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The Power Of The Dark Side

Am I dangerous?

There was a cafe owner who told his customers (when they asked him if he knew KF Chan):

“You need to be careful with this guy”


It was so hilarious when I heard the stories… Oh ya, I actually heard this story from more than 1 person.

Wait a minute… maybe I am dangerous after all.

Ok. Let you people in on a secret. Anakin was killed by Obi Wan. It was me in that dark suit.

I am your father.

There is no escape…. Join me and I will complete your training… You do not know the Power of the Dark Side… Don’t make me destroy you…


Tonino Lamborghini

Someone told me, “Till the 9th March, mention the name “Tonino Lamborghini” at O’Gourmet and receive a free cup of robust, creamy and full bodied coffee!”

Lamborghini man.

Appeared in the Star too: http://thestar.com.my/metro/story.asp?file=/2011/2/27/sundaymetro/8131202&sec=sundaymetro

Excerpts: “I won’t say that our coffee is superior to other brands. But as the brand carries the luxury symbol of Lamborghini, we guarantee that the product is of the highest quality,” Tonino assures

Location: Bangsar Shopping Complex

Open a can of pre-ground, spooned into portafilter (after washing the portafilter and did not dry it), tamped.

Use a kiddie cup… hahaha… it was so pathetically funny man.
And when brewing, did not lock filter properly in grouphead, water was leaking all over.
And then serve to me “Tonino Lamborghin” espresso in a kiddie cup. Almost ROTFLMAO.

Lesson One: Just because someone is VERY GOOD at something, it does not mean they were good at others.

Lesson Two: Makers of great cars may know nothing about coffee.

Lesson Three: Just because you make expensive cars, it doesn’t mean you are NOT CHEAP.