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Barista Jam

Couple of weeks ago, we had a Barista Jam at Irving’s place. He is the proud owner of a new Rancilio Silvia and Compak Doserless grinder.

Also there were Weechuan, Joseph and myself. I shall let the photos speak for themselves.

silvia compak


I am so envious my friend. Rancilio Silvia is one of the all time best home espresso machine. It beats my Gaggia Baby D without a blink. Though Silvia is more expensive (around RM2600 if you have the right connections), it is truly a worthwhile investment. Here are 3 top reasons why Silvia is better than any Gaggia’s home machine:-
1. Silvia with Brass Boiler vs Gaggia with Aluminium Bioler
2. Silvia’s boiler is 12oz vs Gaggia’s boiler is 3.5oz
3. Silvia’s powerful steam vs Gaggia’s pathetic steam

Okay. Those are the 3 photos I took with my pathetic digital camera. What you see after this are the excellent photos taken by Joseph, a professional photographer with a REAL camera 😀

bj-leveling bj1-tamping1
Levelinga nd tamping. Crucial steps to perform correctly in preparing espresso.

bj1 bj1-ending
Look at the crema of freshly roasted coffee.

Wee Chuan holding up a shot of espresso.

Wee Chuan distributing velvety microfoamed milk.

bj-latteart bj-latteart1
Did I mentioned that Wee Chuan is a Latte Artist?

Too good to drink? Given a choice, would you want these or $bucks?

bj-aeropress1 bj-aeropress2
Really affordable way to enjoyed freshly roasted coffee.

bj-aeropress The Aeropress Way

All coffee lovers here (and a cute coffee lover in training?) and Joseph is behind the lens.

Aeropressing the Costa Rica

Many people may no realised that espressos are usually made from a specific blend. In a blend is a mixture of two or more different origin of coffee beans. James Hoffman, the World Barista Champion of 2007 used a single origin of beans for his espresso and won. That is rare.

But if you want to enjoy or experience the many different taste of coffee, getting specific single origin is the way to go. Since the espresso brewing methods rarely able to bring out all the complexity of single origins, we will have to explore other brewing methods like drip, french press, moka pot and others.

My most prefered brewing methods for single origins is definitely using the Aeropress.

I recent got some very good quality of Costa Rica from highlanders. Freshly roasted.

Getting ready. On the left is the Aeropress, 2 glasses, costa rica in a vacuvin coffee saver and pitcher for hot water.

Close-up shot of some costa rica beans. I used about 20g of coffee to make 5oz of liquid. Freshly grind the coffee and pour into a cup or glass. That funnel you see above is part of the accessories from Aeropress.

Pour in about 6oz of hot water. Use water just off the boil.. about 92 to 94 celsius. Stir well and let it steep about 30 seconds. (Notice the bloom, the brown coloured foam… sign of fresh roasted coffee)

While the coffee is steeping, get the Aeropress ready. After screwing in the cap with the filter, rest it on a cup or glass. Pour all the coffee into the Aeropress.

Steadily, insert the pump-like devise and slowly press down. Press all the way down.

Tadaaaa… a lovely cup of Costa Rica coffee, the Aeropress way. Aromatic, with bright fruity taste of citrus.

With the Aeropress, you can truly experience coffee in a new way. There are many variants you can tweak.

1. For stronger coffee, just use more coffee powder to the ratio of water.

2. Increase the steeping time to 1 min or 2 min if you want more caffeine or you want a more bitter taste. Decrease the steeping time for brighter taste.

3. Or make a stronger extraction into a larger pitcher, add extra hot water to make coffee for 2 or 4 person.

Cleaning up is a breeze. The entire process including cleaning up take only 5 min or less.

The Aeropress is the invention of genius. It doesn’t looks as cool as a stainless steel moka pot or a classy french press. But it is durable, convenient and brings out excellent the potential of any single origin coffee.

Now, it is available for RM150. When I bought mine 3 years back, it cost me RM250++.
(Note: 16th November 2008 – The Aeropress now cost RM 185.00 due to high taxes by our government. The RM150 does not include tax. My mistake.)

Deliver anywhere in Peninsula Malaysia for extra RM10.

The Aeropress

If you want to make nice coffee at home that is hassle-free and affordable, there is nothing better than the Aeropress.

Do not be misled by the advertisement on the website. It does not make Espresso. In fact, it does not come anywhere close to even taste like espresso. In fact the Aeropress way of brewing coffee is an entirely different way of making coffee. It is not a french press and it is not drip, even though you need to press and there is a filter used.

I bought mine online from Australia for about RM 200.00. You may think it is expensive but it is made of durable plastic and it will last for years. What you are paying is a great idea, designed to be super-convenient, portable and make a very decent cup of coffee. It is by far the easiest and most mess-free way of making coffee (not counting instant coffee, ok).


Here are the basic setup.
1. The tube on top left is where the coffee ground goes to.
2. The tube on top right is the device used to press down and extract the coffee.
3. Bottom left is the cap to screw onto item 1.
4. The paper filter and scoop.
(it also comes with a funnel and stirrer, both not really necessary and nice to have)

The paper filter is put inside the cap and this is how it looks like after screwing up the cap.

I put into the tube about 20g of coffee, and set it on top of a mug.

I pour in about 4oz of hot water about 92 degree celsius and i use a wooden chopstick to stir it. You can use the stirrer that comes with it, of course.

Wet the black plastic and insert the second tube. Then press down gently.

There you have it. The concentrated result from the Aeropress. Now just pour in more hot water and dilute it to your liking.

To clean up, unscrew and remove the cap, pressing further will dislodge the coffee puck. Rinse and it is over. Totally no mess.

The Taste:
It is smooth and clean. There is almost no fines or sludge unlike coffee from the french press. And it is fast. I think it take only 3 minutes including washing up the Aeropress.

Add your sugar or milk or creamer to taste.
When you have fresh and quality coffee, do like I do. I drink it Kopi-O, sugar-free. It’s great.
Special Note:
The quality of the taste depends also on the following:-
1. The quality of your coffee beans and the freshness of it.
2. Grinder. Get a burr grinder. The cheap ones cost RM200+
(Much cheaper than a grinder to produce good espresso)