Kopi Luwak

At last, a chance to try the infamous Kopi Luwak.

Our friend, Dennis got me some Kopi Luwak from Indonesia. According to his “Reliable Source”, it is the real deal. It was given to him as a gift.

So, in double-quick time (6 hours period), got a few guys to come over to my place for tasting session. At around 8.30pm we  have Dennis the Menace, Ralph the German Bear, Marcus Aurelius + Wife and Kid, Me + my Home Minister ready to see what so great about Kopi Luwak.

70g of Kopi Luwak. They are properly processed. Washed and Roasted plainly. Some find the aroma chocolaty with slight sweetness. No horrid smells.

When you have the Emperor Marcus himself waiting, the barista also sweating lah.

The Home Ministers also giving you the look “This better be good. We don’t want no shity smelling coffee”

Pouring freshly ground Kopi Luwak into the Aeropress

Pouring hot water into the Aeropress. Temperature around 90 celcius I guess.

Stiring well to make sure all the coffee ground is saturated with hot water.

Carefully pressing down the pump.

Extract it carefully into a milk pitcher.

Hey photographer, focus on the coffee lah.

Quiet! The Emperor having the first sip.

Hey, the Princess says it is GOOD.

Errr… maybe Kids really shouldn’t have coffee eh.

No kidding

Well, I actually made 3 rounds of Aeropress coffee using different beans just to make sure their minds are not bias in anyway (don’t want them to be influenced by the reputation of kopi Luwak).

In fact everyone like the Kopi Luwak. It is earthy, full body, no bitterness. Personally I find it surprisingly pleasant. Then I ask the very important question, “Would you pay USD30 for a cup of Kopi Luwak or even RM30 for that cup?”

And everyone answers “NOOOOOO”.

Frankly, it is a decent cup of coffee. Whether you like it or not depends on your taste preference. I would prefer some Ethiopia. I would not pay more then RM10 for a cup. And it does taste better than those Kopi-O Kosong-type you find in regular kopitiam.

Next: My Signature Drink.

37 thoughts on “Kopi Luwak

  1. Marcus

    hmm, u didn’t mention ur signature drink 😉 , the luwak is something, but ur sig drink was really enjoyable!

  2. kfchan Post author

    Love to make you my signature drink. Please know that the cost doubled those of a regular cappuccino. Imported ingredient of the highest quality man.

  3. kfchan Post author

    You wanna eat that!!! I can save a few beans for you man. Considering how they were harvested, I’ll stick to proper brewing methods.

  4. Alberto

    If you pepare at home a cup of Kopi Luwak will cost no more than 9 U$ or less an considering that we are talking about the most rare coffee the price is not that bad.
    In colonial times in Indonesia, the Dutchmen don’t allow local farmers to consume the coffee harvested in “their” plantations so, they collect the beans found in the floor (the civet pooh) and finally realize that the coffe made with them taste better than the normal one.

    If you want to know all about Kopi Luwak or want to try it, please visit: http://www.realkopiluwak.com There, you can find a description of the Luwak animal, the process to obtain the Kopi Luwak, How to make a perfect cup of coffe, warnings about buying kopi luwak, description of this rare coffee, pics and video. You can also buy kopi luwak online. Thanks

  5. Venky

    Had the pleasure of getting a bag of 150grams of kopi luwak recently. I have never tasted a coffee with such an intense chocolate taste as this. Used it on the Oscar and was very happy with the extraction, was fresh and

  6. Nick

    Hi there…
    I went to Bali & tasted Luwak Coffee.
    The price there was about RM11 (30,000 Rp or USD $ 3).

  7. Marcel

    Well Nick, if you pay USD 3 for a Kopi Luwak you just paid a lot for a regular coffee, Kopi Luwak in Bali costs at least USD 15 to Usd 25.

  8. ezra limm

    Wow. I so wanna try this coffee one day…even if it’s totally not worth the money. Bragging rights perhaps?

    Some comments about the extraction:

    Hot water cools exponentially faster the hotter it is, so assuming you transferred water from a boiling kettle, the temperature would already be around 90C. Expose it to air and you are looking at a sub 80C extraction. No bitterness? Well there you have your answer.

    Ideal temperature for coffee is 92C. Extractions become more bitter if you go over.

    I am pretty sure of this. You could use a DMM with a thermocouple to check if you dont believe me. Even measuring temps off your group head you will be surprised how close to the showerscreen (touching) you’ll have to hold the thermocouple for it to register values above 85C…and only by removing the showerscreen, literally holding the sensor at the outlet of the pipe where brew water comes from, can you tell that your brew temp is correct (92C).

  9. sahrijal Barus

    thats good share..i have coffee luwak farm and i take from my coffee plantations arround berastagi medan indonesia, i also provide green bean coffee luwak and roasting luwak coffee only ($120) for a kg..it really original ..

  10. lyndon Thomas

    Interesting read guys,
    however having spent the last 6 years on the island of Sumatra myself, i’ve had the wonderful privilige of being surrounded by everything coffee:), and i`ll have you know that in fact, the price of actual high quality arabica luwak, from hand picked beans that are then fed to maintained cats, and then harvested well within the golden period actually costs about RM8 for a cup!

  11. Civet Cat Coffee

    How did you find the Luwak Coffee? It’s good, no? I think it’s sweet and aromatic. People have to get over the fact of its unique process. The kopi luwak bean is really good.

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  13. Emma

    Could you kindly let me know how much is Kopi Luwak’s average retail price in Malaysia? Is it easy to find? Thanks in advance.

  14. Alberto

    Hi Emma,
    I don’t think that you will easily find Kopi Luwak in Malaysia. In Indonesia the Ulema Council have freed the use of Kopi Luwak and it isn’t anymore “Haram”. But I don’t know the actual situation in Malaysia.

    Jakarta, Indonesia — The Associated Press Published on Tuesday,

    Indonesia’s top Islamic body declared Tuesday that Muslims can drink civet coffee — the world’s most expensive coffee, which is extracted from the dung of civet cats.

    “Kopi Luwak can be declared ‘halal’ after passing through a washing process,” said Maruf Amien, acting head of the council. “Producing, selling and drinking it is allowed.”

    We send a lot samples to Singapore and Malaysia so, If you are interested, take a look of our products web page: http://www.realkopiluwak.com/product
    Free shipping service worldwide.


  15. Kent Yee

    Hi, nice thing is not cheap thing when there is quality involvement. The real Kopi Luwak surely taste smooth and good aroma. I am having some stock to display and free sample for testing at
    my kiosk and it works well with some less sweet nyonya kuih, siew pau, nice Kg Baru nasi lemak or even under nice environment where you may think right. i hope you do give me some support so that this Kopi Luwak will continue to flow in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur.
    Our Man & friend, kf Chan did tried it at his cafe and i want to thanks him for given to me a chance to learn to make a great Kopi Luwak. i will keep my finger cross to give you the best for your money and make to visit this old man, me.

    A great day to you.
    Kent aaic

  16. yuan

    Had my first cup of kopi luwak in Jogja recently. Yes really smooth with no after taste. There are two chain cafes in Malioboro Mall selling it ie Excelso and Kopiluwak. Bought a gift set in Excelso … 100g with a manual grinder,cup & saucer. Bought a 150g bag from kopiluwak (www.kopiluwak.org). Each selling for about RM190. As far as I know both cafes are found in Jakarta too.

  17. Lennon Lim

    Anybody wanna to buy Kopi Luwak 100% Pure Wild & Orgranic Civet Coffee – My monthly ex-stock on hand about 50Kg – 100Kg (RM800 / KG)
    1) June 2012 Ex-Stock only got 400gm
    2) July 2012 (Kindly call us)
    Cosey Management Services (Sungai Ara, Penang)
    H/P: +6016-4466816 / +6012-4011 816 Tel/Fax : +604-6414816

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