my budget below 10k.. let says, i want coffee machine (single group), portafilter, busket, tamper, pitcher, knock bowl and coffee grinder..etc

    Can you recommend to me… for my new cafe at alor setar maybe by June 2016


  146. deo


    Do you provide renting for coffee machine in KL, i would like rent for any manual coffee machine..


  147. Leon

    Hi, I need some advice on my Krups EA8260 automatic espresso maker. The coffee was leaking from the bottom so I sent it in to Krups Service Centre Malaysia in Sg Besi but I have been told that they need to replace the electronic board but the part has been discontinued. The element and jack needs replacing too and that is available. Does anyone here know if it is possible to replace the electronic board with a generic part and does anyone know who can fix this?
    Thanks. Leon. 0122875800.

  148. KF Chan Post author

    Usually the board is specific to the machine. A generic board will not do.
    Better get a proper espresso machine next round.

  149. Leon

    Thanks KF. Do you know of any technician who will be willing to take a look at it? Maybe there is a possibility of repairing the board instead of replacing it? Thanks

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