My Espresso Cafe

Soft soft open of My Espresso Cafe

As simple as can be… but probably can be simpler still.

Sponsored by… ahem…

True coffee lovers know that latte art does not determine the taste of good coffee.

A simple velvety textured milk will taste just as good.

One of the most user friendly coffee maker. Expect clean and flavourful coffee.

To brew coffee at home, nothing is more important than a good grinder.

Some people just can’t do without SUGAR.

Dirty machine cannot make you good coffee.

Location: 63, Jalan USJ 21/11, Subang Jaya.
Time: 12.00noon to 9.30pm
Close on Tuesday


25 thoughts on “My Espresso Cafe

  1. Un Su

    Congratulations on your soft opening. Will make a trip soon to get a first hand taste of the wonderful coffee.

  2. ijan

    Emailed you, might got the wrong email. Neways, u sell beans? I see Highlander, how much? Wanna take off few KGs from you mayhaps.

  3. ching

    Yo man.. would smsed ya if I had ur no.. thx man 4 d awesome coffee.. totally made my day man.. hope 2 drop by more in d future..

  4. ijan

    Was planning on dropping by, to get sum beans, buy aiyo…just realized your place is very much far away land from my normal route.

  5. sin yee

    I tried Highlander coffee in Singapore and not so good as illy. My friend went to your cafe in USJ and he said it was too bitter and strong. Sorry for my honesty feedback and I will drop by when I have the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. kfchan Post author

    Don’t worry about it Sin Yee. We totally do not expect everyone to have similar taste preference. While your friend found it too bitter and strong, i receive feedback that it as not strong enough.

    The important thing to a consumer is to find the taste they prefer. But if you like the taste profile if illy, you have tonnes of choices in many cafe. Do check out Espressamente in Pavilion.

  7. epic

    highlander not consistent in the roasting after tasting it. self roast?

    mbuji better with many varieties and properly roast by roast master!

  8. kfchan Post author

    Good for you epic. There are a few mbuji around. Easy to access.
    Btw, “self roast” is a meaningless word. A human (self) will be needed to operate the roasting machine. When the “roast master” roast the coffee “himSELF”, it will be known as “self roast”.

  9. Hui

    It is stated that the cafe will open at 10.30 on saturday. I went there at 11 today and it wasn’t open. Mind explaining the delay?

  10. kfchan Post author

    Dear Chua,

    There are many kinds of user friendly coffee maker at different cost. From RM169 to RM9800. Why don’t you come and take a look. It will help you understand your requirements better.

    KF Chan

  11. kevin njogu njuki

    I am a Kenyan coffee expert and would like to send you some samples of our good Kenyan coffees.if you are interested please let me know and i will be more than glad to send you some.

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