Buy a cup and do some good

Fellow coffee lovers

Go over to and get yourselves a few cups of excellent VIRTUAL COFFEE and help our fellow coffee people in New Zealand sufferings from earthquake.

Funds managed by Carl Sara (4 times NZ Barista Champion) where 100% of the money will go to the people in need.

I just had my god-shot espresso there.

And I urge us all, for every cup of coffee you spend in a cafe, follow-up with a Virtual cup here. Or sacrifice your cup at the cafe and get a virtual cup instead.

SUGGESTIONS for CAFE OWNERS: Every 20 cups of coffee you sell, go buy one Virtual Cup man.

My Commitment: In this whole month of March, every 10kg of Coffee beans I sell, I will buy a Virtual Coffee.

Post your Virtual Coffee order in the comment section.

Update 10th March 2011:
My second cup of Virtual Coffee.

Hmmm.. seems like when it comes to doing good at the cost of a cup of coffee, very few people are interested.

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