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Men are pigs

You know that saying….

Let me illustrate the story of this man…

He got himself a pretty baby…

And like most men, he is never satisfied.

He complained that her limbs are not flexible enough. Cannot manipulate to his expectation.

Then he complained her mood fluctuates hot and cold.

Also, she always gave him lots of pressure.

So… like many men, he forced her to go under the knife and therapy.

And what do you know… the changes were very noticeable.

She is more flexible now. Controls her temper very well. No longer blow hot and cold and does not over-pressure him again.







Here’s how she looks like after the operation.

Notice the steam wand above? It’s from a Silvia.
Frothing milk is much easier now. Microfoam? No problem.

PID-ed… She’s more stable now. Brew at the temperature you want.

OPV. The original brew pressure was about 13 Bar. Way to high.
Now tuned to 9.5 Bar and pulled lovely espresso shots.