Lelit PL-53 grinder

It does not matter if you have a super duper espresso machine. Without a good espresso grinder, you will not be getting much good espresso. And as we all know, a good commercial grade espresso grinder will set you back around RM2,500.

Introducing the Lelit grinder. Designed for espresso, it is stepless and clumpless.







Fully Stainless Steel, made in Italy
RM 1,200.00

8 thoughts on “Lelit PL-53 grinder

  1. Tan Chee Yan

    Hai, im interested to know more about coffee and barista training courses. currently live in Klang. May i have any info about training courses as my friend and i are intended to have our own coffee shop in our kampung and at the same time introduce the nice place to all ppl? Thanks for your help.

  2. James

    which grinders do you recommend ? Thinking about getting a mazzer or compak but no sure they really worth buying. as for ur info, im a beginner. lol. which one do u recommend Oscar vs Vibiemme Domobar Junior Heat Exchanger ? tqvm.

  3. KF Chan

    Dear James,

    The Lelit is a home grinder that works well for espresso. Because it uses stepless micro-adjustment via a worm-gear, it is not convenient if you plan to use it for many brewing methods. Going from espresso grind size to Aeropress and back to espresso is a REAL pain in the ass. If you stick to ONE brewing methods, it is a very good grinder. In fact, for its price as an espresso grinder, could very well be the best you can find.

    The Compak K3-Touch i’m selling is Doserless. Similar to the Mazzer Mini, they are semi-commercial grinder. Works very well at home. Should last you into 10 years and you will be hard-pressed to find a reason to upgrade. Comparing these 2, the Mini will give the appearance of better built BUT i prefer the Compak K3-Touch for many better reasons.

    As a home user or even in my cafe (I use the K3-Touch as a second grinder), I like to experiment with many different types of beans and brewing methods. With the K3-Touch, I can grind per shots with minimal grind retention. Few seconds of brushing the inside of the chute and I can grind different beans or even adjust different coarseness for different methods.

    The Mini (Assuming you are referring to the Doser version), is a real pain in the ass to remove grind retention. Grind retention in the chute and doser is difficult to remove. So, experimenting with different beans and brewing methods is really not fun.

    Espresso Machine Oscar = RM3500 VBM Domobar Junior HX = RM6500

    Price different is huge and for good reasons.

    If you lack budget, well Oscar is priced low and of good value.

    Reasons why VBM Junior Hx is much more expensive?

    *A.* If you want to pursue good espresso, Junior Hx is excellent. Oscar no fight in this area. The Junior Hx can duplicate commercial quality as fas as espresso is concern.

    *B.* If you only want to make milk based drinks like cappuccino and latte, the Oscar is sufficient. For those pursuing excellent espresso and bought an Oscar, it is almost certain they will want to UPGRADE in future to something like the junior Hx.

    *C.* VBM Junior Hx is fully stainless steel, mirror polished. Oscar is plastic.

    *D.* VBM Junior Hx can have the pressure tuned to 9 bar and there is a gauge to make sure it is so. Oscar stock machine is around 13 to 14 bar and cannot be tuned without doing surgery (modifications).

    *E.* VBM Junior Hx is using the E61 Group head. Excellent temperature stability. That’s why it always makes better espresso (together with point D)

    There you go. Hope this helped.

    Regards, KF Chan

  4. James

    Hi KF Chan,

    Thank you for the helps.

    I’m no sure whether Mazzer Mini Electronic Grinder – Type B can be consider Doserless?
    For grinders, prefer easier maintenance. Does grinders require calibration each time you clean the burr? Lelit vs Compak K3-Touch

    For me , a nice shot of Ristretto or Espresso is more important, I like to experiment with many different types of beans.

    As for VBM Domobar Junior HX, Are they forgiving in term of skill as i just started but willing to learn n practice.

    I already have a Krups XP5240 and grinders from krups. So can still wait to buy a better grinder n espresso machine.

    Thank you

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