Best Home Espresso Machine

Updates: 2010

Lot’s of changes has happened to the coffee scene in Malaysia since 2007.

Excellent Coffee Machines have reached our shore in Malaysia.
Check out these great machines HERE.


ETC Isetan

Allow me to qualify “Best”. The Gaggia home espresso machine is the best in terms of the price and functionality. Range from RM2000 to RM2500, these machine can make espresso that is as good as those big commercial machine you see in Starbucks, Dome or Gloria Jeans. In fact, I consistently make better coffee than those big coffee chains.

Conditions to make those better drinks:-
1. Get a proper grinder
2. Get quality fresh coffee beans
3. Get the proper skills

With the above conditions, you can always make better coffee at less than RM2.

ETC Concept is having a roadshow at Isetan, KLCC. If you are Isetan Club Members, they are giving you RM200 discount. It’s a bargain. I also heard that they current have a second-hand Gaggia Classic for sale at RM1500. Grab it while it is hot.

8 thoughts on “Best Home Espresso Machine

  1. Lyrical7

    Hi there,

    I am considering buying my own coffee machine but I am in penang, any recomendation for the right place to get my self a good reliable one with a budget of RM3000.00.



  2. Wee Chuan

    Hi Darren,

    Check the Coffee Machine page on the top right. Get yourself an Oscar, it can be used for small business too & just costs you a little bit more than your budget.

    But more importantly, get a good grinder to pair with it.

  3. Ethan

    Hi mate,

    What is a different of using a normal coffee machine and expresso machine of brewing coffee.I notice if you use a coffee machine the expresso came out black while expresso machine it seem more creamy and can i said chocolatey in color?

  4. kfchan Post author

    The special chocolaty, golden brown stuff that you see with coffee brewed in an espresso machine is called CREMA.

    When a shot of properly extracted espresso made from fresh roasted coffee is made, you should get that thick layer of crema. But in many cafes, you will see the crema like only 1mm or 2mm thick (or thin). It’s a sign of bad espresso made from coffee that is no longer fresh.

    CREMA is produce through the emulsification of CO2, heat and pressure that only an espresso machine can produce.

  5. phivern

    For me gaggia espresso machine is really a budgeted machine. Those that love coffee like me should have one coffee machine at home kitchen.

  6. Yanni

    Hi I’m looking present for my friend.
    Burget around rm1500.
    I don’t want capsule type..
    Can u give me some subjection ?

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