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Any Cafe in Malaysia wanna host a Coffee Lovers’ Gathering?

There has been quite a lot of request for a gathering. But I was really busy lately.

Who is interested, drop me an email and drop a message here too.

If you have any suggestions or preference, let me know too. Any favourite cafe you like to expose to fellow coffee lovers here? Shout it out man.

Also, ANY CAFE in Malaysia or rather in Klang Valley interested to offer to host this event? Drop me an email and I see what can be done.


My email address: kfchan7 (at) gmail (dot) com

One Coffee Lover That We Can Be Proud Of?

There was once, our friend Simon from Sibu got some excellent coffee delivered from Five Senses Coffee to me. Of course, I got my favourite Epic Blend but that was not the point of this post. He also send an extra 250g pack of fresh coffee and asked me to help pass on to his friend staying in Subang. It is this friend of his that I wanted to highlight.

I drove up to Subang Parade just to pass her that pack of coffee. I think it was a 2 minutes meeting. She was really super busy and I doubt she can even remembered ever meeting me. i think she don’t really have much time to enjoy her coffee.

So. why am I talking about a person whom I met only for 2 minutes, who is unlikely to ever remember me and probably had no time for coffee?

That’s because she is one person that even though I do not know personally, but whom I have great respect for. It’s because she is working to ensure a brighter future of this country of ours. It’s because she is struggling and fighting against a great adversary, an enemy of justice and democracy.

She is Hannah Yeoh, State Assembleman of Subang Jaya, Selangor.

And here is one important post from her blog, A Mockery Of Our Democratic Institution.

As we enjoy our favourite cup of coffee, let us ponder a moment the simple motto from Hannah’s blog, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching”.

Vibiemme Domobar Super – The Super Sexy Expresso Machine

Monday, 9th February 2009
Hari Chap Goh Mei.

The day I got to play with a Super Sexy, Cool and Kencang Espresso Machine.

Our friend Phil Liew got himself a brand new Vibiemme Domobar Super + Compak K3 Touch Grinder.
Cost approx: RM10K with all the professional tools thrown in (like espro tamper, knock-box, pitchers, and even a hands-on barista course).

The Specifications:

  • E61 Grouphead
  • Full Stainless Steel Body
  • 2.7L boiler and 4L water reservoir

Notice the grinder, tamper and knock-box on the right.

Front view: This is a manual machine, meaning you start and stop the brewing process manually.
The lever on the right of the grouphead is the brewing switch. Also warms up your cups nicely on top.

A closer look with the portafilter lock-in. Gives you double-vision due to the reflective nature of a shiny stainless steel body.

The 3.8L water tank and the 2.7L boiler is hidden under the steel compartment.

Phil got himself a naked portafilter too. Double espresso pouring out like hot honey.
It was yummy. The E61 grouphead ensures excellent temperature stabilty.
It’s not difficult to pull decent shots of espresso. With proper barista training, pulling excellent aromatic and sweet tasting espresso should be a norm (provided you got fresh roasted good quality beans).

(These shots were taken when I was pulling the espresso in the showroom)
Just to shows that it works the same whether in the showroom or back home 🙂

(Also taken from showroom)
Frothing milk is a joy. Plenty of steam and you can make silky, velvety microfoam milk.
It’s time to learn up some latte art. Alas, I can only make simple heart since I can’t practice on this machine everyday… sigh.

Great Coffee For Great Party

My friend Marcus had a small CNY Potlucky Dinner party at his house last night.
Well, you can’t have great party without great coffee, right 🙂
So, while others brought food and I brought my coffee.

Of course in CNY dinner, we can’t do without the traditional “Lo Sang”

After that, on to the coffee.

The beginning of a shot of espresso. Note my pathetic knockbox on the left.

A close-up shot. Dripping like hot honey.

End of a double-shot of espresso. Bet you can’t find a shot like that in any cafe in Malaysia.

Well, credit to where credit is due. This particular shot was made from the Epic Espresso blend from Five Senses Coffee Australia courtesy of our friend Dennis. Beans roasted just 1 week ago.

500g cost about Rm100 including delivery charges and can make about 60 single shots. The taste is excellent. Aromatic, flavourful and I even tasted a tinge of chocolate. Truly yummy. I didn’t get any for myself this round. Need to cut cost.

But Dennis is a Moka Pot user. Here are some pics from the Moka Pot brewing method.

Sorry, didn’t have pic of the early stage of dosing the coffee inside the moka pot.

One of the most famous brand of Moka Pot.

Coffee started to brew.

That is delicious looking.

Now the taste of coffee brewed with the Moka Pot is quite different from the Espresso method.

Moka Pot gives a much “stronger” taste and heavier body. While with the espresso method, those delicate fruity, flora and acidity seems more pronounced. These are of course my initial impression. I don’t have a Moka Pot at home, so I can really compare with many different beans.

Let’s not forget… great party with great coffee… must also have great gals 🙂

The beauties who inspired us to brew better coffee.

Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone.