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Black Canyon Coffee

I happened to be in Aeon/Jaya Jusco Shopping mall in Klang, Bukit Tinggi.

Went to have lunch at Black Canyon Coffee House. The write-up and marketing materials on their coffee looks quite impressive. So I ordered a cappuccino.

Wow! Let me tell you… everything that can go wrong in making a cappuccino went horribly wrong.

First, the barista poured out some milk to froth. Guess what.. they use Nestle UHT milk #@$@^@. How cheap you wanna go? I know fresh milk (pasturised and homogenised) is getting more and more expensive. Even Starbucks uses one of those cheap milk, but to use UHT is really pushing.

Then I thought, hey maybe a nicely frothed UHT can still taste nice leh. But alas, this barista know nothing about frothing milk.

Ok, next we took a tiny packet of coffee beans. When I say tiny, they are really tiny. They use specifically packed coffee beans of 14g in weight. Wow! Following the standards of making a double espresso, eh. Unfortunately, when you weight in exactly 14g of coffee into the grinder, you will not get 14g of coffee in output. At least 1 gram or two are wasted in the chute of the grinder.

What I got was a horrible 10 to 13 seconds extration of scary looking espresso DEVOID of crema.

Here’s how a double shots cappuccino looks like.

Soap-bubble type of cappuccino.