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Espresso with Hand Grinder

Many have asked if any hand grinder can produce good espresso. Many times we say it will be too difficult, too much effort and grind not consistent enough.

Well, not anymore.

prolex2 The Prolex Ceramic Hand Grinder

Prolex Espresso Well, it does require some effort.

Prolex Espresso2 C’mon.. turn, turn, turn…

3 minutes later…

Prolex Espresso3 Almost zero- retention.

Prolex Espresso4 Mouse-tail enough?

Prolex Espresso5 Yeah…

Prolex Espresso6 That is a pretty decent shot of espresso.

But then you say… Need to turn and turn and turn for 3 minutes ++…. I’m lazy man.

Well, spend another RM150-200 and cut down the 3 minutes to 30 seconds.

Prolex Espresso7
This is not the first time someone attempted the idea of using an electric drill.
But pair it with the Prolex and it just look SO COOL.
Don’t believe me?

Prolex Espresso8
You just need the right setup. Or…

Prolex Espresso9 James Bond would have been jealous 😀

Best Bang for the buck grinder

When it comes to value, truly the grinder that give the best bang for the buck.

The Isomac Professionalle Home Grinder.
Check the specifications here.

Grind the beans using the Isomac grinder and extract using the VBM Lollo.
Pour was slightly faster than what I want but still pretty good.

Ya, it is a bit slow… retain lots of grounds… But hey, you are a home user. You can afford to wait. Shake it a bit to clear the retained grounds. From Aeropress to Syphon to pour over to espresso… Isomac Professionalle Home grinder rocks.

Grinders – The key to good coffee

As we all know, there is nothing more important in making good coffee than having a decent grinder. And getting good coffee grinder in Malaysia is not exactly. The choices are limited.

Here are two excellent grinders that will bring out the full potential of your fresh roasted coffee bean.

The Anfim Best and the Isomac Granmacinno.


Isomac Professionale Home Grinder

For this price, it is an extremely  price-to-value espresso grinder. Its doserless, so you grind fresh every time directly into your portafilter & is the ideal companion to any of the quality home espresso machines. Why unbeatable? It is very compact, has a robust and stylish stainless steel construction with conical burrs for a more slower and consistent grind everytime!


  • Height: 290mm
  • Width: 110mm
  • Depth: 200mm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Hopper capacity: 250g
  • Burr: Conical
  • Type: Doserless, Stepped.

It definitely can grind fine enough to produce a 30 seconds espresso.
Makes it an excellent home grinder or used as a second general grinder for other type of brewing purposes.

Price = RM 1,200


Anfim Best

A very popular brand among professional baristas. The Anfim Best is built with quality in mind. Polished alloy for it’s main housing and weight a sturdy 8kg. The step settings are small, easy to dial in your desired espresso shots.


  • Tempered Flat Burr: 54mm diameter
  • Motor Power: 300 watt
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 500 grams
  • Housing Material: polished Alloy
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 145x240x380

Ideal for small and medium size cafe.

Price = RM2,500

Mazzer Mini

One of the most popular Professional Grinder, the Mazzer Mini.
And it is available in here.

The Mazzer Mini

Finally, got my hand on a Mazzer Mini Stepless Grinder.

It is of the same category as my M5.

The Isomac and M5

The Isomac is the tiny stainless steel and my M5 is on the right.

Lot's of metal

The Mazzer Mini felt more sturdy because there is more metal. Notice the portafilter holder… thick fork metal. Produce clanging sound when you tap the portafilter against it. The On/Off switch is nice to press too.

Mazzer Mini - Top View


It is STEP-LESS. This mean you can make fine minute adjustment to grind size. Very important and useful if you are chasing the OPTIMAL espresso extraction. Turning of the dial takes some effort though. It was tight and you need to use 2 hands to make a difference of 2mm. (The adjustment ring on the M5 is effortless though, but you cannot make as fine an adjustment as the Mini).

The Doser

Wow… looks so nice eh? Don’t be deceived by the look though… this is actually where the M5 is better.

Well, I took this picture before actually putting in the beans to grind. After I actually ground up some beans, I notice that the “sweeper” does not sweeps very clean. There are grounds left in all the creaks. The M5 is definitely more efficient in “sweeping” of coffee grounds when you are dosing. Especially in a home environment, I always wanted to thoroughly “sweeps” away all the grounds.

There are not many good quality grinders available for the professional home users in Malaysia. How much more difficult if we are to search for one that give excellent consistent grinding to make our good tasting espresso? As if that is not enough, we desire one that looks good as well.

Mazzer’s advantages
– STEPLESS (good for those espresso lovers and those who don’t always change beans type and brewing methods)
– Produce consistent and quality grind
– looks good
– more metal (felt sturdier and more expensive)
– On/Off switch a joy to use (those who grind per cup will know what I mean)

M5’s advantages
– Stepped (for those who likes to experiment with many brewing methods)
– Love the sweeper in the doser
– Produce consistent and quality grind
–  Looks better than most commercial grinder (except the Mini)

Isomac’s advantages
– Half the price of the above grinders (Not suitable for commercial use)
– Small enough to bring it along for local trips (I’ll definitely bring it along for any local trips if I am driving)
– Grind quality good enough to make excellent espresso (Unbeatable at its price)

I wish I have all the above.

One good coffee grinder

Not just a good coffee grinder, but really cute too.

The Isomac Professional Grinder, finally available in Malaysia.

You can see it is quite small grinder compare to my La Scala M5 flat burr grinder.

Height: 290mm
Width: 110mm
Depth: 200mm
Weight: 3kg
Hopper capacity: 250g
Burr: Conical
Type: Doserless, Stepped.

It definitely can grind fine enough to produce a 25 seconds double shots of espresso. Makes it an excellent home grinder or used as a second general grinder for other type of brewing purposes.

Vibiemme Domobar Super – The Super Sexy Expresso Machine

Monday, 9th February 2009
Hari Chap Goh Mei.

The day I got to play with a Super Sexy, Cool and Kencang Espresso Machine.

Our friend Phil Liew got himself a brand new Vibiemme Domobar Super + Compak K3 Touch Grinder.
Cost approx: RM10K with all the professional tools thrown in (like espro tamper, knock-box, pitchers, and even a hands-on barista course).

The Specifications:

  • E61 Grouphead
  • Full Stainless Steel Body
  • 2.7L boiler and 4L water reservoir

Notice the grinder, tamper and knock-box on the right.

Front view: This is a manual machine, meaning you start and stop the brewing process manually.
The lever on the right of the grouphead is the brewing switch. Also warms up your cups nicely on top.

A closer look with the portafilter lock-in. Gives you double-vision due to the reflective nature of a shiny stainless steel body.

The 3.8L water tank and the 2.7L boiler is hidden under the steel compartment.

Phil got himself a naked portafilter too. Double espresso pouring out like hot honey.
It was yummy. The E61 grouphead ensures excellent temperature stabilty.
It’s not difficult to pull decent shots of espresso. With proper barista training, pulling excellent aromatic and sweet tasting espresso should be a norm (provided you got fresh roasted good quality beans).

(These shots were taken when I was pulling the espresso in the showroom)
Just to shows that it works the same whether in the showroom or back home 🙂

(Also taken from showroom)
Frothing milk is a joy. Plenty of steam and you can make silky, velvety microfoam milk.
It’s time to learn up some latte art. Alas, I can only make simple heart since I can’t practice on this machine everyday… sigh.

Barista Jam

Couple of weeks ago, we had a Barista Jam at Irving’s place. He is the proud owner of a new Rancilio Silvia and Compak Doserless grinder.

Also there were Weechuan, Joseph and myself. I shall let the photos speak for themselves.

silvia compak


I am so envious my friend. Rancilio Silvia is one of the all time best home espresso machine. It beats my Gaggia Baby D without a blink. Though Silvia is more expensive (around RM2600 if you have the right connections), it is truly a worthwhile investment. Here are 3 top reasons why Silvia is better than any Gaggia’s home machine:-
1. Silvia with Brass Boiler vs Gaggia with Aluminium Bioler
2. Silvia’s boiler is 12oz vs Gaggia’s boiler is 3.5oz
3. Silvia’s powerful steam vs Gaggia’s pathetic steam

Okay. Those are the 3 photos I took with my pathetic digital camera. What you see after this are the excellent photos taken by Joseph, a professional photographer with a REAL camera 😀

bj-leveling bj1-tamping1
Levelinga nd tamping. Crucial steps to perform correctly in preparing espresso.

bj1 bj1-ending
Look at the crema of freshly roasted coffee.

Wee Chuan holding up a shot of espresso.

Wee Chuan distributing velvety microfoamed milk.

bj-latteart bj-latteart1
Did I mentioned that Wee Chuan is a Latte Artist?

Too good to drink? Given a choice, would you want these or $bucks?

bj-aeropress1 bj-aeropress2
Really affordable way to enjoyed freshly roasted coffee.

bj-aeropress The Aeropress Way

All coffee lovers here (and a cute coffee lover in training?) and Joseph is behind the lens.