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Great Coffee For Great Party

My friend Marcus had a small CNY Potlucky Dinner party at his house last night.
Well, you can’t have great party without great coffee, right 🙂
So, while others brought food and I brought my coffee.

Of course in CNY dinner, we can’t do without the traditional “Lo Sang”

After that, on to the coffee.

The beginning of a shot of espresso. Note my pathetic knockbox on the left.

A close-up shot. Dripping like hot honey.

End of a double-shot of espresso. Bet you can’t find a shot like that in any cafe in Malaysia.

Well, credit to where credit is due. This particular shot was made from the Epic Espresso blend from Five Senses Coffee Australia courtesy of our friend Dennis. Beans roasted just 1 week ago.

500g cost about Rm100 including delivery charges and can make about 60 single shots. The taste is excellent. Aromatic, flavourful and I even tasted a tinge of chocolate. Truly yummy. I didn’t get any for myself this round. Need to cut cost.

But Dennis is a Moka Pot user. Here are some pics from the Moka Pot brewing method.

Sorry, didn’t have pic of the early stage of dosing the coffee inside the moka pot.

One of the most famous brand of Moka Pot.

Coffee started to brew.

That is delicious looking.

Now the taste of coffee brewed with the Moka Pot is quite different from the Espresso method.

Moka Pot gives a much “stronger” taste and heavier body. While with the espresso method, those delicate fruity, flora and acidity seems more pronounced. These are of course my initial impression. I don’t have a Moka Pot at home, so I can really compare with many different beans.

Let’s not forget… great party with great coffee… must also have great gals 🙂

The beauties who inspired us to brew better coffee.

Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone.