The Coffee Forum of Malaysia

Dear Coffee Geeks, Coffee Lovers, Kaki Kopi and Fellow Barista in Malaysia,

Come share your thoughts on all things Coffee in the best Coffee Forum in Malaysia.

H T T P : / / C O F F E E L O V E R S M A L A Y S I A . C O M

Chit Chat

Speak Geek

Think Tech

Roast Till Second Crack

Talk Crap

Smell Fresh

Brew Black

Grind Fine

I don’t know what the heck am I talking about.

Just go over to the BEST COFFEE FORUM IN MALAYSIA and have a cup of yummy coffee.

Q U A L I T Y   C O F F E E   M A T T E R S

7 thoughts on “The Coffee Forum of Malaysia

  1. Jack

    I have a 8 months old Gaggia Baby with PID and OPV mod and replaced Silvia wand. Should be best in town for that range. Together with that I have a Isomac grinder too.
    Do let me know if you are interested to buy the second hand machine.
    Why sell? Thinking of upgrading to VBM.


    Please, can sombody inform me how much coffee is produced in malasia and if it is robusta or arabiga? Also how much are de imports and exports and the quantities of internal consumption? Iappreciate sincerly an answer.
    Pedro Echavarria Colombia
    Coffee producer and analist.

  3. sheikh jamadil adzany

    Hello..i have a simonelli appia 2 compact to letgo.
    In a good condition. Just use twice just for test only..i’m selling RM14k with grinder (ceado). I buy RM19k..
    Reason sell is for rolling my money..:)

  4. Chow

    Is there anyone in KL-PJ who does a service of changing steam wand to a rancilio silvia for Delonghi?

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