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Updated with new Photos
Check out another angle from WeeChuan.

In case some of you still do not know, there is an excellent program about coffee on Astro channel 311.

It’s Coffee Confidential with Moses Chan: 9 episodes, every Sunday at 9pm. If you are fans of Hong Kong Series, you will know that Moses Chan is one of the very popular star in recent times. He is a coffee enthusiasts. His program introduces coffee from the basic to the complex, from the farm to the cafe. I think it is an excellent development of coffee exposure to the Malaysian Public. Check out Wee Chuan’s blog, he will probably give a summary of every episode.

But somethine even better happened. Astro manage to arrange for Moses to have a Coffee Forum in Malaysia. And I was privilage to be invited as one of the panel.

So, last Saturday at Berjaya University College of Hospitality, I was having coffee with Moses Chan. Astro organized the event and on the panel was Moses, Sum Leong and yours truly. The EmCee was Vivian Tok. There were about 40 students and invited guests in the audience.

Well, this is as close as I have ever get to a celebrity 🙂
We must be laughing over some bad coffee experience.

Here is Ms. Sum Leong, the other panelist. She is demonstrating how to brew coffee using a Syphon Device. Sum Leong has a small cafe in Shaw Parade, Pudu.

Sharing freshly brewed Sumatra beans. Not bad at all.

Moses and I were asked to demonstrate making espresso and cappuccino.
Well, you can see where all the attention goes to lah 🙂

Hopefully this little program will see air-time over in Astro. When I get the schedule, I’ll let eveyone know.

About Moses
He is a friendly guy. That is not a surprise at all. Trained in the art of PR. But make no mistake, he knows about coffee. That means what you see in his program is not just someone reading from a script.

He is a barista too. Better than most behind the bar in any cafe in Malaysia for sure. During the demo, he paid attention to grind adjustment, paid attention to extration rate, froth milk correctly on the 3rd attempt and manage to pour latte art too.

In the private interview after the forum, he told of his experience with kopi luwak. I assure you that he was being very courteous during the filming with regards to kopi luwak. Very courteous and polite.. if you know what I mean 🙂

Hey, he owns an Aeropress too. And he also gave me a copy of his program “Coffee Confidential” on a copy-protected and autographed DVD.

Coffee Scenes in Malaysia
As far as promoting quality gourmet coffee is concern, more exposure, education and publicity is needed. We as consumers (especially those who love coffee) MUST demand quality from anyone attempting to sell us coffee that cost more than RM4.

Why? Well, even gourmet coffee are consider cheap as far as raw material is concern. Most single shot of espresso cost no more than 50 cents. Many are even cheaper and even the more expensive ones cost no more than a ringgit. I’m willing to pay Rm10 for a cappuccino only if they are well made. A well made cup of cappuccino requires good beans, good machine, good milk, good environment and GOOD SKILLS. All these things cost money. Any cafe who does not spend money on all these good requirements has no right to charge you even RM4 for a lousy cup of coffee.

Berjaya University College of Hospitality
The Espresso Machine is in a sad condition. Dispersion screen probably block. Gasket dying and water is leaking during extraction. How do you expect good barista to come out from there? They make us a pot of french press using the very “expensive” Jamaican Blue Mountain beans. Ughhhh… STALE. Funnily, the few cups very given to the audience. Lucky for Moses, he didn’t manage to taste it. One last cup available, I took a sip…. yup… taste as stale as it smelt.

‘Nuff Said.


29 thoughts on “Coffee With Moses Chan

  1. chin

    Wow, a copy-protected and autographed DVD! I guess you would not want my downloaded pirated version anymore.

  2. June

    You should bring me along to see…. u and Moses… on how to make a good cup of coffee…;)

  3. kfchan Post author

    Chin, you are right 😀 But I would still like to have your other DVD about Syphon Coffee making man.

  4. Chong Shen

    Hey Chan, good post. You are right about the coffee pricing. :).

    Unfortunately, won’t be able to catch any of the screenings at 9. I’d usually be on the road at that time, lols.


  5. Irving

    I was surprised with Moses’ knowledge of coffee. Firstly, there were some samples of coffee of different grind size on display that indicated espresso grind being the finest grind, even finer than the Turkish grind. Moses immediately noticed this mistake and commented on that when he entered. Secondly, his attention to details when he was pulling the espresso shots.

    An embarrasing moment came when a cockroach jumped out when Moses was dosing coffee at the grinder. He made some funny comments, I think, to ease the embarrasement for the Berjaya folks.

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  7. Andy Low

    Heh fren, you sure is a coffee lover until you are invited by Astro to
    do a coffee commercial programme with TVB Moses Chan (your incestors).

    Good show. Hopefully can see it in Astro soon.

    Andy Low

  8. Wee Chuan

    Chan, adding to the opinion on Berjaya University College of Hospitality, the coffee lab is not equipped with a proper tamper. Luckily we thought of bringing my barista kit that contains a stainless steel Impod tamper.

  9. mae

    Hi, thanks for your sharing.
    btw, can i ask for your permission to share this with Moses fans?
    Thank you.

  10. June

    Hi, do you know that Moses is coming to M’sia again to “meet the fans” on 1/8/09, but, this round is in Penang. Do you get any chances to meet him again for a coffee sharing…?

  11. mae

    June, Moses go to Penang not for Coffee event.
    So, i dun think kf Chan will go de.

    Mr Chan, thanks for your help.

  12. cynthia

    kfchan: can i know more about wat u distribute now. i’m a student from highlander also. i’m setting up a cafe in jb see anyway to support me…

  13. kfchan Post author

    Dear Cynthia,

    I have no idea where his cafe will be. I’m sure when he really opens, the newspaper will be all over there to report it.

  14. cynthia

    hahaha, i though you know already, sorry. btw i plan to go kl in june. possible to arrange a meeting.
    can i buy espresso machine from you and backup service also

  15. Cynthia

    Sckwee : Oh! I read the just read the news. Thank you so much for the info. I plan to go kl in June. Hope can see his cafe ready.

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