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Toast Cafe

Looking for good coffee in Klang? Look no further than Toast Cafe (which to me is already very far). They are serving the Supremo Blend from Highlander Coffee.

Just shows that you don’t need big commercial machine to serve good quality coffee.

G-16 Harbour Place Mall, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, 41200 Pelabuhan Klang, Malaysia.

What Coffee Beverage is that?

A Very Good Guide on Espresso-based Coffee

Very accurate especially on the first row: Espresso, Double, Ristretto and Lungo (Long Black).

Here I would like to discuss the more common drinks we have in our market in light of all the confusing naming convention.

Ristretto is made by “restricting” the flow to create a more intense shot of espresso. To¬†achieve this, the barista can either:
1. use a finer grind
2. over-dose
3. Tamped harder
4. Mixture of the above

While Lungo or Long Black should be the opposite of Ristretto.

Cappuccino based on World Barista Championship’s standard, should be a single espresso with textured milk.

Textured Milk is milk that has been stretched where micro-foam (tiny air-bubble) are created using steam power. After which the micro-foam is “rolled” and incorporated and merged with the rest of the milk liquid. The end result should produced a creamy texture of warm milk. Contrasting milk that was merely heated up, textured milk has a creamy heavy body while Un-textured milk is light body and “clean”.

Therefore, whether Cappuccino or Caffe Latte, instead of % of steam milk and foam, they should be textured milk. My humble opinion is that the difference between Cappuccino and Caffe Latte is the ratio between espresso and textured milk.

Where Cappuccino consist of 1 single espresso with 5oz to 6oz of textured milk, the Caffe Latte would consist of 1 single espresso with 7oz to 8oz of textured milk.

Flat-white is accurately depict as espresso with steamed-milk (not textured milk)

Not everyone would agree with me, but I believe these are the proper way to define our coffee beverage without causing all the confusion.