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One Good Espresso Machine

Finally, the Black Nuova Simonelli Oscar has arrived. If you want to get a good espresso machine in Malaysia, read on.

After 2 months of wait, alas… This is every coffee geek dream espresso machine.. Or rather, dream espresso machine for those who don’t have a lots of money to invest. If I have more money to invest, of course I’ll get the super-sexy Vibiemme Domobar.

Here is a quick review:

Does not take up much space and can move it around without killing your back.

There is ample space to put your cups on. Haven’t really opportunity to calculate how long it takes to really warm up any cups.

Open the top flap and you will have access to the water tank. The water tank holds about 2.1 litre of water.

Only 2 buttons: The On/Off switch and brewing switch.

Light-indicator from top right to left:
1. machine light turns on when On/Off switch is turned on.
2. brewing light turns on when the brew button is turned on.
3. water tank lights on when water tank finishes water.

Big Button on the left is the Steam Switch. Turn 3.5 times to get steam, powerful steam.

The Steam Wand can be rotated around 360 degree.

Portafilter must be tightly locked. I push all the way to about 25 min to ensure no leakage around the portafilter during brewing session. Earlier when I did not tighten it enough and water leaks a bit.

Love the large drip tray.

All the components seems well built.

Top view

Pouring like hot honey.

Thick brown Crema

Ready to be made into a love heart.

After the third attempts.

A Closer look.

A Closer Shot

More reports coming on Simonelli Oscar.

One Coffee Lover That We Can Be Proud Of?

There was once, our friend Simon from Sibu got some excellent coffee delivered from Five Senses Coffee to me. Of course, I got my favourite Epic Blend but that was not the point of this post. He also send an extra 250g pack of fresh coffee and asked me to help pass on to his friend staying in Subang. It is this friend of his that I wanted to highlight.

I drove up to Subang Parade just to pass her that pack of coffee. I think it was a 2 minutes meeting. She was really super busy and I doubt she can even remembered ever meeting me. i think she don’t really have much time to enjoy her coffee.

So. why am I talking about a person whom I met only for 2 minutes, who is unlikely to ever remember me and probably had no time for coffee?

That’s because she is one person that even though I do not know personally, but whom I have great respect for. It’s because she is working to ensure a brighter future of this country of ours. It’s because she is struggling and fighting against a great adversary, an enemy of justice and democracy.

She is Hannah Yeoh, State Assembleman of Subang Jaya, Selangor.

And here is one important post from her blog, A Mockery Of Our Democratic Institution.

As we enjoy our favourite cup of coffee, let us ponder a moment the simple motto from Hannah’s blog, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching”.