Kopi Luwak – Why NOT?

Civet Cat

MyEspresso does not support the production or any marketing of Kopi Luwak.

Is it because we do not support an industry that practices animal cruelty? Well.. No. That’s not the reason. I find no appetite for such hypocrisy. While it is true that majority of the cultivation of Kopi Luwak are indeed an act of cruelty to the civet cats they caged up in their farms and force fed with coffee cherries and beans, they are certainly no worse than most commercially produced animal-origin food. When I’m ready to stop eating commercial eggs, beef, pork, chickens and heck.. even drinking commercially produced cow milk, then I’ll make the case base on animal cruelty.

I’ll not campaign against Kopi Luwak for its supposed cruelty while ignoring the worse excesses in the food industries. Compare to OTHERS, the civet cats are having good lives.

The REAL reason is VALUE. They are selling you a Proton and charging you the price of a Ferrari. Very low grade coffee with a super price tag.

As a point of reference: Our Quattro Blend, using good quality beans, roasted by a reputable Roasting Company who placed value in quality, Fresh roasted coffee beans selling at RM33 per 250g. It certainly makes for a good cup of coffee according to our customers.

Kopi LuwakCompare to RM577.89 per 100g.

Now, unless you really think a Proton is of similar value as a Ferrari, then buying Kopi Luwak is not a case of cruelty but DAFTNESS. No offense intended to those who bought Kopi Luwak because you are merely victims of clever marketing. But now that you knew, you are without excuse.

P.S: I have actually tried Kopi Luwak that tasted decent, cultivated in a responsible manner (non-caged civet cats). They tasted as decent as a RM33 pack of coffee. But in almost all cases, base on taste, I wouldn’t pay more than RM10 per pack. Even Nescafe tasted better.

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