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Latte Art on Coffee

Not many cafes in Malaysia make their cappuccino or cafe latte with LATTE ART on them.

The word LATTE basically means MILK. So latte art means art made with milk.

Incidentally, many people went into Starbucks and asked for a latte not knowing that they were actually asking for MILK! Well, that how words lost their meaning. Perfectly meaningful words being mis-used. Back to the matter of latte art and cafes.

The only cafes I know of that serve their milk-based drinks with latte art are Espressamente Illy and Segafredo Espresso. And I don’t mean those cafes that shows us latte art only when interviewed by journalists or when they appear on media, or those where latte art only appears on their menu. Seems like Espressamente Illy and Segafredo Espresso cafes are the only that serves with latte art on a regular basis. Well, at least 8 out of 10 times is good enough for me.

Hey, if your cafe serves coffee with latte art, let me know. I want to come and try.

Note: let me qualify… when I say latte art, I meant those free pouring  latte art that shows a heart, an apple or a rosetta. NOT those who simple etched the surface with some chocolate sauce or colouring.

Is LATTE ART important to a cup of coffee? I assure you that latte art does enhanced that cup of coffee. How? Firstly, enjoying coffee is a sensory experience. It involve our whole senses. One of the very few things I like about Starbucks is how very cozy is their environment. (they can’t make a good cup of cappuccino if their lives is depending on it)  A nice cup of cappuccino with latte art shows how much care and details were put into making it.

Latte art on coffee basically enhances 2 aspects of consuming coffee. It is pleasant to the eyes and sweetly smooth on the tongue.

The fact that it is pleasing to the eyes is easy to understand, but there is another reason why it is lovely to the tongue.

In order to pour latte art like this picture (not by me unfortunately), the milk need to be correctly frothed. The stretching amd texturing must be well done and temperature must be ideal.

Actually, when you have correctly frothed milk, even without the art, it will still taste sweet and velvety.

And when you add the art, wow… that is a lovely coffee experience. With lovely milk and art, it can turn a lousy cup of coffee to be bearable. A bearable cup to average and an average cup of cofee to decent. And if you have quality fresh roasted coffee to begin with, you can get a GREAT cup of coffee.

Of yes, LATTE ART works on hot chocolate too.

Finally: don’t go and whacked the barista in Espressamente Illy or Segafredo Espresso if your cappuccino does not come with latte art , ok. Consider it a bonus. It is a difficult skills and take time to learn, practice and perfect.

Coffee Lovers Gathering at Segafredo, Sunway Pyramid

Sorry for the late posting. Have been super busy preparing ISO9001 at work.

Finally, after all these while of faceless communications via email and blog, we manage to have a Coffee Lovers gathering. It was Friday night, 29th August 2008 at 9pm.

(From left to right) Magneto Low, SF Fong, Michelle

Michelle & Kevin

(Left to right) Wee, Irving, KF Chan, Mun Shin, Michelle, Kevin and Jean.

I personally had a good time knowing all these people. Among our midst, we have people with a diverse background… Enginner, IT Support, Marketing, Software Developer, Nurse, Designer, Cyber Cafe Owner, and Entreprenuer.

Some interesting topic:
Jean was telling us of some Kopi Luwak story.
We shared some good and bad coffee experience as well.
Resources for fresh roasted, high quality coffee is in demand.
Resources for Barista Training.
Places to get proper espresso machines.
Cafes with decent coffee.
Some are contemplating cafe business.

So, how’s the drinks in Segafredo? I leave that for you guys to comment.
Only 3 of us tried the espresso… two of us found it lacking and one was ok. But then, espresso has always been hits and misses.

Guiness Draught and Cafe Mocha (They got a different name which I cannot remember).

I find the Guiness draught excellent. The Mocha looks nice. Milk was nicely microfoam. In fact the few cappuccinos that we ordered, all of them were decently microfoamed. Some were excellently done.

But properly frothing of milk is only part of the equation. As to the taste, I leave it to you guys to comment.

I also tried their spaghetti and it is value for money.

Jimmy, the manager was nice and offer us some snacks on the house.

OK guys, over to you.

P.S. Anyone got suggestions for next gathering?

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso

The three popular Italian brands of coffee known to the general public in Malaysia are Illy, Lavazza and Segafredo Zanetti. As far as I know, only Illy and Segafredo has specialty outlet. Most of the time, I’m not really impressed by all these brand names.. mostly because of the issue of freshness. One of the most important criteria when appreciating coffee is their freshness, meaning how many weeks from roasting. And most of these branded names never put the roasting date on their bags. They only put expiry date, which to me means nothing.

But many of these Italian giants in the coffee industry does put a lots of effort in their research. So their coffee blend tend to be more forgiving, producing average decent brew even though lack of freshness. I always hope that in their specialty outlet, with higher traffic and better quality control… a decent cup can be found.

Paramount Espresso Sdn Bhd is the Malaysian franchisee of Segafredo Zanetti Espresso.

Drop by to the Segafredo Zanetti Espresso outlet in Sunway Pyramid last night with my wife. I think it is their only specialty outlet in Kuala Lumpur. If not mistaken, they had another 3 or 4 outlet in Penang.

It is in Bistro style… they had liquer license. So if you like alcohol based coffee drinks or coffee based alcoholic drinks, there are plenty to choose from. But I’m there for their coffee, as plain as can be.

Firstly, I had a chat with their manager, Mr. Jimmy. He was friendly and very willing to explain how they maintain their quality and standards.

Coffee in grinder
They do not put huge amount of coffee in the grinder’s hopper. I saw only a few shots worth of pre-grind coffee in the grinder. I would have prefer them to practice “grind to order” but it is way better than most cafe already. Many a times, when I visit any cafe I just take a glance at their grinder and it is enough to put me off. Especially those places with low traffic, and I see lots of pre-ground coffee in the grinder. Yucks… you really don’t know how long those coffee were left to oxidize.

The Coffee
They use their own special blend of coffee for their outlet and it is not available anywhere. Meaning you can only it in their own specialty outlet.

The espresso
Jimmy prepared the espresso. It was a decent pour but blonding at the end of the shots. Surprisingly (I know, I know.. it always surprises me) it was a pretty decent shot. No bitterness, nice roasted smell and no bad after-taste. My wife likes it. Me too, but I would have prefer more complexity in my espresso. Comparing available espressos in the market, it is definitely the better ones.
(Nice pour. A bit of blonding in the cup, but somehow still tasted fine)

The Cappuccino
Another barista, Martin made us the cappuccino. Used Magnolia fresh milk. Decently frothed with decent microfoam. Never mind about latte-art but microfoam is what you should look for. Good body and taste of coffee was quite balanced. But I find it lack sweetness, could be the milk. I never really like Magnolia. Jimmy says he may experiment with Goodday or Farmhouse.

Better than any $bucks.

It was an overall lovely visit. If I’m in Sunway Pyramid, Segafredo is where I’m going for coffee. The location is not easy to find because it is not on the inside the building but at the side lane leading to the Theme Park. At the new wing, if you know where is Starbucks or JCo, next to them is one of the exit/entrance of Sunway Pyramid. Walk out, turn right, walk to the end about 30m and turn right again and you will find it.

More pics

For good coffee in Kuala Lumpur or Penang, Malaysia… visit Segafredo Zanetti Espresso