3 Cappuccinos

Here is a comparison on 3 cappuccinos.

Starbucks cappa

Gloria Cappa
Gloria Jeans


I was really surprise by the Gloria Jeans in the Pavilion.
In the past, they were no where even near Starbucks’ standards.
Now, I have to say they have surpassed Starbucks. At least the Pavilion’s outlet.

Have not try the real test, which is their espresso. But from the cappuccino, you can see a decently frothed milk. Check them out. Cost = RM 6++

As for Starbucks, one look at the scary foam and my money down the drain. And they dare to charge RM 9++.

18 thoughts on “3 Cappuccinos

  1. kimpang

    yes, I agree with you.
    I bought a cafe latte in gloria jeans singapore.
    The barista was trying to make some latte art for me, even she didn’t make good latte art. at least she made good foam milk for me.
    Obviously gloria jeans is better than starbucks.
    Gloria Jeans using La Marzocco GB5,
    starbucks now is changing their machine to super-automatics. getting worst.

  2. kfchan Post author

    You are right. All the new Starbucks outlet are using Super-Auto machine.
    Looks like Gloria Jeans is improving. I heard a new management or company has taken over the franchise.

  3. Jim

    haha…that’s what happen when Starbucks simply hire people do use their machine to steam milk… that’s what i saw while i’m working there… those people just dont appreciate the art of steaming smooth milk…and yet our management people dont give a damn to it though…too bad…

  4. Jim

    now it’s better since after thay change into the verismo machine they’re using,
    it steams better foam than they now use in the La Mazorco.

  5. Clint

    I work in Gloria Jeans Australia, one of the Melbourne Stores. Gloria Jeans is now Australian owned, many of the old standards have been improved, and there is a lot more consistency across the company. Good to see there are positive comments coming from overseas stores.
    Cheers, Clint

  6. kfchan Post author

    Dear Clint,

    I hope to see Gloria Jeans giving Starbucks a run for their money. Consistencies and standards of quality are the biggest challenge.

    Starbucks have all the consistencies without the quality.

    Hey, I hope to visit Australia someday. I heard they have the most espresso machine per capital. The land of espresso, eh 🙂

  7. saicek

    Hi HI…
    Im trying 2 do my own cappuccino everyday also.
    hope that my coffee can get a good result soon.

  8. saicek

    Halo halo….
    Bz 2 online……..
    Im using la Scala single station manual espresso machine.
    Now i can do every single cup of cappuccino with a nice heart shape.
    I Think is time 2 train Latte Art.
    That is a problem of my cafe r using a 200ml glass 2 make latte.
    N my cappuccino also 200ml. But is a cappuccino cup.
    I think need 2 change the latte cup only can make a latte art.
    coz of the galss is transparence, hard 2 control the foam.
    Wat do u think?

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  10. w3ini

    whoa….amazing..but unluckily…i nv try Gloria Jean’s coffee b4…da onli shop in malacca ad ‘collapsed’…haiz…bt wish tat i ‘ll gt to try it when i go to kl..

  11. jedyoong

    starbucks in malaysia sux but in london, the coffee is the bestest around ‘cos most ppl drink tea there…;) really frothy cappuccinos…must be the milk. but the best is espresso in italy or coffee in france. yum!

  12. zul

    i was ex-manager at gloria jeans coffee in KL, Malaysia. Barista at Gloria Jeans r very passionate about serving good coffee to customers. since i left gloria jeans after in-charge few outlets, i will never go anywhere to find good coffee. only at Gloria Jeans !

  13. zaifuddin majid

    zul . I’m looking to become the gloria jean franchisee. no ideas about the location.?
    may be looking for areas like south city plaza…where many student, college and soho apartment.

    it may have some crowd.


  14. David

    Hey hi Zul,

    Are you still working as a barista? Am looking to kick off a new Australian style cafe similar to Gloria Jeans right here in KL!

    Looking for an enthusiastic barista who is passionate about coffee and wants to grow with this new business venture. Let me know if you would be interested to explore this opportunity or maybe you might know of someone else who might be?


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