Great drinks for home parties

My friend Marcus had a housewarming party last Saturday. Invited me to serve coffee for all his guest. So, off I went with my little Gaggia Baby espresso machine and all the tools.

Earlier in the day I went to Dankoff to get my supplies of Coffee beans. Also got a bottle Macadamia Nut Syrup and 500g of Bellagio Chocolate Powder.

I think I made about 50 drinks in 3 hours. Drinks included:-
1. Traditional Cappuccino.
2. Cappuccino with Macadamia Nut Syrup.
3. Cappuccino with Bailey Irish Cream (definitely one of the crowd favourite)
4. Hot Chocolate.
5. Velvety microfoamed fresh milk.

Traditional Cappuccino

11 thoughts on “Great drinks for home parties

  1. kim pang

    Hi, do you know the coffee & tea festival in december?
    Is it a very big festival and informative for coffe & tea?
    Because I’m thinking to fly over and attend the festival.
    Btw, I’m from sabah, so it may be good for me to get more information b4 going.
    Thank you.

  2. kwazy berry

    Hey, can I ask you to do the same if I ever do have a party and needed a barista? Hehehehe… Of course I can forsee your answer that it will be no if it’s in Pg. ;p

  3. kfchan Post author

    Well my dear kwazy, when you come back to KL and celebrate the completion of your Journey to the North, I’ll be glad to offer the service.

  4. Linn


    its me again,is your Gaggia Baby a domestic machine? Do you experience long waits between pulling shots and frothing the milk?..cuz i can serve 50cups in 3 hours without long pauses..i guess i don’t need to pay premium prize for a semi-commercial.

  5. kfchan Post author

    Dear Linn,

    Your email system has an over-active antispam. I sent you an email from gmail, and i rejected me saying it is a spam. It’s time to change. You don’t know how much business you are missing from potential customer. My company can offer superior antispam solutions.

    If you consistently need to prepare 50 cups in 3 hours, don’t take the Gaggia Baby D. You’ll stress yourself to death. I’m doing a home parties. People don’t pay, so they don’t complain much.

    If you get an order of 6 cappucinnos, you’ll be in trouble.

    For commercial settings, max is 4 capp per round. And we are talking about 7oz cup.
    Not Starbucks size. I have to pull 4 espresso first, then do the milk 2 at a time.

    Forget about the Gaggia Baby D. They have a newer batch but I’m not sure if it is better.

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