Testimonies and Experience

Dear Friends,

If you had enjoyed interesting experience via this blog, do post your thoughts here. Let me know if I had done a good job. Is there areas that you would have like improved? How was your buying experience? Like the drinks I make for you? Or hated it… PUT YOUR THOUGHTS HERE. I’m sure others would like to know too.

19 thoughts on “Testimonies

  1. Simon Yeo

    Hi KFChan,

    Your blogs has been great…lots of helpful information and the blog really educate and expand the image that people have on coffee…and you’re also helping people to buy machine, fresh coffee at virtually nothing! Keep up the great effort…

  2. chris

    kfchan.wordpress.com is a fantastic yet informative site about the coffee scene in malaysia, it encapsulates all the ins and outs,highs and lows, who’s who in malaysian coffee scene with a slight lean to coffee made ala~italiano way…. keep it chan… cheers…

  3. Victor Leong

    Hi Chan,

    You know me before you start this blog! Other then a good cappa, I always try my best to educate coffee lover in Malaysia. Thatโ€™s my company motto as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am so glad your blog really helps and grow the coffee knowledge by sharing more idea and activity … like barista jam ! I think you have done a very good job. Keep up the great work ๐Ÿ™‚

    Let us continue the great work together ! Cheers !

    Best Regards,

  4. Venky

    I re-discovered coffee after a visit to Europe and instantly wanted to set up my own home espresso machine. Chan’s blog was an eye opener. Chan helped set me up with the right people and I became the proud owner of what I believe the 1st Oscar in Malaysia. Now thru the blog and his friends I now own not one but 2 machines with the other being a Miss Silvia!

    Kudos to Chan for keeping this going…

    I believe we need to get him to free up his time to blog more….He is way to busy helping people now!

  5. Fernando

    Hi Chan,
    Your passion for espresso is really helping coffee in Malaysia. I am really glad that I found your blog and met you guys to enjoy some barista sessions.

    Keep bringing those great Highlanders beans from SING as they’re the best that you can get in Malaysia.


  6. Wee Chuan

    KF, before I know you, I have already got my self-hosted blog on coffee but never really put effort in it till i accidentally landed on your space.

    That re-ignited my coffee blogging and my aim of educating the public on appreciating good coffee. And now we are great coffee pals!

    Here I also take my hat off to all the coffee friends I met after this.

  7. Dennis

    We share, we learn and we explore.
    Most important thing is we appreciate coffee and we have fun.

    Kudos to the great jobs and passion.

  8. antoni opresso

    my favorite website i guess this is. simply becoz i am expresso lover too.
    my friend recommend me to illy expresso machine which the grinded coffee has been capsulized. i am not too sure its pro and cons. seek your opinion…


  9. John

    Dear Antoni,

    Capsule = once you own a car, you must buy petrol. You can’t enjoy other’s brand of coffee… and the cost per capsule is expensive!

  10. kfchan Post author

    Dear Antoni,

    I think most of us here frown upon pre-ground coffee.
    Two of the most important elements to make good coffee:-
    1. Fresh Roasted Beans (range from a few days to a 6 weeks after roasting)
    2. Fresh Ground Coffee (grind only when you want to brew)

  11. adeleide

    Hi KF,

    I bumped into your coffee web while I was surfing for a coffee maker, something that is simple yet affordable in making the coffee tasted good in its purest form. The reason behind, I have a few packets of grinds Vietnamese coffee sitting in kitchen’s shelf for many months. I used to made the coffee with Vietnamese’s coffee maker a.k.a dripping method but it took me very long time to wait for it. At the end of the dripping process, coffee turned cold and reheat is required. Its causing 2x works and not to mention about the cleaning afterwards. I gave up this method very quickly.

    Then, I came across French Press, Mokka Pot brewing method however its still not appealing to me until I saw this Aerobie Aeropress. I owned it for almost a month now, in making a cuppa of expresso as simple as snapping in between fingers. Though, it does require a few time to master the way in pushing down the plunger. Thing that I am most happiest with – the cleaning! Just push out the leftover into the rubbish bin, rinse aeropress through water and waa laaaa! Done!

    I even experienced it with coarse coffee – white coffee coarse that I purchased from Leech Street from Ipoh’s old town white coffee. I compared the taste of coffee by brewing it with coffee sock and aeropress. The taste are better with Aeropress. Then leftover from Aeropress I bring it to brew with coffee sock, what’s left is only the black color but taste nothing except bitterness. However, the one I brew straight with coffee sock lack of the richness of taste. No doubt that I still can make a second cup by reusing it with almost 70-80% lost in the thickness….

    In my finding, Aeropress will go better with fine grind coffee. Or, the origin of the design is targeted for fine-grind? I have yet to try it until my vietnamese coffee runs out though ๐Ÿ™‚

    CHeerS! I am a happy owner of AeRoBies, AeROpReSsie!

    Greetings from Penang,

  12. Taufique

    I just came across this website when i was doing some search on a coffee machine I was about to buy. Upon coming across this site, immediately I thought of emailing KF Chan for some advice, and just shortly after, I received an honest reply to which I will take into my highest consideration. A great beginning to a new reader of this site. Hope to learn alot from my visit here and if you folks do have gatherings for coffee (non alcoholic of course), I’d love to join. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cheers people!

  13. Mun

    Hi KF,

    It was great meeting you yesterday and thanks for dropping by. Interesting chit chat. Just want to say again that your blog is one of my main source of coffee information. It’s exciting, witty and really fun to read. A great way to enhance my coffee knowledge. Now, if only I can learn how to train my tongue to differentiate the nuances of coffee so that I can describe it in terms of ‘hints of …” instead of “hmmm…very good/very bad”. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cheers & keep blogging!

  14. Bernard

    Hi KF,

    Great job on the blog posts. It’s indeed very informative. Kudos also to your service and dedication in providing fresh beans, even hand delivering it at certain circumstances! Definitely gonna be a getting more beans from you!


  15. Samantha Yew

    Before I contacted Mr. Chan, I have checked on most of the Barista training course in Malaysia. I’m glad that I chose the best among all. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I really enjoy the 2 session of Barista training. It’s totally different from what i had tried last time. Alots of knowledge and information, more interesting, and also lots of fun.
    Here, I would highly recommend Mr. Chan as your Barista tutor or trainer. You won’t regret~ ๐Ÿ˜€ Hurry~!

  16. Steve

    Thanks to KF!!

    We came to Malaysia recently and realised that the only way we were going to get a good coffee was to make it ourselves and so we went hunting for help. All roads pointed to coffeeinMalaysia and KF. What a pleasure to meet someone like him – full of knowledge on the local scene and he went out of his way to help us. Very soon we were set up with a great machine, a good grinder and we are now making fantastic coffee. Through all of this KF was very generous with his time and knowledge and his customer service absolutely is top class.

    I have no hesitation in recommending the site and KF Chan to anyone who is reading this and encourage you to support someone who is passionate and knowlegable about what they do. Help KF build the level of coffee knowledge in Malaysia.

    Thanks for your help sir!

  17. Lina Montero Soto

    KF Chan, my life in Malaysia is complete thanks to you! For the past three years I have had to put up with mediocre coffee from “those coffee chains”. Then I decided I had enough, I missed the flat whites we get back home in NZ. So I did some research and stumbled on your informative, well balanced blog. I found your email responses to be fast and helpful. Since purchasing my beautiful red Oscar plus grinder, coupled with your wonderful barista training. I’m now pumping out delicious flat whites, with the freshest beans, the perfect espresso, and just the right amount of milk. My latte art is improving by the day. The only problem is I’m having trouble getting rid of my friends, they want a second or third cup – one is never enough. I think I can now say I’m a qualified home barista, thanks to you.

    Cheers and keep the coffee passion going…it’s contagious.

  18. Nathan


    I have recently tried what i considered to be the best coffee ever, not only because of it’s taste but also because it was healthy! and made me feel great, with energy lasting the entire day and slept like a baby for the first time in a while.

    The coffee was healthy because it has GANODERMA, check it out for yourself!

    If you want to enjoy the great coffee that i did, you should visit;


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