Best Bang for the buck grinder

When it comes to value, truly the grinder that give the best bang for the buck.

The Isomac Professionalle Home Grinder.
Check the specifications here.

Grind the beans using the Isomac grinder and extract using the VBM Lollo.
Pour was slightly faster than what I want but still pretty good.

Ya, it is a bit slow… retain lots of grounds… But hey, you are a home user. You can afford to wait. Shake it a bit to clear the retained grounds. From Aeropress to Syphon to pour over to espresso… Isomac Professionalle Home grinder rocks.

1 thought on “Best Bang for the buck grinder

  1. Noorlini Osman

    Hi KFC,
    I would like to know if you still conducting the training for barista. I would like to join the training and i would appreciate if you can get back to me regarding this asap. I hope we can discuss further on this.

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