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Nuova Simonelli Oscar Espresso Machine

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April 2009 – Nuova Simonelli Oscar Specifications


Updated: 13th Feb 2009

Look at what our friend from Penang, Venky manage from the powerful Oscar:



Not bad man. Just to proof that if anyone has the passion and interest to learn, they can make a good cuppa 🙂


Visited my friend Venky in Penang couple of weeks back. His long awaited Nuova Simonelli Oscar Espresso Machine has just arrived. This is what you call a Prosumer Machine, meaning for Professional Consumer. Whereas, the Gaggia Baby that I have or the Rancilio Silvia are known as consumer machine / home machine.

Do not be misled by its small size. This Oscar is capable to adequately serve most small cafes in Malaysia. In fact many small cafes over-spent on a commercial 2 group stainless steel machine cost in excess of RM15K and make less than 50 cups of coffee a day.

This baby here can handle easily 100 cups throughout the day. But of course, this is a machine with a 2.# liter water tank inside (commercial machines are plumbed-in), and you need to refill the water if the traffic is high. But then, what’s wrong with manually filling water couple of times a day if it save you more than RM7,000++.

oscar1 mazzer-mini
Oscar with a silver ABS plastic body. It is heavy but not too heavy. Can be carried by a single adult. Combine with a Mazzer Mini, good and fresh coffee beans and proper skills… excellent espresso is achievable consistently.

Only 2 buttons. One to power on, the other to start and stop the brewing process. The big knob there is for steam.

Fully commercial grade 58mm portafilter and a 4 holes steam wand. The Oscar, being a heat-exchange machine, can steam on demand. With a 2.* litre boiler inside, you have no worry of running out of steam. In fact, the steam is so powerful, I need a few tries before adjusting to it.

One downside to this machine, if you have not notice by now, there is no hot water dispenser. Well, I suppose this is a concern one need to consider. The reason the Oscar is priced so low for it’s capabilities, something has to give. Hence, no stainless steel body and no hot water dispenser. For extra RM2K, you can get a La Scala Butterfly with sexy stainless steel body and water dispenser too.

For me, to get hot water, buy a RM200 thermos would solve all the problem.

Finally, here’s a couple of cappuccinos made with Highlander’s Supremo Blend, brewed and frothed with Simonelli Oscar. With the current fluctuating exchange rate, you can get the Oscar for around RM5.5K to RM6K.

First American Bully Show in Malaysia

Note: This is a totally non-coffee related post.

On the 7th December 2008, I attended a very interesting dog show in Penang. Most of you probably have never seen such dogs before.

This is an American Bully

The American Bully is consider somewhat of a new breed, probably dated back about 10 years. Some would consider them as mixed-breed instead of a pure breed.

What really is a pure-bred dog? All the so-called pure-bred dogs like Poodle, Pug, Boston Terrier, German Shepherd, Doberman and etc are not exactly PURE, if you understand PURE as in uncontaminated or unique. All these dogs went through many years of selective breeding to bring out their unique standards or preferred criteria.

Once the preferred standards of criteria is met, they name it as such and such a breed. Therefore, a poodle is call a pure breed because they met a specific sets of standards. And of course if you want to have a “pure” poodle, you bring together a male and female poodle (that meet the specific sets of standard) and mate them.

Therefore, if you mate a poodle with a pug, you will get a mixed breed. (But for the love of dogs, don’t. I can’t imagine what a cross between a poodle and a pug looks like? Probably an abomination :D… )

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