Barista Jam @ Wee Chuan’s

Last Sunday we had another Barista Jam at Wee Chuan’s place.
These Photos will tell the story…

Dennis: “I can’t watch this”
Wendy & Joie: “Oooo… my knight in red armour making coffee for me”

Dennis: What are you looking at? Never drink good coffee before issit?”

Hmmm… Yummy looking espresso pouring like hot honey

Master Sifu showing us how to froth milk.

Here is a leaf and a tulip for the fair maidens.

Ana: I like coffee
Mun Shin: I like the photographer

Fernando and Wee Chuna. Two grown man drooling over a leaking LaMarzocco

Prozac = Happy pills
Coffee = Happy drinks
Which would you rather have?

The rest of the photos here.

2 thoughts on “Barista Jam @ Wee Chuan’s

  1. aea

    Nice machine i.e. la marz and direct plumbing.. how much do he actually pay for those machine by the way..

  2. Wee Chuan

    Hahhahaha, I am just going to just link your post & add some of my comments. A bit lazy to write up something that is going to similar using the same photos.

    Also, you have took up KopiKid, which I was thinking of after Irving mention to me & we were talking abt CoffeeKid last time.

    Hahhahahah, LM at my home. How I get it? It’s a secret for now!

    Anyone needs professional barista training? Look for me then or KF.

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