Hands-on Barista Training Workshop

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Do you want to make the best coffee at home?

Do you own a cafe and want to improve your coffee business by leaps and bounds? 

If you are interested in getting some real training on being a competent Barista, drop me a line and I will hook you up.

Time Frame: 2 half day session (total = 8 hours).

Day: Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)

Location: Kuala Lumpur

– A brief history of coffee
– Roasting and Blending
– Espresso Equipment
– Perfect Extraction of Espresso
– The Art of steaming and foaming milk
– Espresso Bar drinks
– Cleaning, maintenance and safety

Price: RM 888.00



186 thoughts on “Hands-on Barista Training Workshop

  1. Jim

    I only want to learn this section
    – Perfect Extraction of Espresso
    – The Art of steaming and foaming milk
    – Espresso Bar drinks
    can i get any cheaper price?
    because i’m just a poor student.

  2. kfchan Post author

    Hey Jim,

    Are you serious about this? If yes, I try and convince them for a discount. How much can you afford?

    But really, after you attended the course, you will probably be the best Barista in Starbucks. Then, I can really tell people that you can actually get a good cup of cappuccino in Starbucks.

  3. kfchan Post author

    There are from Singapore and they are good. Roast some really great blends. In fact, I have tasted the best espresso up till now is from them.

    So how much can you afford? RM 600.00?

  4. marzonian

    Yo, kfchan,
    Why dont YOU host ur own barista training, after all most of these ppl just
    want to learn for their own personal use at home. Then you can charge like
    say RM 250 and i am sure ppl can afford that.

  5. kfchan Post author

    If only home users wanted to learn, I can only train on the following:
    – Perfect Extraction of Espresso
    – The Art of steaming and foaming milk
    – Espresso Bar drinks

    The actual Hand-on Barista training is for people with Cafes or working in a business environment.

    Anyone interested can drop me a line.

  6. ER

    Hi. I am interested to take the barista training course but the course quite costly. By the way, pls let me know the training location, time and date. What is the max student per class? Do we have chance to try to prepare coffee ourself?

  7. kfchan Post author

    Dear ER,

    Location = Jalan Peel
    Time = Saturday 1pm to 6pm
    Sunday 9am to 12noon.
    Date depends on demands and schedule, normally twice a month.
    Max students is 6 and yes, you get to do more than prepare coffee.
    You will get to learn the correct way to grind, distribute, tamp and extract espresso. Proper milk frothing techniques will also be taught. Drop me a line to give me your contact if you don’t mind. My email is [kfchan at gmail dot com]

  8. Fei-o-na

    Hey KFChan,

    Im interested. How muhc you charge for the courses mentioned by you?
    – Perfect Extraction of Espresso
    – The Art of steaming and foaming milk
    – Espresso Bar drinks

    is it include latte art?

    RM888 is a lil expensive for me..i have to buy air ticket to go there to learn as well..will there be any classes in east malaysia?..im sure a lot of ppl here are interested but distance is the factor…

  9. kfchan Post author

    Dear Fei-o-na (I like your name)

    Yes, it includes techniques on latte art.
    Btw, where are you from? You want to learn the barista skills for fun, to make cool coffee at home or is it to improve your cafe?

    For classes in East Malaysia, there need to be at least a full class. If you can gather 6 persons who wanted to learn, that may be possible. But even so, do you have the proper equipment. Over here, everything is fully equip.

  10. Fei-o-na

    thanks for your reply KFC. Im more interested to attend the class conducted by you as a home user first for the moment. If you got open class..do let me know so tat i can arrange my time to fly there….

  11. Aaron

    Hi kfchan i am someone who doesn’t make coffee at home because i don’t own a coffee machine, i am only 19. I would like to go the barista training but do you think someone who doesnt have any exp in coffee preparation will do well in that 2days course? moreover i don’t have lots of money with me. My parents control most of my financials.

  12. kfchan Post author

    Dear Aaron,

    You don’t need previous experience in order to do well in the training. Many participants are new cafe owners without previous experience.

    But you need at least one the following to make it worthwhile:-
    1. Have a home machine
    2. Own a cafe with espresso machine
    3. Work in a cafe with espresso machine (Starbucks, Coffee Beans etc)

    Why? If you don’t have any of the above, you will not be able to practice and improve. After a month or two, you will forget all about it.

    Why not convince your parents it is a unique skills to have and not many people have such skills, not even those Starbucks barista. In fact they know very little and almost every Starbucks I went to, I can calculate at least 3 very important aspect to making good coffee that they fail to practice.

    Investment into this hobby at home will set you back about 4K. That is about the price of a computer but it will last your maybe 10 years or more. Even 5 years down the line, I think you can still sell it off second hand for 50% of the cost.

    You can always have great coffee. Imagine festive seasons and parties. It will be so cool.

  13. Aaron

    Dear KF Chan,

    Thank you for your reply, i have just emailed you at your email kfchan at gmail dot com. Hope it doesn’t end up at the junk mail.. =)


  14. Aaron

    I think i’ll pass for now and i’ll contact you in 2months time to get that amount of money if you don’t mind.. sorry for the trouble.. =)

  15. Raje

    hi there,i’m interested in joining your training this year.if the cost below than rm500,i’ll glad to join.Do you do art latte in your practice?i work in gloria jeans coffees,malaysia.
    And 1 more question’do you give us certificate after the training?can you update your date of training in malaysia this year?

  16. kfchan Post author

    Dear Friends,

    This Hands-on Barista training is taught by experts. You will get a certification. The price is RM888.00. I wish it can be cheaper but they come all the way from Singapore. So the price is reasonable.

    And yes, latte art technique and tips will be taught.

  17. Fredrik

    Hi Kfchan,

    what are the dates for the next barista training. I´d be very intressted to join!


  18. kfchan Post author

    I’ll post the dates when they resume the training.

    And CYKA, I’ll be going to Solaris on the 5th. Will you be there? Let’s catch up and say hi, ok 🙂

  19. jade

    i m busy at etc thats y i cant be there~
    but few fans is there waiting for me~ i knew it i knew it!
    ok lah
    next round jade entre lah~
    enjoy yourself there
    n anyone who really love coffee
    feel free to drop by etc at the curve
    u will see some devil there but the devil know coffee~

  20. Aaron

    Sure you can find a job after this.

    If you take up this course you are certainly way ahead than bit or no experience barista in cafes, etc.. you might even be the best barista there. Depending on where you work of course

  21. Aaron

    If i am not mistaken there is a certain time you can join, KF will give you more information when he is online 🙂

    What you can get after this course?
    ~ experience and skills 🙂

  22. kfchan Post author

    Sorry people,

    Has been busy lately, hence the late rely. Special thanks to Aaron for your contribution.

    Dear Iris,
    If you take the course, you’ll probably learn more or better than most “barista” in the coffee chains like Starbucks and Coffee Bean. The training venue is located in Jalan Peel, walking distance from Carrefour.

    The trainers are professionals from Singapore. They will come whenever enough people forms a class… usually about 6 people. If you are really keen, let me know and I will find out the time and date for you.


  23. iris

    Dear kfchan,thank you so much. Where the Jalan Peel because i lived Johor.I don’t know how to do.

  24. kfchan Post author

    Oh my dear iris,

    Cannot lah… so far. I’m in KL lah. If you are in Johor, might as well go over to Singapore and visit Highlander Coffee. They also have classes there.

  25. Oscar

    Dear kfchan,

    Im so happy to find out this trainning workshop by chance. But the fees is really high for a student. Do u have any promotion class or..???? Im really interested in making coffee. INDEED.!!!

    Or would u mind if i pay by installment, cause im still looking for a job…

  26. kfchan Post author

    Dear Oscar,

    The workshop are mainly for cafe owner or those who owns a proper espresso machine at home.

    Why? Because then you can practice what you have learnt. If you have no chance to practice, then I suggest you not to waste money on it.

    Another possible reason would be you want to get a job as a Barista in a cafe. the reason is you get to practice again.

    So which care are yours?

  27. electra


    I’m not a coffee drinker.. can I apply this skill on hot chocolate instead??

    What are other alternatives that I can use to substitute coffee??

    Finally, what is your recommended espresso machine??


  28. kfchan Post author

    Dear Electra,

    Wow, I like your name.

    Anyway, if you just want the skill to make hot chocolate, it will be much simpler. Just get the cheapest espresso machine from ETC, the Gaggia Evolution at RM 1150, and you can make some really nice hot chocolate with velvety microfoam.

  29. Oscar

    Dear kfchan,

    Thanks for your reply. I do not have a coffee machine at home. Can u tell me where can i find coffee machines and how much do they cost normally.

    Im not intened to get a job as a Barista at this moment. But i wish to make a good cup of coffee for my parent.

    mmhh..would u be able to recommend me a part time job in a coffee house, so that i can take the course and practise…

  30. kfchan Post author

    Dear Oscar,

    If what you want is to make a good cup for your parents, then no need to take the RM888 course.

    First, the lowest range of espresso machine you can get is the Gaggia Evolution, cost about RM1150. Then, I can give you training on how to use a home machine for RM250. Assuming you are in KL lah.

  31. Oscar

    Dear kfchan

    That’s great, im interested with it. When will u conduct the class? Im living in KL.

  32. nancy fang

    i would like to learn how to make coffe and do my own business in the fubure, ple contact me as soon as posible

  33. kfchan Post author

    Dear Nancy,

    Drop me a sms at zero one six two two three nine two one three.

    Or drop me an email at kfchan7 at gmail dot com.

    You need to give me a contact number so that I can call you.

  34. electra

    Thanks a lot on your reply…

    I think I share the same purpose with Oscar… only to entertain family members and friends…

    So, I’m interested in the RM250 class.. can you give me what are the contents of the class?

    Since I don’t drink coffee, I can apply the art on chocolate drink without any machine involved right? or I still need to get the Gaggia Evolution machine??

    I saw a demo in Martha Stewart show and it was really fun.. the baristas mentioned foaming & etching technique (am I right??)… so does your RM250 class include this skill?

    Thanks in advance…

  35. kfchan Post author

    Dear Electra,

    I have talk to oscar about the matter too.
    The think is, you cannot do milk frothing without a machine. And I have not seen any milk frothing device apart from the espresso machine.

    I encourage Oscar to get an espresso machine and a grinder.

    If you are not into coffee, then grinder is not necessary.

    Lesson includes machine maintenance, cleaning, making coffee and in your case, mostly milk frothing. On the other hand, though you don’t drink coffee, your family and friends may like to have coffee, no?

    Drop me a sms at zero one six two two three nine two one three.

    Or drop me an email at kfchan7 at gmail dot com.

  36. krampus

    so this course goes everyweekends right? i mean i can go down to kl anytime and get this course done? can i have a lower price cause i am a student. and i do have budget in hand as well. thanks

  37. kfchan Post author

    Dear krampus,

    No, you cannot just drop by. Attendance must be pre-arrange and schedule confirmed.

    But before you think of joining the training, you need to consider why you wanted the training.

    This workshop is catered mostly to cafe owner or barista who wanted to improve their skills. These people, after the training will be able to practice at their own place.

    Do you have your own proper espresso machine?
    Are you going to start working in a cafe?

    If you answer “No” to both questions, I think you shouldn’t waste your money on it.

    The price is very low consider most people train themselves for commercial purposes and the trainers are professional barista from Singapore. So, there really wouldn’t be much discount given to students. Maybe 10% are possible if you are really keen. Where are you from, by the way?

  38. krampus

    well, i am currently working in a cafe in Penang after my college, and yes i do need more knowledge about espresso. it’s my hobby about drinks and coffee. 10% will not be a problem. but since i am from penang is kind of far to travel down there if i ma free. but i know there are also others who run course in penang sometime around. just wonder about the fees about the course and stuff by the way. don’t worry me and my buddies will contact you if we want

  39. MAN

    in pnenag there is a barista course by lighthouse coffee 723 G-2 Vanda Business Park (Yellow House)
    Jalan Sungai Dua,
    Mobile Phone: 012-4360836

    Office Phone: 604-6575628

  40. See

    Dear KFChan,

    🙂 I don’t have a coffee machine but can buy one… not intending to start a business, just have the urge (for a while now) to learn to be a barista Properly. So I am very interested. A couple of questions…

    I read through the post and somewhere along the line…. u mention there is a certification given at the end of this course. Was I mistaken? What is the qualification are we talking here? Other than this, do you know if there is anywhere that do offered the full length barista training etc etc? I came across this website while searching the net. Really thanks for it 🙂

    As well, would there be a course available August? Where and when? I am in KL.

    A long shot, if u do know a coffee place who need a part timer and I get to practice, can I volunteer for it :p catch 22, I do work and working hours a little bit irregular, which might just made me the unfavourable part timer 🙂

  41. Aaron

    Dear See,
    If i am not mistaken the course is once month once 🙂
    KFchan will get back to ya soon! in the mean time do read the comment above to gain more info!

  42. kfchan Post author

    Hi there,

    What is your budget for the machine?
    Why don’t you drop me your contact number and I will give you a call.

    My email address: kfchan7 (at) gmail (dot) com

    Since you are in KL, arrangement will be much easier.

    Well, this is consider something like a full length barista training. You will surely come out better than most Starbucks barista. Heck, I think i’m better than most Starbucks’ barista in Malaysia.


    KF Chan

  43. Ikki

    kfchan, i have a question.

    which is the best trainning for barista in malaysia? ‘highlanders’ or ‘its just not a coffee’?

  44. kestra

    hey kfchan,

    I would like to know if there is certificate provided after the training is done?.. im really interested in learning making coffee, perhaps im also planning to open a coffee house. im 26 this year hope im not that old to learn :/

  45. oscar

    hi Chan….

    Thanks for your recommendation for the Barista Training Course. The training is perfectly done. Now…I can make a fantastic espresso,….and I will keep on practising the skills I have gained from the course,,,hha

  46. kfchan Post author

    Hey Oscar,

    You are welcome. Remember to go back there for one round of practice on their machine. They allow it and it is good to refresh the memory 🙂

  47. kfchan Post author

    Dear Jenny,

    The training includes training on milk frothing and latte art.
    You must know that without knowing how to froth milk correctly, you cannot pour latte art.

    Do give me your contact and I will make arrangement for you.

  48. Deborah

    Hi KFChan,

    I’m interested in the workshop. Can you please email me the details? Appreciate it. Thanks!

  49. Wee Chuan

    Hi, everyone who interested in being a better home barista.

    I don’t mind to allow people to use my Silvia at home to play around for an hour or two to learn something if they can go down to Klang in Selangor. Oh yah, we can have bah kut teh also.

    However you will have to bring their own espresso bean (fresh, typically roasted & shelf life is only a week or less than a month: beans from Highlander S’pore is well-recommended by KF Chan, Irving & me) and milk (I recommend Farmhouse). The beans usually is sourced by Irving as he goes down S’pore quite often.

    I can teach you basic latte art if anyone interested and allow to use the naked portafilter to improve your extraction technique if you are keen.

    You can bring other beans to try on other coffee equipments like Melitta filter, French press, Aeropress, etc. Or other coffee-related like flavourings, alcohol to do ice blended or coffee cocktail. Note: I do also have an Elba home blender and cocktail shaker.

    Also, I have few coffee books which I can share to allow you to read if you are interested to know more about coffee.

    Please be noted that I do not charge any money for now for the usage of my machine as I believe you coffee lovers out there are as passionate as me.

    So if anyone interested, please drop me an e-mail at wchuan21@gmail or drop your e-mail at my blog (by clicking on my name link above). Please do note I might have my own reason if I reject you or drop this convenience at any time if I feel to. So sorry in advance if I have to.

    Also, keep tabs on KF Chan’s and my blog because we sometimes do coffee jam when we are free

    Of course, if you have the money, go for the training by Highlander, it’s value for money & you will learn a lot and build yourself a good foundation.

  50. kfchan Post author

    Wee Chuan has been very generous. If any of you guys are interested in any coffee jam, do make sure you pay for some beans and milk too.

    Looks like we will be having one soon.

  51. Ng Chong Shen

    Hi KF and all, it would be great to have a coffee jam. Hope to have the opportunity to buy and try the beans from Highlander when Irving happens to make his trip down south.

    Currently, working on my routine as my Silvia is (finally) now with me. Just on the subject of milk, is it just me or is the Gooday milk a little bit sweet before frothing? (as with all other milk brands in Msia).

    Cheers. CS.

  52. Ng Chong Shen

    Hi KF and all, I’m looking at buying the Professional Barista’s Handbook. Let me know if you are interested in buying as I’ll most probably place the order later this week. The delivery charges for 1-2 books are the same, as well as from 3-9 books. One book costs US45 so you’re looking at approximately RM200 for the book including delivery charges. Check it out at http://www.professionalbaristashandbook.com. Oh, do let me know as well if it is a good buy or not. I’ve read through reviews on the internet and I got the feeling that that book has most of the information (if not all) you’ll ever need for coffee.

    Cheers. CS

  53. Wee Chuan

    Hi Ng,

    I am also interested with the book as well if we get few more ppl buying in bulk, where we can get higher discount and spread the delivery charge. This book is more specific from a barista point of view and should exceed Schomer’s book, which I have in my coffee book collection.

    There’s also a new book by Instaurator called the Espresso Quest. You can download a sample of the book. Seems very interesting as Instaurator is a very well-known cupper.

    James Hoffman, the 2006 UK & 2007 World Barista champion did a short review on Scott Rao’s book at jimseven.com

  54. Ng Chong Shen

    Hi KF, no worries. Guess it’s just Wee Chuan and me. Say, anyone getting any fresh supply of beans from highlander yet?

  55. kuni

    I am from SG and would like to attend this training course. I might have 2-4 people including myself, would you give me more info? Such as the next available schedule, whether they also have the training in SG, will it be any dicount if we have more than 2 people.


  56. Loretta

    I would like to organize a simple talk/ workshop on Barista for my company. Please drop me an email so I can contact you personally?

  57. charlene

    I am interested to to participate in the abarist training but is there any available from now till the middle of february 2009 in kl ?

  58. kfchan Post author

    Dear Charlene,

    There will be one training on the 17th & 18th January.
    You need to confirm fast if you are interested.

    Call me or leave me your contact number.

    KF Chan

  59. Venky

    KF, I believe you need to do a write up of naked portafilters soon. Right now, I am judging my extraction based on crema there is no way of telling if there are extraction problems. From what I have heard, naked portafilter can help in that aspect. Plan to get one soon!

  60. KC

    I would like to open a cafe soon. I need to get some training with another staff to operate the espresso machine. Mr. KF Chan, Can you please let me know when you will be having your training workshop that i can participate?

  61. Phil Liew

    Hi KF,
    That was a quick “hi and bye” at Dankoff’s on Saturday! Sorry you did not stay longer but I guess class was starting and I was already late because of traffic.
    Anyways, for those who are thinking about the Barista’s Workshop conducted at Dankoff’s think no more but get yourself registered for the next one. It is a good hands on course and all (just about) your questions answered including myths and half truths that you may have heard or gathered through the grapevine.
    The course is run by both Phil and Cedric Ho, both from Highlander Coffee, Singapore.
    If you really intend to buy a good machine or even desire to have inkling of understanding what good coffee is all about then you owe it to yourself to educate yourself. You may be surprised how little you know!!!

  62. kfchan Post author

    Hey Phil,

    I thot you have sailed off to Russia 🙂
    I think your household has the highest ratio of trained barista in Malaysia, hahahah. Imagine… you guys can have a barista competition and see who makes the best espresso and who can do the best latte art.

    I’m sure any guest to your place must be very happy.

  63. niky Winchester

    hye kfcchan,
    i ‘m student in hotel mgmt, but i do have a F&B experiences in working,but i really don’t know how to make coffee other than usual i use to make, but the problem is i will be working in a coffee shop …and i’m desperately looking for coffee making class…and from what i’d read your comment, the class is too much higher price than i expected to pay…. is there any cheaper class you may know and willing to suggest for me?thank you

  64. Amri

    hi kf chan. does the course also provide participants with reading materials.other than certificate? it would be necessary to help remember whats learnt. since 2 days isn’t exactly a long period to practise and remember right?

  65. sim tze fang

    I am interested in the said training course, Rm 888 is quite expensive for me. I am from East Malaysia, so air ticket and accomodation cost needed. Any discount for those student from East Malaysia ?
    I am not good in english . the lecturer can mix some manderin ?

  66. Jack Lin

    hi kfchan,

    I am interested to join the Barista training course. I would like to register for 1 seat. Kindly let me know the shortest date and method of payment.

    Thank you very much!


  67. kaiyen

    I am 22 years old and i am interested in coffee making, i am planning to take barista course and learn more about coffee as i wish i can open my own coffee shop. In fact i am not in a culinary area and dont know anything about making drinks and cooking things. But i am interested on it and willing to learn. May i know what is your location? and may i know the requirement to open a coffee shop? Can you tell me more about this area? This is my email: (remove to prevent spam)


  68. Kumar Krish

    Hi there,
    I am interested in attending the workshop, but the cost seems to be pretty steep. I am sure a generous fee structure could be arranged based on the overwhelming response you have receieved thus far. Please keep me posted. RM400 is something I can fork out..max RM500.

    I would also like to enquire about second-hand coffee machines. I am looking for one , would appreciate if I could get you advise on te ranges available and the quotes.

    Thank you

  69. Mona A.M.

    Hi KFChan,

    I would like to participate in your barista training session. Please provide me with details on how I can sign up for this training.


  70. Celine

    Hi, i’m Celine, and i’m from KL. I’m very very interested in attending a barista course. I would like to know more about the course, and of course, i intend to have a cafe of my own, but not in KL. Thus, will want to know more about everything…do you think you can help me in advising?

    appreciate everything!

    thanks and hope to hear from you soon…pls email to me, as i’m a frequent checker on emails.

    thank you.

    with regards,

  71. Annie

    Hi, would like to know where to buy a expresso machine in Kuala Lumpur for a new cafe to be open soon.


  72. bbLvra

    i’m interesting of becoming a barista but i don’t like coffee much..is that become a big problems for me?

  73. aaron lim

    Hi Mr Chan, I am Aaron Lim from JB. I was previously working in Singapore and i did part time work in Starbucks for nearly 6 months. i intended to attend the Barista cost and i am planning to open a cafe. Can you advise the necessary start up capital? And when is the next Barista course will start? The certification is by?? Thank you for reply my email.

  74. Kelly

    I am interested to join the Barista training course but the cost is really expensive to me. One question, my english is very poor, so the lecturer can teach in mandarin.


  75. reese

    RM 880 is way too expensive for a student like me.

    but can I know more details about the course?
    like the venue, who is the lecture, and ya do we have a certificate after the course?

  76. foo

    for the course, is they have proper machine for practise,
    ( small machine? ),
    i know that UDC certified by illy!!
    and your course????


  77. cody see

    i am interested to join the course….please send me more info regarding the training….
    by the way, do u have any course in johor?

  78. Veeno

    Hi, I’m interested in the Barista Training, do let me know when is the next cource? Thanks

  79. Raj Andreson

    Hi KfChan…im really interested to setup a coffee shop, i need to knw the qualification as well to attend this course.

  80. jacklyn lee

    I am interested. Please send me details and will I get a certificate after i complete the course?

  81. Shirley

    Are you still conducting the class now ? Please let me know the price as well. Is the fees inclusice of course materialike coffee powder ? Can you conduct class in Mandarin or Malay ?

  82. Simon

    I have always wanted to learn how to brew a nice cup coffee and i do have a habbit of taking a cup of fresh brew in some branded coffee house in the afternoon.

    Can the fee be reduced? I am just a regular working guy with limited income.

  83. Tash

    Hello sir, i’m kinda interested to join your barista course. May I know, will you make another training course in this year 2011?can i have any info about that.thanx

  84. JasMine

    Hi, I’m interested in the Barista Training, do let me know when is the next course? Charges?? Thanks!!

  85. Janice

    Hi, I’m interested to join the Barista training too, please let me know when is the next available training? Is the training cost discountable??

  86. Janice

    Hi, I’m interested to join the Barista training too. Please let me know when is the next available training/date/venue. Is the training cost discountable?

  87. ivymei

    Hi, i’m interest to join barista training. May i know when is the next training? Thanks!

  88. ann

    hi i’m interested in the course and i would like to start it asap.

    a few questions, do u get a certification and is there a discount for the course?

  89. meera

    helo chan..im also interested to be a barista..my uncle plan to buy a machine then he ask me to learn to be a barista..do u still make the training?? i have add u at fb..do approve me..tengs

  90. Lily


    Can you pls send details of the course to me at lcmflily@hotmail.com n dates of the course n price

    Do u all issue any certificate

    I m currently not a barista n I hv no cafe shop but thinking in future may want to become a barista or hv a cafe shop on my own


    Dear Chan,

    I like to attend an intensive Barista course as I plan to setup my own Coffee Shop something like Starbucks but really small scale. Pls let me know more details. Mu H/P: 019-3523082. ALLENTEH

  92. SyaFa

    hye..i just wanna ask what i have to do to be a barista?it’s my dream…i’m just 18.my dream is to open my own coffee shop..so what course should i take in univrsty?

  93. Altynay

    Hi, I am interested in barista training. Is it still on?? could you please email me the details.
    Thank you,

  94. charcole

    hello my name is charcole i come from asian ,come here n work that making coffee. last week customer complaint my cappuccino but i don’t care but that customer said like that the foreigner cann’t make the perfect coffee, why she say like that.. so i decided i wanna certificate of coffee making. so can u give me any certificate of coffee making if i attend u r coffee course. n u r course is Saturday n Sunday that is difficult for me bcoz i cann’t take my off-day weekend . so how can i do? n then the course price also can be reduce a little bit? bcoz i am foreigner,cannot do much earn salary I am just a regular working girl.i hope u r reply me. thank a lot.

  95. Afifah

    I’m not a cafe owner but just a student interesting in becoming a Barista.
    I try to find Barista classes near KL and I found this page..
    The fee is realy high for me as a student.
    However,I would like to know if do I have to have experiences as well as the equipments to learn this?
    Wish I can take this class..

  96. yeoh kai shean

    Hello I m Kai Yeoh.
    i m poor in English…this course conduct in Chinese?
    pls e-mail me asap. Thanks a lots.

  97. Cuppa

    Hi! I’m interested in the course, please let me know when is the next class scheduled.

    Also need to get a coffee machine, any tips?


  98. Wong CK

    Hi, KF Chan,

    Im interested in the course, i want to ask is there got class at night shift?because every weekend i have to back hometown and weekdays day time working. Please let know further information.

    Thanks & Regards,

  99. rosebud pool cleaners

    Just desire to say your article is as surprising. The clearness on your publish is simply excellent and that i can think you are an expert in this subject. Well along with your permission allow me to seize your feed to keep updated with approaching post. Thanks 1,000,000 and please carry on the gratifying work.

  100. Janet

    Hi, I’m interested to join the Barista training, please let me know when is the next available training?

  101. Tan Wan Yee

    Hi,I’m interesting in this coffee course.where is the place.can u sen me the full details abt this course.thanks .

  102. Suzanne

    Hye, im suzanne, i n my fren r interested to join the hands on barista training. We have bakery at Cheras, Selangor and we need to know more about barista. please email me the date, venue and the course price please. Tq.

  103. Harry Lee

    Hi, I’m Harry, from Seremban. I’m really really interested in this workshop, and the price seems reasonable to me. Can you please send me the details to my email. Thanks.

  104. Joe

    hi. i plan to open a business like cafe. basically, what is needed? i dont have any idea at all on how to make coffee. but i want to learn about it and open my own shop.

  105. Susan

    Hi KF Chan,
    I am very interested coffee training/workshop. Keep me posted on the next coming workshop/training.

    thank you.

  106. Benjamin Chung

    Hi KF Chan,
    Drop by your cafe today and have a cup of coffee. Cozy environment which I like.
    I’m interested in your barista workshop, please contact me.
    Will drop by your cafe again. Thanks

  107. ben lim

    hie Kf Chan

    my name is ben. currently im going to open up a cafe in klang valley. i had no idea how to make a coffe. i would like to participate in the training. can you email me the detail of the course and also the equipment i need to be prepared for praticing at my cafe so i would know the budget.


  108. Annis


    Where is the cafe? Can I have the address? I am looking for an affordable roaster where I want to roast coffee bean for home use. Any recommendation?



  109. Choong choi yee

    I am interesting in barista workshop, can I have more info about this?

  110. louise

    Hi there, im actually prefer the Art of steaming and foaming milk, any session to go further?

  111. angie siew

    I intend n hv plan to open a coffee bean shop, but not now,
    Do you still hv the training course, what is $ now?

    I hv 2 person interested the course.

    Waiting your reply.

    Thnk you.


    Angie Siew

  112. slkuan

    Hi KF Chan,

    I am interested to start a cafe biz and would like to find out more about the course that you are offering. Looking forward to hear from you.


  113. Timothy Tan

    Can i get the information for the coffee making workshop details?
    I m interested with and i m keen to contact you to know more.


  114. badri

    Hi Does anyone teach in penang? pls help……
    very interested to learn about the workshop and know the real stuff, suggestions and help me

  115. itm

    Hey, was wondering if the course is still available for taking. Please notify me via email, thanks!

  116. KF Chan


    ******************************** Basic Barista Taining Course – RM880 per person Duration: 7 to 8 hours – Essential principles in coffee making – Theory in espresso preparations – Theory in milk frothing – Hands-on practical in espresso extraction methods – Hands-on practical in milk frothing methods – Simple latte art Duration: 2 sessions of 4 hours each. Location: Subang USJ 21/11 ***************************************

    We have two sessions coming up. 22nd & 23rd Oct 2013 29th & 30th Oct 2013

    Our class as designed for small number of participants to ensure lots of personal attention and hands-on guidance are experienced by the students.

    Please let us know asap if you are interested.

    Regards, KF Chan H/P: 016-2239 213

  117. Jennifer Chong

    I’m interested in the Basic Barista Training Courses but I have few questions to ask
    1) when is the next sessions for next year
    2) is there a guarantee that v will pass cos I’m actually a slow learner
    3) How much does the coffee machine cost?

  118. Vv

    Hi, I really interesting to learn a be a basic latte art. .but I’m not going to be barista. I learn it because my I like and wish to learn.
    Do you have course in penang?
    800++ is far from my budget. 😦 possible to reduce within 550 below ?
    Hope to get more info from you as I wish to know more about coffee, latte art. Thanks.

  119. faten saleh

    Hi KFChan,

    I’m from Kuala Lumpur.
    I would like to participate in your barista training session. Please provide me with details on how I can sign up for this training.


  120. Kumrishrao

    I really very interest in this barista courses,but when i already taken this certificate,this certificate really can get work and with high salary rite

  121. Asyikin

    Hi.. I’m interested in learning a lot about barista. Is this include with certificate? And is this course is still available?

  122. Rico

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