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Good Espresso in Malaysia…

virtually does not exist. Douglas left a comment and asked me if there is any decent place for a shot of espresso. After thinking about it for a few days,  I’m unable to recall having any decent espresso shot in any coffee outlet in Malaysia.

Recalling… I have tried espresso in the following places:-
1. Starbucks
2. Coffee Beans  and Tea Leaf
3. San Francisco Coffee
4. Tony Roma
5. Ikea
6. Marche
7. Hoca Coffee
8. Izzi Italian Restaurant

Note: taste is subjective. What I’m expressing is purely my own personal interpretation and preferences.

Starbucks’ espresso:-
Quality varied greatly among outlet. In fact, even if you get a passable shot in an outlet, it does not mean you will get the same quality the next visit.

I must admit that some outlet does have some knowledgeable staff who will pull you a decent shot with proper extraction, meaning a shot of around 25 seconds. You need to be lucky to meet one. And when you do, you will only get a passable shot. Why, their coffee is just NOT FRESH.

Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf and San Francisco Coffee:-
Forget it.  I like Coffee Beans’  Vanilla  Latte and their  ice-blended drinks though. Their Vanilla  powder will mask the poor espresso and still give a milky sweet drink.
At San Francisco Coffee, don’t take anything other than their ice-blended drinks. After I tried one shot, I’m looking for some soda drinks to wash my mouth.

Tony Roma:-
Go try their ribs and grab a beer. Stay away from their coffee.

Super Auto Espresso Machine serving tonnes of people. I automatically adjust my expectation to the lowest possible and “enjoyed” their coffee as it is.

So damned hot it burnt my tongue. Complained also no response. Waste of time to try their coffee, much less their espresso.

Ahh.. Hoca. Just tried a double espresso yesterday. Freshness is there. Crema is there.
But serve to me in a big cappuccino  cup.  Bad after taste.  I think their blend is heavy in Robusta. Very  bitter.

Izzi Italian Restaurant:-
Located in Bukit Bintang. I can tell you, sometimes the worst espresso you can try are those from restaurant that put the word “Italian” in their sign board. Yucks.

Sad to say I have yet to have any above average espresso in Malaysia. When I’m lucky, I got an average shot from Starbucks. Other time it is between below average to “quick, give me a coke to wash my mouth” experience.

If any of you guys and gals encounter any GOOD experience of espresso or coffee in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, please tell me know. I’ll go and try.