What is brewed coffee?

Which one is brewed coffee?

Moka Pot – Dennis’ favourite 😀



Slow-ICED drip

Drip Pour-over


So? Which one is brewed coffee? Think about it. After you have your answer… scroll down for the answer.


















How many times have you heard these phrase in Malaysia? In cafe? From the coffee suppliers?

“We don’t serve cappuccino or espresso. We only have brewed coffee”

“Can I have a cup of brewed coffee?”

“This machine can make espresso as well as COFFEE”

These are what you call “rolling of the eyes” moment for me. I mean, what the heck is “brewed coffee”? And to hear these phrase from coffee suppliers really takes the cake.

All coffee that you can drink is BREWED COFFEE. If you don’t brew the coffee, you can’t drink them. Else you will be eating coffee ground/powder or chewing coffee beans.

“We only serve brewed coffee” – duh… You are not serving me a cup of coffee beans are you?
“Machine that make espresso as well as coffee” – duh… You mean the espresso you served me is NOT coffee?

OK. How many of you got the correct answers 😀


66 thoughts on “What is brewed coffee?

  1. Aaron

    I got it right!! =)
    Ohh! and I couldn’t get the moka pot to “brew” a good cup of coffee, i always burn it… oops!

  2. sckwee

    My friend got this experience
    When he was ordering a coffee, he specifically mentioned he wanted a brewed coffee. In the end he was served with a 3-in-1 coffee. He was very angry and asked the waiter “why are u serving me the 3-in-1 coffee when I want a brewed coffee?”. The waiter answered: “3-in-1 coffee also brewed coffee mah”. Haha, the waiter was right. Next time anybody wants to avoid 3-in-1 coffee, pls specifically mention “no 3-in-1 coffee pls”.

  3. kfchan Post author


    You brought up an interesting point.
    Thinking about it, I may not categorize 3-in-1 as brewed coffee.

    They are under the instant coffee group. In all the brewing process, the coffee ground does not dissolve.

    What does the rest think?

  4. kfchan Post author


    Hey Ezra,
    Depend on your own definition of the word “brew”.

    My Definition:
    Ingredient – Coffee ground and water.
    Process – Coffee ground spend some time with water, passed though some type of filter to separate coffee ground from liquid (water infused with coffee molecule).
    Exceptions: Turkish method – No passing through any filter. Wait for sediment to settle.

    Based on my definition, “cold-brewed” is really a brew.

  5. Den

    Sorry mate, was busy for the past weeks and coming weeks…..
    Burn coffee in your Moka? That will be very much counting on the boiling water pass thru the funnel and reaches the coffee ground. From my experience, if the water is boiling too long will always cause the coffee burnt.
    If you are using those “cina bikin” moka pot, you will not able to get a good cup of coffee due to the lower grade of aluminum or stainless steel, which degrade very fast and always has the metallic taste in your coffee.

    So my trick is :
    a) buy a first grade moka pot like Bialetti, if can, go for Bialetti Brikka which can have extra +- 1 bar of pressure to brew the coffee with the patterned top valve. (of course you can get the emulsion crema, picture above)
    b) once you hear the gurgling sound from your moka, immediate remove it from the stove and let the remaining pressure to push the coffee out. Staying too long after the period, your coffee will burn.
    c) do no temp the coffee in your Moka pot. Just put enough coffee up to the filter and level it with a light tap. By temping the coffee you will cause the water finding difficulties to pass thru the ground. You will either get a black thick burn coffee, or if your safety valve is not working, you will be making a stove dynamite.
    d) Grind size does make a difference but you will have a higher tolerance compare to espresso. I always grind my coffee 1-2 level up to espresso, depends on the coffee beans. You can try to time your moka pot starting from putting it to the stove until you remove it from the stove, it should not take more than 4 minutes. By adjusting the grind size you will roughly know the sweet spot.
    e) the stove fire also another important factor. do not set it too high which you will have a fast boiling water and diluted coffee. too low will burnt to the coffee as well. try to set the fire which can cover around 80% of the bottom of your moka pot.

    That is my personal experience. I always carry my Brikka, Krups grinder and fresh beans whenever I travel back to hometown. Is a simple and easiest way to make a good cup of moka coffee.

    Have fun making coffee !!!! 🙂

  6. Audun


    Like your blog!

    Any good recommendations for places that do pour overs or syphon made coffee in KL? Single origin?

    Am in Kuching at the moment, will check out Black Bean coffee company, but are visiting KL in a few days, would be ace to have a proper made cup?



  7. kfchan Post author

    Dear Audun,

    For pour-over and syphon, give Coffee Ritual a try.

    They got fresh roasted Single Origins like Sumatra, Brazil, Costa RIca and Ethiopia. Price is really affordable too.

  8. iching

    first of all, thx chan for the good site to find coffee info in Malaysia…

    well.. anyway… wanted to ask Dennis,
    regarding the Bialetti Brikka.. anywhere to get it in Malaysia? I tried Parkson Pav, ade normal Moka Express… so wanna find out where to get one and the price range.. should be RM250-RM300?

  9. iching

    hmmm.. can’t seem to reply u again.. anyway.. thx man dennis… heard coffee ritual selling a cup for RM300.. still considering one.. fren told that u dun need a bialetti or a brikka, just a generic moka pot will be the same..

  10. Jack

    That I don’t think so. A cheap moka pot has a lot of different on the end result. I did own a cheap moka pot from Italy, and matellic taste every time I made the coffee. Due to the cheap material they use to build the pot. And I am not sure if it is toxic. 🙂
    So get a good one and you will enjoy your coffee safely everytime.

  11. iching

    oic… noted… will try to own one when i move house.. brikkkaaaa.. hehe.. thx loads man den n jack…

  12. kfchan Post author

    Hi Ivan,

    Please don’t SHOUT.

    I’m sorry but I don’t sell Moka Pot but you can find them in places like Isetan and Parkson.

  13. kfchan Post author

    Pros: Looks great and convenient
    Cons: Capsules will be expensive. Separate capsule for milk. Enslaved to their own stale coffee only.

    Better just get the Francis! Francis! X7.

  14. Coffee Addict

    I have an Stove top Aluminium Bialetti 6 cup. use it everyday. Where can I get replacement rubber seal in Malaysia ?

  15. Su

    Enjoy your column very much, you are creating awareness on a good cuppa. Do you know that the 3 in 1 coffee that is so popular from Ipoh is actually made from coffee essence. (Not much coffee beans inside the packet, generally coffee essence) Even the charcoal after taste is derived from essence that is added into the 3 in 1. I felt sorry for those who enjoys the 3 in 1 coffee. I hope it is not detrimental to their health. (Trade secrets.) Check it out. There are coffee essence Suppliers who can confirm who is their biggest customer. Stick to the fresh brew coffee. Nothing beats that. Enjoy life with a good cuppa!

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