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Nasi Lemak at D’Lish

This D’Lish in Mid-Valley really looked delicious.

Located: G-001 ground floor, opposite Starbucks.

It fulfilled every criteria of what makes a good Nasi Lemak, well almost…

Let’s see.

Main ingredients:-
1. Aromatic Rice – check
2. Fresh cut cucumber – check
3. Crunchy peanuts – check
4. Crunchy fried anchovies – check
6. Nice sambal – half check

Misc ingredients:-
7. Curry chicken – check
8. Sambal sotong – check

One of the most difficult ingredient is definitely the sambal. To be fair, the sambal together with the sotong were well made with lots of onions and tasted fresh. But different people like different types of sambal. Some like it hotter, sweeter, thicker, lighter, redder… you just can’t please everyone.

What is more interesting is the price. It cost RM 12.80. Well some may say it is expensive, but given the portion and how everything is done with care and quality, I say it is value for money.

Still not happy? Well they have really delicious looking salad and sandwiches too. And the final icing on the cake… they charge 5% standard government tax and NO 10% SERVICE CHARGE. Save RM2.80 and you can more than pay for the parking. Go and check them out.

P.S: I didn’t bother with the coffee though.

Kemaman Kopitiam

Went to Kuantan for 2 days to meet up with an It partner.
Nowadays in KL, kopitiam are mushrooming everywhere. Notably “Old Town Kopitiam” which I must admit had a great sense of business but the coffee or food are nothing to shout about. In fact, there are hardly any kopitiam worth any special mention.

Kemaman Kopitiam


Nicely decorated with marbled tables. On the walls were photos of many notable visitors including celebrity like Siti Nurhalisa, royalties and plain rakyat from all walks of life. Old photos, paintings and ornaments were also nicely displayed.


I had a Kopi Classic. It is their “famous” kamaman coffee (surely robusta) that is overly roasted (They sell pre-ground coffee that is dark like charcoal), mixed with hot water, condensed milk, evaporate milk and a touch of their coco powder. It tasted damn fine. In fact I went there 2 days in a row.

I strongly suspect if you use their “charcoal dark roast” for espresso, it will taste horrible. But with the correct mixture of milk, water and a touch of coco, wow… I very nice drink this is.


What do you know.. their Nasi Lemak Special with lemongrass chicken is very good. As I mentioned the criteria of good nasi lemak, the ingredients are fresh. Fresh cut cucumber (it’s not a fluke, I went there twice), fresh cut tomatos, fresh fried mata kerbau (sunny-side up), decent rice and very nice side-dish the lemongrass chicken.

Frankly, Kuantan is boring. But for Kemaman Kopitiam, I would want to go back. Yummy.

Very Nice Nasi Lemak

Went to this place … Summer Garden Cafe.. hidden somewhere secluded in Bangsar. Somewhere behind NSTP.

Summer Garden CafeJalan Kurau

Nasi Lemak

Definitely one very nice nasi lemak.

Here’s why:-
1. Aromatic Rice.
2. Crunchy ikan bilis & peanuts.
3. Fresh cut juicy cucumber.
4. Perfectly boiled-egg .. yolk is not too hard and not too soft.
5. Decent sambal.
6. Decent acar.
7. Decent curry chicken.

It is so easy to make nice nasi lemak.

Even though I categorized sambal, acar and curry chicken as decent, yet the entire dish I would say is excellent. Things like sambal and curry chicken is a very subjective matter. Different people like it differently.

But aromatic rice, ikan bilis, peanuts and cucumber… it must be fresh. Everything else is side issue.

Go and try man.

Nasi Lemak

Cannot help but to digress a little bit from the official topic. One of my favourite dish in Malaysia is Nasi Lemak. Here is one good plate of Nasi Lemak from this restaurant call “6 to 10 Grill & Naso Lemak”

I discover this excellent place from the “Ho Chak” program from 8TV. Located in PJ SS17/13, it’s not easy to find. But we Malaysian are known to go where no man has gone before to search for great food, right?

Six to 10
Busy during dinner time.


Look at that. Yummy. When it comes to evaluating nasi lemak, here’s the checklist:-

1. Rice Aroma – Coconut milk fragrance: Good
2. Hard boiled egg – Average
3. Cucumber – Good. Still fresh. (Really hate those serving dried cucumber)
4. Kacang & ikan bilis – Good. Crunchy. (Really hate those serving stale ikan bilis)
5. Chili – Decent. Nothing is more important than the quality of chili in any good nasi
lemak. Many different ways of cooking chili. It’s not easy to please the majority.

The above is the primary features of nasi lemak.
All good nasi lemak must not fail the test above.

The Extras: What make the good nasi lemak great.
The extras can be any dish such as fried chicken, curry chicken, sotong, curry lamb, curry pork, beef rendang and etc.

At 6 to 10, they have curry chicken, beef rendang, sotong, and their signature dish, minced pork. I ordered their sotong and minced pork.

Sotong (left) – Good
Minced Pork (right) – Great.

Go and give it a try.