Signature Drink

What is better than Kopi Luwak?

After Kopi Luwak, it’s time for some “better” drink?

This is the Signature Drink (Coffee Beverage) with slight modification I used for the Barista Competition recently.

Of couse, it is made from the ever reliable Oscar Professional Espresso Machine.

Here is the SECRET ingrediant.

With some cream + brown sugar.

Some fresh Supremo Blend

Dosed… 18g


Tiger Stripping

Look at the crema!!!

Frothing the milk. Pleanty of steam from the Oscar.

A Heart

A Rosetta.

It is good…


8 thoughts on “Signature Drink

  1. Marcus

    that last person on that photo is mun shin right? she gonna kill u for taking that angle shot wuahhaah….
    Dennis’s slr is working great !

  2. kfchan Post author

    Wooohhh… you shouldn’t mentioned names man. Now she’s gonna kill you instead. Wanna compare your SLR against dennis’? Not just camera tech right… photographer’s skills may be the defining factors.

  3. lawrence

    i plug 2 holes with mine…better silky,velvety consistent froth everytime but slower…compare when i tried it with 3 holes…

  4. Jason

    No offence. but 2 holes have always been perfect for home milk frothing… more control, silkier milk and better for latte art.

    keep working on the latte art though

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