RAW – Real and Wholesome

One of my vision for the coffee scene in Malaysia is that there is at least one good place serving good coffee in each major shopping mall.

Of course, given more time to think about that, I would wish that there would be one place that serves good coffee within 10 minutes driving distance anywhere within Klang Valley.

Alas, both wishes remained a dream. But shopping malls are particularly frustrating. Two of them are KLCC and Mid-Valley. You know how big are these 2 malls… and yet I can’t find a decent cup of coffee there.

Well, good news to those KLCC fans. No, there is still no good coffee there. But just across the road, walk over to Wisma Equity and REAL good coffee awaits.

You will be greeted by a Diedrich Roaster. Yes, they roast their coffee beans. One thing I wanted to highlight though, having a Roaster and roasting your own beans would means that coffee is FRESH. With almost every cafe in town serving stale beans, it is a rarity to have any cafes serving fresh roasted coffee.

Caution: Fresh roasted coffee DOES NOT necessary means good tasting coffee.
Stale Coffee = Bad Coffee
Fresh Roasted Coffee = How Coffee Should Be Served
Expertly Roasted Quality Fresh Coffee =  Coffee You Pay For

And in RAW, the coffee is expertly roasted.

I believe this is the sexiest looking machine in Malaysia.
It is a Kees van der Westen machine. The Mirage.

A 3-Group Lever machine and all using naked portafilters.

Two Anfim Super Caimano Titanium grinders. These are seriously GOOD grinders. (note to fellow barista: The doser is so good that you don’t need to distribute and level)

There are only 3 cafes in town that I will confidently order espresso, and this is one of them. I love sweet espressos with good body.

You can get your Aeropress here. And I love those KeepCups. I bought 2 of them so that I can make a refreshing cup of coffee and take it with me in the car.

Highly Recommended.

Wisma Equity
150 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon – Fri: 08:00-18:30
Sat: 10:00-17:00

11 thoughts on “RAW – Real and Wholesome

  1. KW

    Unfortunately too far for me to travel just for a cup of espresso.
    Which other 2 cafes you would go for espresso? If there’s one in PJ, I would like to give that a try – just to compare against mine ;D

  2. Bazza

    RAW Coffee is indeed great – one of my three favourite cafes in Malaysia. I agree that the Van Der Westen Idrocompresso is incredible looking, but seriously, KF, you should have photographed the Speedster that they have – now THAT is the coolest looking machine in Malaysia!

    It definitely has the best equipment of all the cafes I have seen so far in Malaysia, not to mention being the first lever machine equipped cafe that I am aware of too…

  3. fariq

    I’d love to go to these awesome coffee places.. but why do they close so early ??? i enjoy having coffee after dinner.. with RAW closing at 8pm.. I wont get the chance to experience their coffee.

  4. coffee_mate

    RAW coffee is also available in Grand Seasons Hotel, in Jalan Ampang. It is owned by the same owners from Wisma Equity.

  5. Chung

    Actually I would like to ask will there be any chances you want to hire part time. I’m a coffee lover that I hope I can learn more about coffee.

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