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Caffeine-free coffee

Coffee that is naturally Caffeine-free.

Charrier Coffee

Charrier Coffee. or Coffea charrieriana, is a “new caffeine-free coffee from Cameroon, the first record of a caffeine-free species from central Africa…In this case the new species could be used for breeding of naturally decaffeinated beans,” according to Arizona State University’s International Institute for Species Exploration (ASU)

Maybe in another 10 years, it will be commercially available.

Till then, good quality arabica beans are still the coffee with the lowest amount of caffeine.

I sold my espresso machine

Goodbye my baby, goodbye my Gaggia Baby D.

It’s been a good 2 years and you have faithfully pull me lovely espresso, delicately give me microfoam for my cappuccino.

Though you are lousy at steaming milk and no power to blow steam when your life depends on it, i have trained you to exceed your primary functions. Together we make velvety, creamy  and sweet capuccino. Though your boiler is tiny, you are not finicky like that Ms. Silvia 🙂 Oh, did anyone tell you how fast you heat up? 10 minutes and you get yourself real HOT for me.

Now that you are with someone else, behave yourself and don’t bring shame to your Ex. Just joking, I know you wouldn’t.

Thank you for the good time. The last 2 drinks has been the best.

My Mocha

My Hot Chocolate

Truly the best and also the last.

Funniest Joke in recent times – Of Mandela, Gandhi, the King… and then Zambry???

Or is it the most horrible puke in recent times. Definitely worse than drinking espresso from Starbucks.

No… you are not having coffee withdrawal symptoms.

No… you are not over-caffeinated either.


Does he looks like the 3 legends? Does he acts like the 3 legends?

I love how Patrick Teoh put it… Ready.. 1… 2… Puke

This Zambry is not fit to lace the shoes of Mandela and Martin Luthur King Jr.

And he certainly not fit to wash Gandhi’s feet.

What is blacker than black coffee?

The Answer:


I dedicate my cup of black coffee today to all the brave people in Ipoh…

– those arrested for wearing a black shirt
– those arrested while having breakfast and drinking “perhaps a black” cup of coffee
– those true Malaysians for suffered the wrath of a black regime

And to this Black Regime… may their coffee forever be bitter and stale.