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The Lawn

I’m in KLCC now waiting for my wife. Sent her to some “Music Appreciation” session at Philharmonic. So, I dropped by this place… The Lawn, level 2.

The food here all look nice and healthy. It’s name “The Lawn” tells you that many things come in the colour green.

Ordered a cappuccino.


Wow! It is nice. They sprinkle some chocolate powder on to the coffee before pouring in the milk. The milk was nicely frothed and retained its natural sweetness. This is by far one of the best cappuccino I’ve tried in a Malaysia cafe.

Another surprising note is that they are using beans from Coffex. Obviously, with the higher traffic of customers in KLCC, the coffee beans does not sit long in the grinder and waiting to get stale. The end-result = better tasting coffee.

With the price of RM7.00, it is by far the better tasting coffee and best value for money in town.

New Additional Info:
Forgot to mentioned earlier, the extraction of the espresso is not so good. It was fast and watery. This is one very common mistake among cafes. The grind is not adjusted fine enough. Most of the time, I don’t see the espresso flowing down mousetail-like or flowing down like hot honey.

Rating: 6.5/10

Glitters Cafe

As recommended by Anuar, I went to Glitters Cafe at the Pavilion. It is on the 5th Floor, next to GSC snacks counter.

Thanks to Anuar’s tip, I asked them about the promotion. They asked if I had the voucher. Told them a friend recommend me to try their coffee. I said I will have lunch there and wanted to try their promotional coffee. So they agreed to offer me the RM1.00 Cappuccino promotion.

I had a nasi lemak there and it cost RM15.00. Got potential the nasi lemak. Came with all the usual stuff plus Curry Chicken and Sambal Prawns. The Sambal Prawn was quite nice, peanuts and ikan bilis was crunchy. Unfortunately the letdown was the Curry Chicken. The curry tasted not bad… but the chicken left a bad taste in my mouth. I think it was bordering on going bad. I wouldn’t write them of just this time because I do understand that sometimes food operator receive some questionable batch of food from the supplier and not know about it. I complain to the manager and got a 20% discount. Do note that it has not really gone totally bad but bordering on the end of the cycle.

(Note: I once encounter a totally rotten friend chicken at McDonalds with my wife. Took a sniff and almost vomited)

So, how was the coffee?


I was pleasantly surprise. Very nice latte art. Once of the best I’ve seen in a Malaysia Cafe. The milk was decently frothed. The manager told me that the owner is an Australian and demands that all his barista must be able to do latte art.

As you can see from the cup, their coffee is from Coffex. I think the size of the cup is either 6 or 7oz. Perfect for cappuccino.

How was the taste? Slightly disappointed. Not much natural sweetness in the cup. They are using Farmhouse Full Cream milk (the best in Malaysia). So, can’t be the milk unless they are re-frothing the milk. Didn’t manage to confirm that. (next time I must stand there and watch). But I suspect the culprit is the coffee.

Coffex coffee are not exactly fresh, but I’m sure they cannot be much worse than Starbucks or Illy. So I think the problem is oxidized beans.

You will notice that Glitters Cafe is not having a lots of traffic. Certainly most Starbucks has higher traffic. Now, when your coffee is not moving fast, and you dump 500g into the grinder hopper, you are basically exposing the coffee beans to oxidation from the air.

If the unused coffee beans were left there overnight, they will be staled. That was unfortunate. But still, I give them credit for the effort in learning how to properly froth milk and doing latte art. If they can get more customers, the faster moving coffee beans will definitely taste better.

I wouldn’t write them off. In fact given the opportunity, I go and try again. I got my coffee at RM1.00. Not the RM10.00 from Espressamente. Normal price would be RM7.00.

Do go and give them a try.

FHM2007 = Best Coffee Experience

I attended the Food and Hotel Exhibition at the KL Convention Centre last week.
Did not manage to get much photos. I was too engrossed with all the Coffee Specialist Exhibitors.

All the major coffee suppliers and distributors were there like Bon Cafe, Coffex, Dankoff, ETC Concept, Simplex Maju and some smaller players too. Most of them brought in the “heavy artillery”, meaning… high quality fresh roasted coffee and good barista.

In Malaysia (if you don’t already know), great coffee virtually don’t exist because of the lack of high quality fresh roasted coffee and good barista.

I have never had so many nice coffee in my life, apart from making them myself.

Unfortunately, some exhibitors came less than prepare. Or maybe they don’t expect the competition to be so fierce. I actually tried a few espresso from some “pathetic” companies offering horrible, under-extracted watery espresso. There’s a company promoting their “Elephant Beans”. Yes, the beans are BIG and tasted equally horrible.

Ok, on with the good stuff.

My first espresso, from Boncafe. Their baristas came from Singapore. What do you know? Not bad. But when I asked him how fresh is the beans, he gave me a puzzled look and fiddled with some pack coffee from the back. The pack says 3 months old. Actually the beans were quite fresh (I assume), because those on display in the front all shown to be about 2 weeks from roasting date.
Boncafe at FHM2007
BonCafe. They brought in their best for the show. Don’t expect fresh roasted coffee if you are trying to buy in a supermarket.

Next stop. Coffex.
Brought their barista from Australia. Again, I asked the barista about the freshness of his coffee. Again, not sure. Went fiddled with the coffee bag and told me in a very accented Australian English, 8 days. Had an espresso. Hey, even better than Boncafe. More pronounced and more complex. Tasted fine. I only wish that whenever I come across any food outlet that serves Coffex Coffee in the future will taste as good.

ETC for Home Machine.
Like I always mentioned, you want great coffee, do it yourselves. Here are the beautiful girls selling beautiful home machines.

Jade and Tracy

And here are the hardwares.

Gaggia Espresso Machines. The only brand worth your time currently that is available in the market that is accessible to consumers. Forget about those machine you often seen in Isetan, Metrojaya or Harvey Norman types of retailer. Those are toys in comparison.

I hope more suppliers will bring in other serious home espresso machines like Rancilio Silvia. Some supplier does offer to import specifically for you but the cost is really high. For now, if you are looking for home machines, ETC Concept is the place to go. They are located at the Curve.

Now.. my favourite:-

DanKoff Coffee Specialist

Their beans are roasted in Singapore. Their associates from Highlander Coffee brought over some high quality fresh roasted blend. Only 2 days from roasting. Makes excellent espresso and just as good for cappuccinos.

The espresso is the best I’ve tried. Smooth, pleasant acidity, detected some fruitiness, good body and a nice aftertaste.

Here is Boyd, the barista pulling a shot.

Here you see Jeffrey(left) and Phil(Center) from Highlander Coffee. These guys are passionate about coffee.

Here is Danny of DanKoff chating with some customer.

Thanks to Highlander Coffee (Phil, Cedric and Jeffrey) for bringing me some excellent fresh roasted coffee.


If you want to store coffee properly, put it in a vacuumed container and pump the air out. Then keep them in a cool, dark and dry place. You can store them for a week, at most 2. roasted coffee beans by they nature, continues to deteriorate. You cannot really stop that process. Regardless of how they are packed, you don’t call them fresh after 2 weeks.

Can’t wait to test them myself.



Tasted just as good. Well nothing can compare to high quality fresh roasted beans.
My poor attempt of a latte art on my cappuccino. Not very presentable but still tasted fine.

Can’t wait for the exhibition in 2 years time.

P.S: Need contact, reference and recommendations? Drop me a line or two.