Where can you find great coffee in Malaysia?

After years drinking coffee in all the famous coffee chains, namely Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves and San Francisco Coffee… satisfaction not found.


  1. Expensive. The smallest size latte nowadays cost RM 8.00 and above. And if you even dare try one of the drinks on promotion, inevitably cost RM 10 and above.
  2. Fresh they are NOT. Unfortunately coffee beans are unlike tea or wine where age makes better. The optimum of coffee freshness is between 1 week to 2 weeks from roasting. Go to any major coffee chains, look at the bags of coffee beans there. They never show roasting dates, only expiry date. I can safely say their coffee beans are at least 6 months old. In fact, if you ask the managers, they have no idea.And regardless of what they tell you about how advance is their packaging, you cannot stop the coffee beans from deteriorating. Forget about nitrogen flush. They are like those anti-aging cream. Do you really expect them to stop aging?
  3. The Barista. Real baristas are profesionals. They are highly skilled. They know their coffee. 99% of the barista out there sorely lack the skills and passions.Note: I am generalising here. I’m sure there are some good barista in Malaysia. If you are one of them, do contact me. I will surely come and give you business.But alas, most don’t even know how to froth the milk properly.

Where then are the good coffee?


6 thoughts on “Where can you find great coffee in Malaysia?

  1. kfchan Post author

    I have tried Ipoh White Coffee… Not bad for a traditional cup of coffee.
    But just because it’s call Ipoh White Coffee, and you order it in Ipoh, that doesn’t mean it will be good.

    Some coffee tiam makes a good cup and some are lousy actually.

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  3. Stranded in Sarawak?

    I’ve been looking through your posts and am curious – have you tried ordering any beans through mail order? If so, what have your experiences been. I’m looking for relatively fresh espresso roast for use in my old La Pavoni – I visit KL every few months – any recommendations there?

  4. kfchan Post author

    Dear Stranded,

    To order coffee beans from out of Malaysia is expensive. Our friend Simon who frequently order beans from Australia take weeks to arrive and he lived in Sibu.

    Alternately, the best quality and freshest I can get will be the Supremo blend from Highlanders Coffee. I usually can get the beans that is less than 2 weeks from roasting. Cost is RM46 per 500g. Delivery to anywhere in Malaysia is RM15. If you are interested, let me know or email me:
    kfchan7 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  5. jonny boy

    hello! great blog. I am coming back to Malaysia after working as a barista in NYC and can already feel the need for decent espresso. Any place you would recommend for coffee/flat whites/cortados when I touch down in Kuala Lumpur? thanks. keep up the great work. cheers!


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