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Coffee in Kuching

Had my first trip to Kuching to visit my friend “Ralph the Bear”.

Surprisingly, Kuching is quite a vibrant city. I didn’t really have much chances to visit many coffee place. Lot’s of drinking-holes though.

But luckily, I did manage to visit THE COFFEE PLACE in Kuching.

B L A C K  B E A N  C O F F E E  & Tea Company

My Delightful cup of Sumatera Mandhling. Brewed by a forgettable Super-Auto machine.
But the coffee is as fresh as you can get. Just a few days after roasting.  Flavourful, clean, full body as a Sumatera should be. Just shows the skills of the hands that does the roasting.

How is it done? Let’s see what is happening  at the back of the cafe.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But a Video may also worth a thousand pictures.

And who is the Sifu behind the BEANS?

Mr. Chang of Black Bean Coffee.

It is a Delightful Little Place. Homely and Cozy.

My pack of Sumatera

The Bear, The Man and The Boy?

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Black Bean Coffee. Reputed to be the best roasted in the whole of Borneo, it is not without it’s challenges. Supply of good quality local Liberica and Robusta is lacking. Import of good quality Arabica is difficult and expensive. When will we see good times in our Coffee Industry? When can we get rid of these AP matter on importing green beans? Sigh… We need a really really BIG CHANGE in Malaysia.

My special thanks to Ralph the Bear for his excellent hospitality. He’s an excellent cook and well verse in the world of wines, vodka and whiskey. I have never had so many different types of drinks in a single day.

Here are some lovely food from the Bear’s Lair.

A 2 inches thick piece of freshly chopped and marinated steak.

The first time I had mine Medium Raw.

And that is my weekend of coffee, wines, vodka, whiskey and steak.