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My Espresso Cafe

Soft soft open of My Espresso Cafe

As simple as can be… but probably can be simpler still.

Sponsored by… ahem…

True coffee lovers know that latte art does not determine the taste of good coffee.

A simple velvety textured milk will taste just as good.

One of the most user friendly coffee maker. Expect clean and flavourful coffee.

To brew coffee at home, nothing is more important than a good grinder.

Some people just can’t do without SUGAR.

Dirty machine cannot make you good coffee.

Location: 63, Jalan USJ 21/11, Subang Jaya.
Time: 12.00noon to 9.30pm
Close on Tuesday

Best Bang for the buck grinder

When it comes to value, truly the grinder that give the best bang for the buck.

The Isomac Professionalle Home Grinder.
Check the specifications here.

Grind the beans using the Isomac grinder and extract using the VBM Lollo.
Pour was slightly faster than what I want but still pretty good.

Ya, it is a bit slow… retain lots of grounds… But hey, you are a home user. You can afford to wait. Shake it a bit to clear the retained grounds. From Aeropress to Syphon to pour over to espresso… Isomac Professionalle Home grinder rocks.

Trial Run…

My Espresso @
Beta Version 2.0

Pretty gals are most welcome.

Warning: coffee may increase biting incidences among children.

We don’t discriminate… even against Mat Rempit.

All are welcome to learn.

Using humble tools.

We try our best serving fresh roasted, delicious coffee.

Photos courtesy of:¬†Marcus Low’s Photography. (expect the last two pic)
63-A, Jalan USJ 21/11, Subang Jaya