Starbucks goes Instant

It finally happened.

When more and more cafes in Malaysia moving towards fresher and better coffee, the GIANT that is Starbucks goes INSTANT.

RM8 per pack. Inside consist of 3 servings.

I rope in 2 unsuspecting “victims” for some blind test. I bought the Colombia Pack.

Using the Colombia from Highlander, I made 2 portions. One using the V60 Dripper and another using Aeropress. And then the last portion, Starbucks Instant Colombia.

Epic Failed Award goes to ….

6 thoughts on “Starbucks goes Instant

  1. Mun

    Not surprising. It’s a natural progression from an automatic machine. Pretty soon, they’ll have the 3-in-1’s and the 5-in-1’s.

  2. Lim Kim Joo

    Hi Mrs Chan,
    Last night finally i have chance to show off my Vibiemme Double Domobar espresso machine with the coffee bean Highlander to my friend, not mistaken at least 50 shots my daughter was doing, some of them (not kaki kopi) also cannot stop of drinling,when time said good nite, they told me to noght sure cannot sleep because drink too many cup of my coffee, but worth it, they paid money also cannot get the taste they got it here, afterall next day is sunday, no worry. I was happy because what i paid for really wortrh it, good machine+good griner (Anfin Bet)+ still not a good barista already have such a good result, give us more time we sure will produce better result.
    thanks you for your good recommentation.
    Hope to see you soon and learn more from you about coffee

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