These are the services currently available:-

Catering Service
If you are having a party or gathering whether at home or in office, treat your guest to an experience of coffee to be remembered.
– Espresso with thick crema to brighten your day or activate your night
– Sweet smooth velvety cappuccino
– Chocolaty Hot Chocolate for the young ones or those who wish to sleep early

Consultation Service
Opening a cafe? Want to rejuvenate your coffee business? Planning to brew coffee at home? Want to serve good coffee in the office to your visiting clients?
– Recommendation of machines for cafe setup
– How to offer your customers delicious coffee and saving cost at the same time?
– How NOT to cut cost by serves awful coffee?
– How to brew excellent coffee at home at almost any budget?

Barista Training Service
Be a real barista and not a button pusher behind the bar.
– Understanding the basic of good coffee brewing principles
– Understanding espresso and correct extraction principles
– How to froth milk to make creamy, smooth, sweet and velvety cappuccino?
– Introduction to latte art

Wanna buy something?
Professional Home machines, grinders, Aeropress and fresh roasted coffee available.
Sorry, I don’t sell stale beans. Get those at the supermarket or $bucks or some coffee chains.

205 thoughts on “Services

  1. lawrence

    Hi, can i know where can i get vanilla,caramel and etc syrup in Selangor. Been to all the major supermarket. But non of them have it.

  2. Irving

    Lawrence, You can get Torani syrups from San Francisco coffee. You can also get Monin syrups from Village grocers in Bangsar Village. Dankoff also sell some syrups, just google them.

  3. lawrence

    Hi Irving,

    Thx for the advise. Yes indeed i got myself a Torani syrup but later to find out they don’t sell the pump. So i went to a shop in the curve i guess it’s ETC. Got myself another bottle of monin together with it’s pump. Do you have any idea where can i get the torani pump?

  4. Jason

    Would like to buy some roasted coffee bean ??? Any recommendation for me??? Please reply me in email. Thanks

  5. Amy

    Hi KF,

    Recently bought a basic espresso machine (no grinder). I am looking high and low for Illy coffee powder, any idea if I can get this in Malaysia (at all)?

    Appreciate it. Thanks.

  6. Wee Chuan

    Hi Amy,

    Illy coffee in ground form is not fresh at all. This applies to any coffee in this form though. You can get major Italian brands in Cold Storage.

    Get a good quality grinder & fresh coffee beans (more important) instead.

    And by the way, what espresso machine you hav?

  7. Amy

    Thanks for the tip WC. Am really new to this.

    Got a basic KRUP, not wanting to invest too much at this stage considering….that I’m such a green horn….or rather green bean. =)

    Looks like should have gotten a grinder as well….hmmm….

  8. Ethan

    Hi Amy , Im using the Krups as well at the moment.Same thought not buying a good one yet.You can get Illy canned coffee in Mercato supermarket in Pavillion as well

  9. MW Liu

    Hi Amy,

    Illy sold in mall etc is very expensive. If you have a few people to share, you can buy a 3 kg bin from the wholesaler at Bandar Tun Razak, KL. Tel :03-91736028. Much cheaper.

  10. Abe Wong

    Hi KF,

    I would like to make some enquiry for Barista service. Pls reply me in email and thanks.

  11. Simon

    Hey guys,

    Good to see the assortment of services you’re offering. Great for coffee lovers in Malaysia. Lately I’ve been trying to buy San Franciso Torani syrup…the one in Midvalley do not want to sell…any other source??


  12. lawrence

    Hi Simon,

    i got my torani syrup from SF Sunway Pyramid. Try there.

    p.s: manage to get them to sell me their pump as well.

  13. hilsy

    I am looking for people to share a 3kg bag of illy coffee. Anyone interested. Pls email me to arrange.

  14. nazira thinking of opening up a cafe business,n interested in the nuova simonelli .
    I was wondering where can i enroll the barista training service? And loads of information of starting up the bussiness.can u help me please? thank u!

  15. umaira

    im a final year student in KLMU. I currently doing my diploma in e-business. I have choose to propose an idea on art cafe, but i dont know much about things that i should have in a cafe such as coffee maker etc.
    This will be my project paper. If you dont mind, can i ask you several question on cafe etc?
    really hope that you can help me on this.

  16. John

    Hi Chan , I m opening my own cafe soon.. i need to have something that good n able to produce nice coffee to my customer who visit my place .. i need your help on the coffee brewing machine that u will recommend for cafe’s usage.. appreciate your reply regarding about the question i had post it here.. Thanks

  17. nielsen lim

    hi , kfchan
    may i know about the basic barista training service in kl or oversea ? thanks

  18. nielsen

    hi , kfchan

    I would like to know more about barista traning service in kl thanks .

    nielsen lim

  19. kfchan Post author

    The training will be conducted in 2 sessions.
    First session (4 to 5 hours)
    Second session (3 hours)

    Topics include:
    – Essential principles in coffee making
    – Various coffee brewing methods
    – Theory in espresso preparations
    – Theory in milk frothing
    – Hands-on practical in espresso extraction methods
    – Hands-on practical in milk frothing methods
    – Simple latte art

  20. Joanne


    I was wondering if it is possible to get the Bialetti Moka Express Espresso maker in KL? If yes, where and how much?

    kfchan, can you please provide me with information of the Barista training?


  21. ck


    My wife and I was thinking of setting up a small cafe but we have no references until we found your blog about the services you provide. We are hoping that you can explain in more detail about your services (training and consultations). Cheers…

  22. Darren Lim

    Hi KF,

    I would like to enrol to your Barista Training as stated by you in the above tread, Please advice the date / venue and fees.

    Thanks in advance.


  23. Andrew Tay

    Dear KF,

    Merry X’Mas and A Happy New Year to you n your family.

    I am interested to open up a small cafe and currently looking for Sifu for Barista Course. Would you drop me a next training schedule and the fees.


  24. Vivian Tan

    Hi, i m planning to run a coffee business. Can I have more details info on barista training service included next training schedule n fees and also info on how to start up the business from you? Thanks in advance!

  25. samantha

    hi there,

    I am wondering where can i get a basic training to make a cup of coffee..?
    or a basic barista training in year 2010?

  26. jingz

    Hi KF,

    I’m looking for a Bialetti Brikka pot, i wonder if it is sold in Malaysia? Have you any idea of it? It is quite rare down here in Aussie so i thought i could try my luck when i’m back to kl for a break.


  27. Dennis

    Hi jingz,
    You can get it from Subang Parade or Metrojaya in Mid Valley.
    Both stores carry Brikka and Bialetti products.
    Bad news is in Malaysia you can’t buy any of these Bialetti spare parts. I bough mine from Algerian Coffee Online Stores, Slightly more expensive due to the shipping cost to Malaysia.
    Hope this is helpful.

  28. kwloh

    Hi, i would like to know detail about barista training and consultation service. Thanks.

  29. Chris

    Hi, I would like to enquire more about your barista training, like times, fees, location etc. thanks

  30. Ryoji

    Hi, need more info about the Barista training like date, venue and fees. Pls email me. Thks

  31. Irlec

    Hi there,
    Excellent website.
    We’ve just moved to Malaysia and were wondering where we can buy the Illy iperEspresso capsules, either online or at shops in KL or East Malaysia?


  32. ara

    hi im fara…do someone know where cn i get holder gasket…its not available in muar johor…cn someone give me a specific place cn i have it..

  33. emma

    Hi KF,
    would you like to buy Luwak coffee from North Sumatra Indonesia? If not, could you tell me please where I can sell unroasted luwak coffee bean in Malaysia. Thanks

  34. Jessie

    Hello nice to meet you,
    actually I’m a person who love coffee very much and I’m interesting to take a course/training job in this industry,but my problem is where should I start?
    so I hope I can get some information from the professional person in this industry! And I hope you can give me some suggestion from you.
    Like example” is there some of the company provide training and Job opportunity in this industry for us to learn and work with?
    I try to looking for it….
    I hope can get the suggestion and information form you..
    thank you so much,sorry to give you trouble…
    Thank have a nice day for U
    my email address :-

  35. lynn

    Hi Lawrence,

    Read your post. U said that you got torani syrup from SF Pyramid. How much did you buy it for? Any idea if they still sell it?

  36. john

    hallo.. im wondering if u know any company that do servicing for a domestic gaggia machine in malaysia..
    i own a baby dose ..

  37. hamsa

    plz send me more informtion about the coffe and how many tipes u have and how i can get the coffe from kl and how about the prices…waiting for replay. thank u.

  38. Andrew Tan


    I would like to know more about barista traning service and the charges.
    Please email details over.


    Andrew Tan

  39. anson

    hi,kf chan….
    i am from penang,i wan know more about the barista training.
    i have bought a small coffee machine,but the espresso taste not strong.
    the nomal coffee machine is how much?

  40. Shannon

    Hi there,

    I would like to know more about ‘Barista Training Service’. Could you please email me the details and charges. Thanks a lot.


  41. Jeen

    Hi KF
    I’m looking for freshly roasted beans for a pour over – any idea where I can get some in the KL area?


  42. Winson Ong

    Where can I buy Bialetti 3 Cup Moka Expresso Stovetop Expresso Maker 06799 & its spare parts in Malaysia.

    Thank You

  43. Janice

    It’s great to know that there is an website/forum like this in Malaysia. So the all coffee lovers could interact here~
    I’m a beginner, wanted to get a coffee machine at home, can you please recommend a brand/model no.? many thx!

  44. Jay

    Hi, may i know where can i get a hand pressure coffee maker in malaysia? And, how much is it in malaysia?

  45. Cecilia lim

    Hi KFChan….
    I’m planning to start up a ‘coffee to go’ kiosk somewhere around KL Sentral office area. Core products will be black coffee and esppresso base…i’m now sourcing for some quality beans.. any advice besides illy and 5 senses ?? maybe something that is not so costly …thanking you in advance KFChan.

  46. kfchan Post author

    What can I say Cecilia….

    1. Fresh roasted coffee beans.
    2. Lovely complexity of flavour, good body and sweet finished for espresso.
    3. Taste great in cappuccinos too.
    4. Very little bitterness

    Answer: Highlander Supremo Blend

  47. faradilla

    Hi. Can u suggest me the coffee maker for personnel use – not expensive and easy.

  48. CtmuniRah Zainal Z.Abidin

    hi sir,

    I just have a simple question… Could please tell me where can I find the expresso shot glass. I need to replace the one broke at the place I work at and I have been searching high and low but no luck. May be I was looking at the wrong places. Hope u can guide me.

  49. khoo chui yee

    Dear KF Chan,

    Hi, just wondering do you carry rancilio silvia espresso machine and the rocky grinder for home user ( New or second hand in good condition of course ), can you let me know details on your training schedule and the fare. thanks

  50. kaeyean

    Hi there, can i know more about your barista training please?
    Do you think Promac semi auto espresso machine is a good idea for a cafe?

  51. Linda

    Hi KF
    I am Linda from JB, need to attend the barista course, do you provide it in JB?
    Or if I must go KL for training, can I book it in advance?


  52. WY Lau

    Hi Mr KF Chan,
    I would like to know more about ‘Barista Training Service’. Could you please email me the details and charges. Thanks a lot.

  53. Kim Yeow

    Hi Mr Chan,

    How you doin? I am interested in the Barista Training Course. Would it be possible for you to send me and email regarding the course structure and also the charges involved. Cheers.

  54. Wendy

    Hi KF Chan,
    I m interested on the barista training course too. Can you please email me the course structure and fee?
    And also i m looking for milk thermometer. Do you have any idea where can i get it near petaling jaya area? Thanks.

  55. jin

    i world like to take a barista training course, Can i know more abour the course structure and fee??

    thanks a lot

  56. Request For Setup Planning

    Sorry for disturbing again. I’m felix from perlis.
    Actually i’m planning 2 open up the coffee kiosk in the business square. So will u explain or guide me for those coffee equipment setup. Or may be i can go 2 KL for learning some course with u.
    Hope to get from u soon. Thx & Regard

  57. Sultan

    Hello there,
    I want to open a small coffee shop in Johor, and If I can get Consultation Service such as Planning and budget.. also where I can get good training?

  58. akmal

    hye kf.
    i like coffee a lot and want to learn to make a good one for myself and family..
    then i found this ‘barista’ word somewhere online and then i found your web..
    pls provide me some details of your barista course..
    i really appreciate your help and i willing to learn to appreciate coffee more..

  59. Lim


    I’m hoping to set up a cafe in KL, mostly serving the lunch crowd. Please can you advise what is the best coffee machine and coffee. I’d like something which is not too difficult to operate and clean, makes good coffee but won’t cost an arm and a leg. Please could you provide details and cost for your Barista training service.


  60. TC Law

    where can i purchase Syphon coffee maker? Is there sizes available. i am looking for a small size which can deliver max 2 cups.
    Thank you.

    fr Law

  61. khakis

    Hi,KF Chan,

    I would like to know more about the details and cost for Barista training service.


  62. Kira

    Hi there, KF Chan,
    I would more info about consultation service and barista training service mind send me the info thanks.


  63. Marcus Lum

    Hi all,
    Can anyone advise what so unique of Coffee Luwak ie taste /aroma/??……A group of us will be visiting Indonesia end of this month to visit the local plantation and the whole process…. I am told that Johor is producing and selling Rm15/cup of Coffee Luwak and SIN$10.50/cup in Singapore!! Anyone try that before and advise why is so well-known and pupolar.

    Thank you

  64. kfchan Post author

    Certain things are well known and popular because of hype and marketing.
    Let us also consider why certain things are so expensive. Generally, there are 2 reasons why things are expensive.
    1. The thing is of GOOD quality and value
    2. The thing is RARE.

    Based on my limited experience, Kopi Luwak is not particularly great. Common experience is that they are not very bitter. Can be smooth too.

    If they are properly roasted and brewed, can be a decent cup of coffee.

    I believe most people when they were offered kopi luwak (and were not told that they are drinking kopi luwak), most would not think they are good enough to cost you more than RM30 per cup.

    To me, they are over-priced and over-hype.

  65. Marcus Lum

    Hi KF Chan,
    Thanks for sharing your view. Indeed there are rare as it depends cherries season and the complicated and tedious process…Suprisingly, it seem the demand in Europe, US and Japan have increased tremendously and the selling price /lbs is ridiculous….Unfortunately M’sia does not recognise as Halal product despite it is certified by Indonesia govt, otherwise more coffee drinkers can try it and share the views…
    By the way, could you please furnish me more info about training provided in M’sia and consultation fees with the cost breakdown…
    Thanks in advance

  66. Mil

    Hi, i’m interested in your barrista course & consultation to set-up a cafe ( if you do offer). Pls email me course info & venue.

  67. ewong

    i’m interested in Brarista training course . Please kindly send me information on date, venue and fees. Thank you and have a nice day

  68. Zoe

    Hello! I’m interested in more information about barista training courses. Please do email me at the email I have provided. Thanks!

  69. wai

    I hope one day i can have my own small cafe. Can i know when and where the training available? Please email me the details. Thx 🙂

  70. Lily Suzlini

    Hi. I love to attend yr class on how to brew a beautiful cappuccino but unfortunately I wonder by using my machine Jura J9.2 One touch make it possible since I saw from u tube that those design are done manually.

  71. rockebluey

    Hi, I would like to know more about the Barista training. Can you please e-mail me the info? Thank you.

  72. Thomas Yeoh

    Hi there, I’m pretty interest’d in the barista training and would really appreciate it if you could get back to me.. Thanks.

  73. Tin


    May I know how much is the barista training course? I am just a beginner and recently got more interested in coffee. Please respond via email.


  74. Jocelyn

    Hi! I am planning to open a coffee cafe soon. I would like to know when, where and how much is the training for barista course is. Can you please email me the info. Really appreciate it. thx

  75. kfchan Post author

    So many people ask me about Moka Pot 😀
    But I really don’t like Moka Pot.

    Anyway, the best place to check out are places like Parkson, Isetan etc.

  76. SKY

    Hi 🙂 did your place have selling any others equipment besides coffee maker and grinder? Or you have any places for recommend in KL?
    I’m searching a stainless steel milk pitcher, I couldn’t find it at my area.

  77. Ying Yin

    Hello, I’m interested in barista training, and recommendations for good coffee beans that can be purchased in KL/PJ, either via yourself, or any shops that you can recommend. Please do email me the info, esp with regards to barista training (cost, venue, dates/times).


  78. darren

    Hi KF,

    Can I know more about the barista training & types of coffee machines for a small cafe? thanks

  79. Mohammad Redzuan Samsudin


    I’m looking for personal burr grinder (+/- RM500).
    Harvey Norman sold out & other places have no clue about it.
    Do you know where I can get it in Malaysia.


  80. Joyce Wong

    Hi kfchan,

    I’m interested with your barista training course. Kindly send me details of it. Many thanks.

  81. sundar

    Hi KF Chan,
    I am a coffee lover and also interested to set up my own small cafe near my work place as we ared deprieved of some quality coffee. I am wondering if you could advice me as this os something i am considering for a long time but not got around doing it.
    Dr SG

  82. Joo

    Hi KF, I would like to know more about barista training. Can you please email me the details?

  83. Jimmy

    Hi KFchan ,
    I’m interested to set up a cafe house in my hometown ,
    Is that ” Barista Training Service ” is for everyone who interested ?? and how much for the cost ?
    Can you email me more information about that , Hope to heard from you soon .

    thank you

  84. kevinsaw

    Hi, I would like to know more about barista training. can i know more about the detail?
    from admission fees all the way (if got) certificate.

  85. chiahui

    Hi KF,
    I’m thinking of setting up a coffee kiosk in one of the mall in Penang, need your help in choosing the machine and beans, thanks
    by the way, im also interested in the barista training, can you pls furnish me with more info,
    looking forward to hear from you,
    thank you ^_^

  86. Mag

    Hi KF,
    I’m interesting on the barista training…but i have no basic of any coffee..
    Hope to hear from you..


  87. Wey

    I’m interested in the barista training. Could you please provide me with the details?
    Thank you.

  88. eve

    Hi KF, I’m interested in your Barista Training Service as well. Could I get more info from you please?

  89. Josh

    Hi KF, i am looking more some Barista Training too. Appreciate if you could provide me with more details. Thanks.

  90. Sam Chan

    Hi KF, I’m interested in your Barista Training, Appreciate if you could provide me with more details. Thanks.

  91. Justine Leong


    I’m interested with your barista training and consultation service. Can you give me more info? Perhaps we can set up a meeting? Thanks

  92. Kavita Kumar

    Hi, I’d like to find out more about your barista training course. If you could mail me with details, would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

  93. Angie

    Hi, I am interested in the barista trainning course, would you give some info regarding this pls?

  94. Vid

    Hi I am looking at having a coffee cart booth for our conference in KL. Do you supply staff as well. Looking at about 150pax to attend the conference. This will be held in a hotel

  95. Perk Ooi

    Hi KF, would like to know more about barista training. Can you send me more info regarding that? Thanks.

  96. Joseph Lim

    Hi, I was wondering where can i enroll the barista training service and i would like to know more about the course.

  97. Cheryl lieu

    Can I know when is your next barista training and where is the location in KL? Thanks.

  98. Edmund

    Hi KF,

    Im currently looking for a unit of semi or fully automatic coffee maker. Can u pls advise any good brand or maybe can get it fr you??

  99. Lam

    Hi,may I know where can I get the Torani syrups in kl? I saw the post replied by Irving can get from San Francisco coffee,but may I know is located at where for this coffee shop and wondering did they still selling it now?

  100. Ms ng


    I was wondering if it is possible to get the Bialetti Moka Express Espresso maker in KL? If yes, where and how much?

    kfchan, can you please provide me with information of the Barista training?


  101. Andy

    Hi can I know where I can buy syrups in penang malaysia cuz I have no idea where to buy it and umm is the barista training available for all ages cuz I’m only 14 this year ! And is the teaming located in penang ??

  102. Renee

    Hi , I am very interesting on the barista training courses ,may I know is that still available for attend?and is that the courses avalable in Chinese language ?Hope to receive your reply soon…thank a lots .

  103. jijie

    hi, i just purchase a coffee siphon from other source. i would like to inquiry for the burner. where could i purchase ethanol or methanol for the burning purpose? and also the filter if want to change or anything?

  104. hanyang

    hello, KF Chan
    How much for the barista training course , date and time as well. Thanks!
    Email the details =)

  105. ice

    hi, KF chan,

    Do you know any place selling bialetti moka pot and also the coffee powder for moka maker?

  106. Rikki

    Hi ,
    Thanks for sharing your tips & info.
    Is it still true that you can’t buy Bialleti Moka espresso maker spare parts in Malaysia?
    If you have any updated info that would be great, thanks 🙂

  107. Nurulhuda sani

    Hi i would like to get a barista training. Can i have the detail services from you please..

  108. Safri

    I need to service my Krupp coffee machine without having to spend much. Is there any reliable/ trustworthy place apart from Krupp service center?

  109. Mas Zuhairin


    I am opening a small cafe soon and looking for a decent coffee machine. I have zero knowledge on coffee and coffee machine.


  110. Kevin ho

    Hi,I plan to setup a cafe, but no experience , can let me know what type of training u can provide to me in order for me can make all type of coffee? Also how long the training & how much?? TQ

  111. Pingback: Hafiz Zainal What Makes You Beautiful | Bolakovic2

  112. SP

    Hi! I need to service my Gaggia coffee machine without having to spend much. Is there any trusty place you can recommend?

  113. Brenda low

    Hi , i’m interested about the barista training courses. Pls do email me the details. Thxs 🙂

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