Good food and coffee in Singapore

Sigh.. our neighbour is having all the fun.

Joe & Dough
3 Temasek Boulevard #01-156
Suntec City Mall Tower 4 Singapore 038983

That Honey Dew drink at the lower right is really nice.

Better then Subway and O’brian and DOLLAR to DOLLAR cheaper.

Now, that is commitment to QUALITY.

Professional Barista at work.

Lovely 2-group VBM Lolo and the Anfim Doserless.

This is not fastfood but they are pretty fast.

They really taste as good as they look.

6 thoughts on “Good food and coffee in Singapore

  1. adeleide

    Ok.. A rosetta and tulip! Who is who? Tulip for your wifey and rosetta for you? blek 😛
    By the way, I second of what have you said…. our neighbour is having fun. When will be our fellow Malaysian turn?

  2. doni rizal

    i can make latte art to….what if i join with u….hehehehe….you can look at me at you tube ..latte art by choco corner (donny)…or latte art by G8…heheheheee….im donny byd way..its a great place u have…..good food n drink presentation……im in indonesia…

  3. Michael

    Hi KF, thanks for sharing this posting! I’m a coffee fan and have been in search for great coffee. I’m based in Spore now and found more places there which serves great coffee as compared to Malaysia. Do keep us posted as you find more good coffee place in Malaysia. Feel free to visit my blog on coffee places that I’ve tried thus far – of course, my own opinion lah since I’m not an expert!

    Thanks again!

  4. Sherryl

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