Aeropress Promotion

*** Note: 31st Jan 2011 – Promotion below as ended ***

Super Duper Aeropress Promotion at Coffee Ritual
RM 169
Buy an Aeropress and get a
250g pack of Highlander Coffee of your choice

14 thoughts on “Aeropress Promotion

  1. Yee Khum


    I would like to order an Aeropress, kindly confirm below matters:-
    1) Can I get any discount price?
    2) Is the Micro-filters supplied in long term?
    3) What is the cost if I only order for Micro-filters?
    4) I stay in Butterworth, should I need to pay for the delivery charges?

    Thank you.

    Yee Khum

  2. Shahrizan

    I just got the aeropress, sadly, they said the offer is out. So note to you guys this offer is only for Christmas 2010. Sigh, thought I can get a free pack of coffee. Eventually had to fork out more compared to Dankoff.

    However, suprisingly..aeropress=GREAT!

  3. kfchan Post author

    Taking into considerations of saving petrol, toll charges and time, RM169 is a good deal. Furthermore, I need your support in order to improve the blog with better articles.

    You would love to give me some profit right 😀

  4. Shahrizan

    Sure, no problem! Only abit more expensive plus I don’t have to drive down. Please do continue with your blog!

  5. chloe

    Hi i’m Chloe from penang, m interested to buy aeropress. How much is this product cost including the shipping?

  6. Lee HS

    Hi i’m HS from penang, interested to buy aeropress. How much is this product cost including the shipping

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