Coffee Ritual – The 3rd Coffee Lovers Gathering

On March 8, we had our third Coffee Lovers Gathering at Coffee Ritual.

This time though, it was a bit different. Instead of espresso and cappuccino, we had Syphon’s brewed coffee instead. Thanks to Chin for inviting us to his place for a FREE sampling of Syphon coffee. It was a first experience for a few guys here.

The Crowd… including the cute lil baby girl that brightens our day.

Coffee ready to brew. This is a single origin from Columbia.

As the water begins to boil, the top part which holds the coffee will be properly attached to the lower parts that holds the water.

The moment the top part is attached, hot air inside the water compartment will have no place to go. Due to pressure differences, most of the hot water will be pushed up to the compartment containing the coffee. As the water wet the coffee, it is stirred to ensure all the coffee are properly saturated with the water. It is then allowed to steep for about 50 seconds.

Once the fire or heat source is removed, in a few seconds, the air inside the earlier water compartment cooled down. The coffee will gushed back down to the lower compartment.

We actually tried 3 types of single origin beans from Columbia, Brazil and one that I forgot (getting old, if anyone remember, do let me know).

I find that the Syphon way of brewing coffee to be quite romantic. You have the gadget, the glass, the fire…

Ok, how does it taste? I have to say the Syphon brewed coffee is quite nice. It is clean (as clean as the Aeropress), able to bring out the delicate flavour of the beans (if you have good beans and freshly roasted of course).

It is very comparable to the Aeropress (base on memory, not that I have a chance to really compare side by side). Both can brewed very tasty, delicate coffee. Aeropress is the most convenient. The Syphon is way more romantic and appeal to more than the taste sensation. But, you can drop the aeropress and no sweat but if you drop the syphon there goes your money… hahaha. In fact someone told me he is reluctant to get a syphon because there are many clumsy people in the house.

Do give them a try and check out the location here. Certainly the Best Coffee Place in Petaling Jaya.


9 thoughts on “Coffee Ritual – The 3rd Coffee Lovers Gathering

  1. Alpha Lim

    Remember the UCC Coffee cafes? They used to serve siphon coffee. Sadly, the cafes have vanished. I enjoyed UCC’s clean flavour…

    Thanks for the recommendation of Coffee Ritual. I shall give it a go…

  2. chris

    hey chan… want to pop by at typica cafe again… the cafe is pretty much completed and you can even try out their ice drip… pretty good kick from it… also… beans are arriving fresh in batches…. may be we can consider a gathering again???

  3. bimmer

    I’ve only just discovered your blog and i enjoy coffee too. May i join in the next gathering? How do i keep updated on this? Thanks.

  4. kfchan Post author

    Hi there,

    Check this blog often 🙂
    Normally, we will have at least a week notice on Coffee Lovers Gathering.

  5. san

    hi kf, i just visit coffee ritual this afternoon. and their coffee is great… the lady boss yeemay is nice and friendly. and hope to join u guys next gathering.. cheers,

  6. vincent

    horrible experience there…

    – rib eye beef was the toughest i’ve eaten. i gave up after 2 bites. i called the boss to try and cut it himself. even he admitted it was tough.

    – i took one spoon of a chocolate cake when my daughter stopped me… bug in the cake!! cake was part of a set meal. when the bill came, they charged us for the full set meal, saying that the cake was a free addition to the set meal (??!!) and so there will be no reduction in the price.

    – unfortunately this all happened on my birthday. my wife and daughter wanted to treat me to a nice meal… thats the last time i will step into their premises.

  7. kris

    Hey Alpha Lim,
    I too love the blue mountain from UCC (Japan) cafe! are there no more UCC in KL?

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