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Hey, Starbucks is giving Coffee Tips

Saw this Starbucks Advertisement in The Sun on Thursday, 22nd January 2009.

How to Prepare Great Coffee

Starbucks mentioned 4 points apart from the espresso machine:-
– Proportion
– Grind
– Water
– Freshness

Mind you, these tips does make a lots of sense.
I agree with almost everything they say (except their 18 – 23 seconds from extracting espresso).

I’m just surprise that they actually mention:
1. Coffee should be ground just before brewing
2. Fresh coffee = Less than one week old.

I wondered when have Starbucks ever practice these 2 important criteria in preparing great coffee.

I have been to a Starbucks just as they open in the early morning and their grinders were half filled with ground coffee which must be at least 8 hours old.

And I seriously doubt they even have any beans that is even anywhere less than 3 months old.

Happy New Year 2009

To all coffee lovers,

Happy new year and may all your
beans be fresher,
espressos be sweeter,
cappuccinos be creamier
and your wallet be fuller.