One Good Espresso Machine

Finally, the Black Nuova Simonelli Oscar has arrived. If you want to get a good espresso machine in Malaysia, read on.

After 2 months of wait, alas… This is every coffee geek dream espresso machine.. Or rather, dream espresso machine for those who don’t have a lots of money to invest. If I have more money to invest, of course I’ll get the super-sexy Vibiemme Domobar.

Here is a quick review:

Does not take up much space and can move it around without killing your back.

There is ample space to put your cups on. Haven’t really opportunity to calculate how long it takes to really warm up any cups.

Open the top flap and you will have access to the water tank. The water tank holds about 2.1 litre of water.

Only 2 buttons: The On/Off switch and brewing switch.

Light-indicator from top right to left:
1. machine light turns on when On/Off switch is turned on.
2. brewing light turns on when the brew button is turned on.
3. water tank lights on when water tank finishes water.

Big Button on the left is the Steam Switch. Turn 3.5 times to get steam, powerful steam.

The Steam Wand can be rotated around 360 degree.

Portafilter must be tightly locked. I push all the way to about 25 min to ensure no leakage around the portafilter during brewing session. Earlier when I did not tighten it enough and water leaks a bit.

Love the large drip tray.

All the components seems well built.

Top view

Pouring like hot honey.

Thick brown Crema

Ready to be made into a love heart.

After the third attempts.

A Closer look.

A Closer Shot

More reports coming on Simonelli Oscar.


41 thoughts on “One Good Espresso Machine

  1. Wee Chuan

    Very nice shots! Hhahahhaha, got your machine finally with Irving too.

    We can do more thorough test on Oscar in our next jam if u or Irving is hosting.

    Spelling error, mate. (The water tank holes about 2.1 litre of water.) – holds

    See you this noon at my house. You’ll be even amazed with the results from LM though.

  2. aea

    Wahhh… Nice man.. done with the test… so this mean next will be the delivery and pull of shot at my place.. hopefully tomorrow will do.. looking forward for this man..

  3. aea

    alright bro. hope the grinder will work as it suppose to be. not as what been reviewed. can’t hardly wait.

  4. Venky

    Congrats….How is the steaming power? Pretty strong huh? I can more consistent results for a single shot of milk if I close 2 holes.

  5. Irving

    Superb steam power. Steaming an single shot of milk (6-7oz) takes less than 20 sec, which gives you only 5-6 sec for stretching… one wrong move and you end up with large bubbles. Once you get it right it’s beautiful. Takes a bit of practice.

  6. Hilsy

    is isomac grinder good? How much does it cost in kl? I am looking for a grinder now. Any good recommendation?

  7. aea

    got mine last night. specially delivered by KFChan. 5***** services man. include 2 hours of training.. still working on the brew and steaming the milk.. damn difficult to get consistent man… anyway it’s such a good machine delivered by a great coffee aficionados… thanks a lot KFChan… p/s- dont forget my espro and your allu. tamper…

  8. Hilsy


    What do you think about the Pasquini Moka90 grinder? I have read some good reviews on this machine.

    How is it in comparison to the Isomac Professional?

    Is the Pasquini available in KL? If yes please let me know where i can get it and the price.

    Thanks a lot.

  9. edwin

    goodday to you ,

    would like to finesome help were / any place were i could
    fine good deal coffe mechine to purchace please ..

    thank you

  10. kfchan Post author

    Yes, I’m selling home espresso machine.
    Yes, it’s the best in terms of total value of price + performance.
    Yes, it’s the Nuova Simonelli Oscar.

    But if your budget is below RM2K, then you can check out the Gaggia range at ETC in the Curve.

  11. michael

    Hi Chan, what type of pump system is installed in Oscar?
    How is the consistency of brewing temperature and water pressure?

  12. kfchan Post author

    Dear Michael,

    The Oscar is using a Vibration Pump.
    So far, the brewing temperature and water pressure is very consistent.

    It has been making be very delicious coffee. Far better than my old Gaggia Baby.

  13. Ethan

    Hi Chan, do you encounter any incidents where eventhough the portalfilter lock in place, when brewing the water spout out from the side? The Krups machine I used have this problem recently 😦

  14. kfchan Post author

    If you have lock in the portafilter tightly and water still leaks, maybe the grind is too fine or maybe you over-dose or over-packed.

  15. Ethan

    Thanks for the quick reply KF, i try it out later with other coffee grind. Uhh,by the way what do you mean by over dose :).
    I saving money for the Oscar 🙂 hopefully to buy it by end of this year.What the price for Oscar without the grinder.I read in one of your post it cost about 3K -5K right?

  16. kfchan Post author

    Dear Ethan,
    Just the Oscar alone is only RM3800.
    But if all you have is those krup-type grinder, please for the love of
    coffee, get it with a proper grinder.

    Oscar + Isomac grinder = RM5000

  17. Yogi (the Borneo) Bear

    Soothsayer: Yogi!

    YOGI: Ha! who calls?

    Soothsayer: Beware the ides of October are upon us!

    YOGI: What man is that?

    BOO BOO: A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of October are upon us.

    MR. RANGER: Fellow, come out from behind thy cup; look upon Yogi.
    What say’st thou to Yogi now? speak once again.

    Soothsayer: Beware the ides of October are upon us!

    YOGI: He is a dreamer; let us leave him sip his brew: pass.

    Sennet (crumpet call). Exit stage left all except BOO BOO and MR. RANGER

    MR. RANGER: Will you go see the order of the Oscar?

    BOO BOO: Not I.

    MR. RANGER: I pray you, do.

    BOO BOO: I am not troublesome: Yet I do lack some part
    Of that quick spirit found in a good espresso or two.
    Let me not hinder, Mr. Ranger, your desires;
    I’ll leave you now for my kopitiam.

    MR. RANGER: Boo Boo, I do observe you now of late:
    I have not from your eyes that fondness
    And show of craving for a good java as I was wont to have:
    You “bear” too stubborn and too strange a paw
    Over your kopi-o that as of late you desire.

    YOGI re-enters from stage left


    (my profoundest thanks and apologies to William Shakespeare, Hanna-Barbera Productions and Warner Bros. Animation)

  18. kfchan Post author

    Hahaha.. damn funny Bear of Borneo.

    Sigh… seems like the entire Malaysia and Singapore world is waiting for the arrival of the Oscar. My apology to all for the anxious wait. Good espresso awaits.

    Alas, the shipment has not even reach Singapore yet. Be patience everybody. I know you guys waited a month already.

    The last round, we all waited for 2 months. Let’s hope this round, it will not exceed 2 months.

  19. Hilsy


    Thanks for showing us what the Oscar can do…the Milk froth is what i like most. It is a fantastic machine. For the time being i will still hold on to my purchase until i can sell off my Baby Twin.

    And thank you very much for sharing some of the nice beans that you have.

    Merry Christmas!

  20. kfchan Post author


    You are welcome. Do join us for the next gathering ok. Event location and date will be announced later in this blog. Merry Christmas to you too.

  21. Hilsy


    I would like to buy the 58mm Flat espro tamper, the one that “clicks”. Are you able to get one of them for me?

    Let me know what is the price.

    Thanks a lot.

  22. Neo Eng Wee

    Dear KF,
    Realise that you are really good coffee lover.
    I am looking for a coffee machine attached below 3K included grinder, currently im in Penang.
    Do you have any suggestion
    Currently i have a simple espresso machine from Morphy Richards bought in Singapore (cheap one)..hehe

    Kindly contact me if you got any good recommendation 🙂 and photograph..
    My preference is Cappuccino…


  23. maureen

    i’m looking for such machine for office and home use… any recommended ? cheap,easy to handle .

  24. Tham

    Hi KF, me and my room mate are planning to purchase a coffee machine for the 1st time,budget abt 1K. Can we just get 1 from a very low range?

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