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3 Cappuccinos

Here is a comparison on 3 cappuccinos.

Starbucks cappa

Gloria Cappa
Gloria Jeans


I was really surprise by the Gloria Jeans in the Pavilion.
In the past, they were no where even near Starbucks’ standards.
Now, I have to say they have surpassed Starbucks. At least the Pavilion’s outlet.

Have not try the real test, which is their espresso. But from the cappuccino, you can see a decently frothed milk. Check them out. Cost = RM 6++

As for Starbucks, one look at the scary foam and my money down the drain. And they dare to charge RM 9++.

Nasi Lemak

Cannot help but to digress a little bit from the official topic. One of my favourite dish in Malaysia is Nasi Lemak. Here is one good plate of Nasi Lemak from this restaurant call “6 to 10 Grill & Naso Lemak”

I discover this excellent place from the “Ho Chak” program from 8TV. Located in PJ SS17/13, it’s not easy to find. But we Malaysian are known to go where no man has gone before to search for great food, right?

Six to 10
Busy during dinner time.


Look at that. Yummy. When it comes to evaluating nasi lemak, here’s the checklist:-

1. Rice Aroma – Coconut milk fragrance: Good
2. Hard boiled egg – Average
3. Cucumber – Good. Still fresh. (Really hate those serving dried cucumber)
4. Kacang & ikan bilis – Good. Crunchy. (Really hate those serving stale ikan bilis)
5. Chili – Decent. Nothing is more important than the quality of chili in any good nasi
lemak. Many different ways of cooking chili. It’s not easy to please the majority.

The above is the primary features of nasi lemak.
All good nasi lemak must not fail the test above.

The Extras: What make the good nasi lemak great.
The extras can be any dish such as fried chicken, curry chicken, sotong, curry lamb, curry pork, beef rendang and etc.

At 6 to 10, they have curry chicken, beef rendang, sotong, and their signature dish, minced pork. I ordered their sotong and minced pork.

Sotong (left) – Good
Minced Pork (right) – Great.

Go and give it a try.

Honey Cappuccino

Every now and then I have tried experimenting with new recipes to enhance my coffee experience. Once while I was having a very sweet Sarawak Pineapple, I thought… hey what if I try making a pineapple cappuccino. I put about 2 tablespoon of the juices into the milk and frothed with them.

Guess what… it curdled and turn lumpy. Yucks. Don’t put acidic stuff into milk and froth. That’s the lesson.

Just so you know, I’ve tried with durians too. I won’t recommend it. Not for hot drinks. Not cappuccino.

But today I’m fortunate in my venture. Put about 1 teaspoon on Manuka Honey into the espresso and mixed them together. Then froth the milk and pour a cappuccino.

Honey Cappuccino

Manuka Honey

Didn’t manage to pour any decent art.. looks more like a half-dead flower.¬† But it sure tasted fine.