Vibiemme Replica Multi Boiler

The long awaited machine has finally arrived.
For cafe or restaurant expecting top quality espresso coffee production, the Vibiemme Replica Multi Boiler machine offers the perfect solution. Asthetically designed, Performance driven and espresso “deliciously” extracts.

  • Genuine E61 Group head
    For those of us who loves our espresso know that not ALL E61 machines are created equal. Vibiemme is a company that reached back to the orignal creator to the famed E61 groud head design.
  • Independent boiler for each group
    Temperature profile & stability are two of the key elements in brewing coffee, especially when making espresso. Different brewing temperature can be set to each group via the LCD control panel in front. No need to fiddle about trying to access the interior of the machine.
    Steam Boiler: 9 litre
    Brew Boiler: 0.5 litre x 2
  • PID – Proportional–integral–derivative controllers
    Detail stuff below but in a nut shell… a PID controller enables the temperatures set in the group head to be maintained in a certain range of degree. Assume you set the brewing temperature at 92 Celsius, the PID will do its work to maintain the temperature fluctuation  to say “91 to 93” degree. Yes, in our universe, maintaining thermal stabilty is one of the hardest thing to do in an open working environment.
    Explanation of PID:
  • Programmable Pre-infusion for each group
    Some people swears by Pre-infusion. Now you can play with them.
  • Pre-heating exchanger for brew boiler
    Another design to maintain thermal stability. (Told you they were important didn’t I)

One big steam boiler and 2 independent boilers for each group head.

Come over and check them out at My Espresso Cafe.

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