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Espresso with Hand Grinder

Many have asked if any hand grinder can produce good espresso. Many times we say it will be too difficult, too much effort and grind not consistent enough.

Well, not anymore.

prolex2 The Prolex Ceramic Hand Grinder

Prolex Espresso Well, it does require some effort.

Prolex Espresso2 C’mon.. turn, turn, turn…

3 minutes later…

Prolex Espresso3 Almost zero- retention.

Prolex Espresso4 Mouse-tail enough?

Prolex Espresso5 Yeah…

Prolex Espresso6 That is a pretty decent shot of espresso.

But then you say… Need to turn and turn and turn for 3 minutes ++…. I’m lazy man.

Well, spend another RM150-200 and cut down the 3 minutes to 30 seconds.

Prolex Espresso7
This is not the first time someone attempted the idea of using an electric drill.
But pair it with the Prolex and it just look SO COOL.
Don’t believe me?

Prolex Espresso8
You just need the right setup. Or…

Prolex Espresso9 James Bond would have been jealous 😀