Isomac Grinder Promotion

Valentine’s Day Promotions

While some funny people in our country think that Valentine’s Day is a time where immorality is promoted, blaming certain religious community (claiming it is their tradition!!!) for enticing our youth down the path of depravity…
I believe all of us Coffee Lovers are a smarter lot, and way more mature too. That’s why we chose fresh roasted coffee and grind them on demand.

Say NO to stale beans.

Say NO to pre-ground coffee.

Say NO to Stupid and Narrow-minded people described above.

So, let’s celebrate love for one another by making your loved ones an excellent cup of coffee.

Now… FREE Aeropress (worth RM169)*

with any purchase of the Isomac Professionale Grinder.

RM 1,200.00


Click Here

* While stocks last

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