Good Espresso exist in Malaysia

Almost 2 year ago, I say that Good Espresso In Malaysia virtually does not exist.

Time for a revision.

Since then, I have had quite a few good to great espressos. Mostly home brewed. Supremo Blend from Highlander Coffee has been giving me consistenly above average espresso. Then there is the Epic Blend. My all-time favourite.

But the problem is where in a commercial settings in Malaysia can you find good espresso. Since I sold my Baby, I’ve been having espresso withdrawal symptoms. I’ve been surviving on Aeropress only. Aeropress has been great. But I miss the intensity of a shot of espresso.

Well, I happened to be in Pavilion earlier and drop by Espressamente for an espresso. Wow! It was good. Intense, sweet, nutty, pleasant acidity and very flavourful. Maybe it’s because I have not had a decent espresso for more than a month. Or maybe it was just simple good. My espresso was pulled by Waran, definately one of the best barista around.

So, as of now, for a good shot of espresso in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, visit Espressamente Illy in Pavilion.

4 thoughts on “Good Espresso exist in Malaysia

  1. hyperon

    I had a dopio at Espressamente, Pavilion in May. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the experience. It was kinda flat tasting. The mugacino was good though. The espresso at Highlander was more flavorful (different beans, of course).

  2. kfchan Post author

    So sad that it seems like we need to depend on luck to get good espresso. Mine at Espressamente had good tiger stripping crema. But then we know that illy beans are many moons old.

    They have have just open a new batch. The previous time when I had a very good espresso at their Bangsar outlet, it was the same. New batch. I think even after half a day, the deterioration is too much already.

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