I sold my espresso machine

Goodbye my baby, goodbye my Gaggia Baby D.

It’s been a good 2 years and you have faithfully pull me lovely espresso, delicately give me microfoam for my cappuccino.

Though you are lousy at steaming milk and no power to blow steam when your life depends on it, i have trained you to exceed your primary functions. Together we make velvety, creamy  and sweet capuccino. Though your boiler is tiny, you are not finicky like that Ms. Silvia 🙂 Oh, did anyone tell you how fast you heat up? 10 minutes and you get yourself real HOT for me.

Now that you are with someone else, behave yourself and don’t bring shame to your Ex. Just joking, I know you wouldn’t.

Thank you for the good time. The last 2 drinks has been the best.

My Mocha

My Hot Chocolate

Truly the best and also the last.


15 thoughts on “I sold my espresso machine

  1. Venky

    Cool. I found out that on the Oscar, the best way to get velvetty microfoam is to plug 2 holes. The 4 holes steam tip is a beast, it needs to be tamed. So I plugged 2 holes with some tooth picks and voila now can even get decent microfoam for a single.

    BTW, the foaming on the Silvia is no slouch either, easy to handle, a little slow but good microfoam.

    I believe the Oscar gives more consistent shots, but the Silvia is a great one as well…

  2. kfchan Post author

    C’mon Chong Shen. Get rid of your Silvia and move up. We can push the coffee industry by upgrading our demands and standards. Let your old Silvia encourage some newbie while you go for a proper heat exchange like Oscar.

    Held some coffee parties, make coffee for your company dinners or gatherings… etc 🙂

    Let more people experience real quality coffee.

    Good friends don’t let their friends drink Starbucks, right.. hahaha.

  3. Chong Shen

    Lol, Chan. If I am going to be bitten by upgraditis, I’d up my grinder first. Get a conical burr, maybe stepless, but that’s pushing it. After that then…. if I had tons of cash…. Synesso? Lol.

  4. Chong Shen

    Your rosettas are awesome btw. I’m struggling with latte art ever since I switched cups from the “glass” type to the cappas-type mug.

  5. Wee Chuan

    Hahahha Chan & Chong Shen,

    Oscar is just the beginning to the holy grail of great espresso. I agree when we had plenty of cash, Synesso might the end or another beginning of the quest for greatness.

  6. kfchan Post author

    I would say that if you are driving a Myvi and wanted to upgrade to a better car, you don’t have to save enough money for a BMW before getting rid of the Myvi.

    Upgrade to Vios first. Then later go for a Camry and later for a BMW.

    How much is the Synesso anyway?

  7. Rae

    hi kfchan, i’d like to seek your opinion. Anywhere in Malaysia repair/service Gaggia espresso machine? Thanks.

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